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  • sugandhswani_ 2w

    The Song of the Fall

    It’s more…more than something,
    than everything, this season holds allure,
    And I feel orange, with a salmon soul,
    Like I was reborn, perky, and pure.

    This nip in the air takes me back,
    To that hot cup of cocoa, I shared with you,
    Sip on sip, like a warm hug,
    That I cherish still and never outgrew…

    The warmth of October sunshine,
    Takes me to the brazen fields,
    Where I lie as the wind whispers
    to me, the songs of leaves that kneeled.

    The crisp leaves of the fall,
    That form a beautiful, scented carpet,
    For me to walk and make music,
    While I gather the treasures for my autumn basket.

    It’s the last dash of colours,
    Before the wicked winter gloom,
    And the sky is dressed in shades of tangerine,
    And birds are playing with its muffler maroon.

    No time in the world fills my heart,
    The way fall does in its snuggly serape,
    And I sit here blushing, looking at today,
    Autumn giggles and leaves goosebumps at my nape.

    3rd October 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 3w

    Tales of Bougainvillea

    The sky is yours and the land mine,
    And all the colours that come with it,
    The greens, yellows, reds, and pinks,
    Of the trees, grass and the flowers that sit,
    With poise in those blissful fields,
    That echo the whispers of saccharine love,
    Where I weave the hues of bougainvillea together,
    To sway and swerve to your songs from above…

    21st September 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 6w

    The world saw her..

    One fine morn amidst the trees,
    She walked by the village road,
    Stepping slowly on the muddy trails,
    Smiling at strangers as she strode.

    But all she felt were the strange eyes,
    Odd, unpleasant gaze of the world,
    She heard the unheard, silent whispers,
    Something about her, they had observed.

    And her rosy face turned a bit grey,
    Till she reached the bank of the river,
    For now, she believed she looked odd,
    Vague and anxious, her heart did shiver.

    And then she spotted the beautiful hues,
    In the water, sparkling on the rocks,
    Of her legs, and hands and face,
    And the mystical luster of her locks.

    She knew no longer to doubt herself,
    And felt some bliss amidst the scene,
    And when she walked back towards home,
    She felt like she was ‘a living dream’.

    For no odd gazes blocked her now,
    Only smiles and charms, fell in her way,
    Even the trees bowed to her beauty,
    For “the world saw her, as she saw herself”, they say...

    6th September 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 7w

    I Ran...

    I ran, ran far far away...
    From everything and everyone...
    From me, from what I was made of,
    Into the skies, lands and the sun.

    I stopped for shelter,
    Under the trees green
    And the little built homes,
    Under the stars, seen unseen...

    And ran again as far as I could,
    Till my shadows would stop chasing me,
    Me, my soul and my being,
    And there there are only blank views that I can see...

    And I have been running forever,
    And haven't reached that place,
    Maybe we never can, can we?
    And you will live you again, phase by phase...

    For all that is your journey in life,
    It will always be a part of you...
    Making you who you are today,
    And will show up at times, through green and blue...

    29th August 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 7w

    The Aureate Pool

    I walked past a field,
    Where the sward was snug,
    In a cosy blanket of warm sunlight,
    That held it tight in a golden hug.

    It twitched a little,
    The glimmering tip of the grass,
    For it saw me staring longer than I should,
    And expected me to just stop and pass.

    But I wanted some more,
    To maybe just take a dip,
    In the aureate pool with ripples of breeze,
    And butterflies stopping by for a sip.

    So, I stepped into the gold,
    And got a glimpse of paradise,
    That warmed a tired traveler’s back,
    For as long as time’s day lies…

    And just like that,
    The soul felt like summer,
    But autumn was all my heart,
    For it shed it’s last bit of pain,
    To give this life a fresh start…

    23rd August 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 8w

    The Moon is Tipsy

    The moon is tipsy
    And so are we,
    The night is drowning
    And the dark is free,
    From the threads black
    That held it together
    Since the birth of time,
    To make it count
    This moment forever...

    22nd August 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 9w

    It's the trees..

    It's the trees...
    It’s always been the trees,
    That whisper sweet nothings to the skies,
    Hold the secrets of the birds,
    Telling the tales of the leaves that fell...
    And make love to the winds at night,
    Standing tall to comfort you...
    In the sun, In the rain,
    And in happiness and pain...

    10th August

  • sugandhswani_ 13w

    Tranquil Storms

    There is a wild storm inside,
    One that stirs up ever so often,
    Untamed, unchained ready to pounce,
    That only these July winds can soften.

    They stroke the forehead once, twice,
    And brush the locks falling over the face,
    Snogging the strands one by one,
    Leaving faint fragrance in the amorous chase,

    And just like that the storm subsides,
    Finding a way to the corner of the eye,
    Dropping a warm wet kiss on the lips,
    That taste its silence with a smile and sigh.

    By then the leaves start to whisper,
    Their tales of love to the sky,
    Of how they saw the bees coquetting,
    With the colourful Cosmos ever so shy.

    And I listen and look at these stories in silence,
    Of flowers sweating and blushing, coy.
    The storms are long lost in the past,
    All I know is a little peace, a little joy…

    17th July 2021

  • sugandhswani_ 14w


    I look into the steamed mirror,
    And deep inside, I know, YOU rest beyond....
    I can't see through the steamed mirror,
    And deep inside, I fear, I rest beyond....
    I don't want to clean the steamed mirror,
    For deep inside, I know, WHAT rests beyond....
    I see a dream there in the steamed mirror,
    And deep inside, I know, WE rest beyond....
    I draw you and me on the steamed mirror,
    And somewhat I see, WHO rests beyond....
    I get scared of the steamed mirror,
    But deep inside, I knew, REALITY rests beyond...
    I want to break the steamed mirror,
    But then I will lose, the TRUTH that rests beyond...
    So, I clean with my hand the steamed mirror,
    To see you in me as we rest beyond!!!


  • sugandhswani_ 14w

    You may try but she won't let you dim her light...