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  • sukritisingh 5w


    In the world of hard-earned friendships,
    I adore the low maintenance ones.
    He resonates with me in life's bad trips,
    Heart made of same stardust as mine and same abrasions.

    I might not know his favourite food,
    But I know when he has a turned down mood.
    I might not know him that well in public,
    But I know when stuff in his mind becomes cryptic.
    I might say no about knowing his birthday,
    But it's a yes about knowing how much something withers his heart away.

    Wondering when did we exchange our flawed hearts, When did we even see off to meet as exact subtle counterparts?

    Insensible about times and places to cry,
    Later those burdened feelings petrify.
    Resulting in grave mess and imbalance,
    What else, if we aren't meant to make up with exuberance?

  • sukritisingh 43w


    खिड़की के पास बैठी मैं कहीं खोई ही थी कि,
    ठंडी हवा मेरे गालों को छू के मुझे आज में ले कर आ गई।
    तुझे याद कर दोबारा मन लगाया ही था कि,
    कमबख्त बारिश तेरे साथ होने का एहसास ले कर आ गई।
    जैसे - जैसे वो ज़मीं को गीला करती गई,
    मैं तेरे खयाल में भीगती गई।
    जितनी वो तेज़ होती गई,
    उतनी मोहब्बत मुझे तुझसे रंगरेज होती गई।
    खुद को दरिया में मयस्सर करती
    वो जाते जाते ज़रा मेरे होठों पर भी छींट गई,
    और तेरे - मेरे रिश्ते को जिस्म से कहीं ऊपर, रूहानी बता गई।

  • sukritisingh 45w


    You're a festive exception in my continual change preceding death,
    I love you more with my every next breath.
    I'm glad that this day comes every year,
    I only have words to show that I'm there, though not near.
    To share and live everyday, I desire your presence,
    Only your voice can make my safest longed ambience.
    I adore you like no one else does,
    I'll be your wings to take you away from every buzz.
    My nerves do an extra failing effort to find,
    How come the stardust in you makes you so kind?
    My eyes blink, soothed, beholding your visual aspect,
    My heart beats, pacified, living your moral intellect.
    You can get me like no one else can,
    Now I'll keep you for my entire lifespan.
    It's crazy how people take lessons on finding bonds tough,
    While we be at our best, effortless, ensuring existence is enough.
    You aren't family, yet no less than it,
    We're gonna be friends in states none will fit.
    I kneel down to ensure your evolution against the odds and blues,
    Till you achieve the sky, I'll be there to share the pain of each of your bruise.
    Oh! A happy tear again when I think of you,
    Which will always gleam in my eyes referring to the fortune of having you.

  • sukritisingh 47w


    न कोई अंधेरा, उजाले से घना,
    न कोई हीरा, बिना कोयले के बना।
    गुरबत से ख्वाब की क़ुर्बत तक जो जाना था तुमने ठाना,
    'कुछ पीछे छूटा- कुछ गवाया', न होगा आसान सबने है माना।
    ये कहना जायज़ नहीं कि है संघर्ष सबका एक,
    मगर न पाई किसी ने दो वक़्त की रोटी यूं ही एकाएक।
    क्या कभी सोचा? वो सूरज एक रोज़ न चाहते हुए भी जलता है,
    फिर एक दफे तुम गिर भी गए, तो छोड़ो ना! चलता है।
    कैसे एक नन्हीं नदी बहते-बहते समुंदर बन जाती है,
    तुम भी मत रुको, न डरो, जब मुश्किल की घड़ी आती है।
    ठोकर लगेगी, शायद औरों से ज़्यादा भी लगे,
    वक़्त लगेगा, शायद औरों से ज़्यादा भी लगे।
    मगर एक बार तुम पंख फैला के उड़ने लगे,
    तो शायद हर उड़ान पिछली से ऊंची लगे।
    गुफ्तगू करेंगे शिकारी,
    कभी तुमसे, कभी तुम्हारी।
    मगर मुस्कुराना तुम, बस बचाने आती ही होगी तुम्हें एक ऊंची उड़ान तुम्हारी।

  • sukritisingh 48w

    Breathing Heart

    You're a breathing heart,
    From where my heartbeats start.
    You've everything besides air,
    That I need to live without despair.
    Love, care and kindness for me are the filters of you,
    It makes your picture in my heart with enduring hue.
    My fingers urge to fill the gaps between yours,
    When I think of you, no ailments need other cures.
    My senses intensify when I feel your lips on mine,
    Can we kiss forever? A fling I will never decline.
    When I cross the ocean of my mind,
    We sail through every wave together, I find.
    You're mine and I'm yours baby,
    Iloveyou like none does for sure, not may be.

  • sukritisingh 50w

    brutal marsh

    The natural laws are badly knitted,
    There's no end of evil once emitted.
    Shifts from worse to worst and better to again worse,
    Annexed under humanity's unjustified curse.
    Focusing on values never simplified one's life,
    Fall displaces you a step closer to strife.
    Crossing every limit for your petty behoof,
    From cruelty, none is set aloof.
    At each step there are pre-set traps,
    Prone to be trapped are wearing vulnerability caps.
    A fixed diametrical defenseless aura,
    That alive flesh has a box of Pandora.
    White once stained with splatter can't be white again,
    Efforts can be made to resist anymore every now and then.
    Unsure that fate and destiny do exist,
    "Only you assist you",is life's gist.
    Learn not to control the situation,
    But master the magnitude of your defection.

  • sukritisingh 51w


    ‌Never were the nights so baffling,
    With the air and dark, I keep battling.
    Wondering how exactly I know the art,
    The art of spoiling, be it mine or other's heart. The fear of unknown fears,
    There's nothing which it not wears.
    The guilt of being enrolled with the ones who hurt,
    Is no less than the pain of who get hurt.
    The remorse is unraveling,
    The wounds are always ailing.
    To explain, there's never a right time,
    What the one besides the dupe feels in the meantime.
    Being secondly hurt, how unluckily lucky I stand,
    losing rights to vindicate and gulp all of it in my gland.
    The bruises of heart are much racking than a welt,
    Offender or dupe, pain demands to be felt.

  • sukritisingh 68w

    Greener grass on the other side

    All this sunlight, yet I feel so cold,
    All this beauty, yet not what I wish to behold.
    It takes a lot of courage to grow old,
    I've fringed my heart for the agony, when it'll be cajoled.
    Having patience while facets of life I enfold,
    Standing firm with all my bits until I'm extolled.
    All this sunlight, yet I feel so cold,
    I'll endeavour until I see what I wish to behold.

  • sukritisingh 100w


    Stars twinkling in the endless sky till where you run,
    It's just another night, ready to get defeated by the sun.
    The cool breeze smells like freedom,
    The wind chimes tingle, vanishing my boredom.
    No matter what blunder you've made,
    The night will heal you with a new day as the first aid.
    The night bags various lessons to teach,
    It'll keep the secrets safe of you each.
    It symbolises interim darkness between bliss ,
    It inspires me to accept, it is what it is.
    The reason why I never get done from the night
    Is, knowing that the Sun will supersede it, it comes to fight.
    "Fight with all your might,
    Till you see the light" says the brave night.

  • sukritisingh 101w


    No single act will be left unpaid,
    On the doomsday, ultimate judgement will be laid.
    Everytime you jabbed, you get a step closer to Satan,
    Everytime you got jabbed, guiltless, a step closer to the Eden.
    Folks may be unfair to you but never will be He,
    On the day of judgement, the evil has to flee.