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  • sukarithesweetpoetess 2w

    Your Regret

    I could have loved you,
    More than they ever loved you.
    You sad/mad? Too bad.

  • sukarithesweetpoetess 16w

    Winter SOULstice

    Shortest day, longest night
    I just want someone who will hold me tight
    Let me know everything will be alright
    And spend time in a playful fight...with pillows
    Can we just cuddle while listening to the wind blow
    Allow our better nature to become our BETTER NATURE as we ebb and flow/Mesmerizingly
    Like the waves in the ocean/Silently
    At times and then who knows/How high the decibels may go/Ahhhh this 2020 pandemic stole
    So many opportunities /To show/ us the intricacies
    Of the beauty /Within us/We can choose /To view
    It as a minus or a plus/But tonight, I can fantasize
    About how I'd love to tease and tantalize/Kinda hard to verbalize /These deep SEEDed emotions
    But I'll try, and I'll write/And someday my words will take flight/Then alight/on to a pair of ears
    He'll then be inspired to draw near
    And my winter SOULstice dream
    can become real within a year

    ©sukarithesweetpoetess 12.21.2020

  • sukarithesweetpoetess 17w

    Are we really loyal? /What we could learn from Republicans, Trump Followers, and White Supremacists

    There's a lot we can learn about loyalty
    from those thinking they're descendants of royalty
    While, you and I may disagree
    It's quite clear they'll fight and die for their beliefs
    Look at how far they're willing to go to show their unity
    Perhaps they're afraid of becoming extinct
    They don't seem to care about morality
    Not so much concerned about honesty
    What unites them, what ignites them
    Is how to protect superiority
    Even in in name only
    I submit to you that we're somewhat phony
    We would not demean and belittle ourselves for a common cause
    We don't trust, we debate, and we fuss without pause
    Because we're not entirely committed
    Many of us feel somewhat inhibited
    Although we were once prohibited from learning the truth
    We can no longer use this as an excuse
    It's up to us to decide
    How we choose to live, and why
    What would we need to achieve
    For us to be willing to fight, and die
    For what we SAY that we believe?

    ©sukarithesweetpoetess 12.20.2020

  • sukarithesweetpoetess 18w

    i am not a prude
    but the method he used
    to pleasure himself at the head of my bed
    made me emotionally ill
    i chose to remain still
    hoping he’d finish
    and that his actions would not diminish
    my integrity … you see
    under my covers i was mostly undressed
    and so i falsely guessed
    this was some sort of twisted test
    i could somehow pass, but alas
    and to my dismay, as in my bed i lay
    he began to uncover while seeking to discover
    what lay beneath the sheets
    when I could no longer feign sleep
    the fight began
    he was and is a strong man
    and although he tossed me about
    i fought back against the attack
    and somehow prevented the planned penetration
    it seems to me there was some sort of scream
    from him, not me, as he hastily made his retreat
    from my abode … once I was all alone
    i merely sat on the floor
    hours passed and i did not move to shut the door

    ©2020 SukariTheSweetPoetess