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  • sulagna2019 5w

    Good Morning

    Sun was too hot,
    I needed some rain.
    Life was too boring
    I needed some pain.

    Pains are opportunities ,
    They force you to gain.
    The experiences which,
    No teacher can train.

    Nothing we learn ,
    Goes in vain.
    Keep learning from your mistakes,
    Again and again.

  • sulagna2019 13w

    No matter how much we glorify war ,
    and weave a beautiful wreath .
    After the end of the war, only the pain of losing breathe.
    The defeated side looses everything,
    Whoever wins, also suffers pain .
    So let us battle against something else ,
    To get back healthy world again.

  • sulagna2019 14w

    When you bully others and try to hurt them at their soul,
    You actually showcase your standard, which is under their sole.

  • sulagna2019 14w

    A lot of resources of mother earth is used up for providing you a meal,
    So please use those energy you gain from your food in a proper way.
    Remember pulling others down is a waste of energy and resources,
    It will never help you to reach the top..

  • sulagna2019 17w

    #প্রাক্তন #ex

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    ধরি ভালবাসার মান X লিখে ,
    সমীকরণ টা সমাধান করতে বসেছিলাম।
    কিন্তু খানিকটা করার পর সমীকরণটা মিলল না।
    বুঝলাম সমীকরণটাই ভুল ছিল ,
    অথবা আমার সমাধানে।
    মান টা কখন যেন X = Ex এ পরিনত হলো।

  • sulagna2019 17w

    No venom is more lethal than Envy,
    It destroys both the victim and the predator.

  • sulagna2019 21w

    যুদ্ধ গেঁথে যতই লিখি মিছে গৌরবের গাঁথা,
    যুদ্ধ শেষে পরে থাকে শুধুই, হারানোর ব্যাথা।
    যে হারে সে তো সবই হারে ,
    যে জেতে, সে কি জেতে???
    তাই যুদ্ধ টা হোক অন্যরকম,
    সুস্থ পৃথিবী পেতে।

  • sulagna2019 28w

    Death is inevitable!!!
    But our selfless dedication
    and service to humanity ,
    can gain us immortality.

  • sulagna2019 29w

    I am a living unceasing poetry with rhythm ,who wants to imprints impression forever in every heart she meets , like a fossil on stone.

  • sulagna2019 29w

    The shining colors of the vote,
    Paled the the colours of Holi.
    The flames of violence are blazing,
    By and by love is burning.
    People have burnt their hearts,
    Love jumped into the pyre with its beloved , The Heart.
    The world of color is buried under that grey ash,
    Dancing around, group of heartless vampires. Suddenly I heard someone ,who had hidden love, in a hidden box of heart.
    He came as a bee ,
    drenched in seven colors rainbows and wished "Happy Holi".