A healer who herself heals through writing... Doctor by profession Literature and music keeps me alive!

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  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 5d

    The rail-tracks meander their ways,
    And the train shudders along..
    Past fields,cities, rivers;
    Past people,stories and moments,
    Unnamed...unheard...and uncountable;

    As I sit by the window,looking at those trees,
    The towers..the wires all spiralling around;
    Dancing their ways as the train passes by,
    I see far away at some bank by the river...
    Me and you sitting and watching the ferries ply by...
    Looking at the sombre sunset together...

    Someday when all this running around ends,
    And we are tired of answering most of the questions..
    I would like to meet you there on a quiet evening...
    Beside that lone river bank and tell..
    How badly I have missed
    being myself with you...all this while...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 2w


    You know not what poison is;
    You are blinded by sugar coated promises,
    You put a fake smile on to hide your blemishes,
    You think luxury will give you the respect you seek,
    You belittle others and further trouble the weak...

    You know not what poison is;
    Your desires get to newer heights everyday,
    You snap off your roots and go defiantly astray,
    You mistake encroaching upon others freedom as one of yours,
    You shout for rights amidst all your worldly chaos...

    You know not what poison is;
    You run behind money and time laughs at you,
    You burden your head with taxes overdue,
    You shun your talents and carve out a robotic hero,
    You dominate your peers to satisfy your stupid ego...

    You know not what poison is;
    What you let control you is your poison ;
    Stop it before it gets a hold,
    Stop it before it chokes you,
    Stop it before your poison blurs your identity...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 3w


    Your hazel eyes..draw me to an abyss,
    Filtering the colourful world
    into your monochrome;
    Hypnotizing me into a trance where
    my senses are blurred..
    My ears fall deaf to all the clutter
    of the streets..

    We lay on the couch gazing
    at some faraway flicker;
    Holding hands and promising forevers..
    In a world which changes colors too often!!
    I wish I could forever see the world like this...
    Through your eyes,into an ocean of
    Unfathomable some shallow days
    Of unfulfilled desires...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 4w


    Where there's silence,
    There's an infinite possibility...
    Of saying all that could be said;
    Silence is a hope for more somewhere,
    But sometimes ,may be a sigh of despair,
    When you've exhausted all your words...

    But still then.. silence is an answer;
    For understandings and misunderstandings..
    A respect for being comfortable with the quiet,
    Comfortable with being non-answerable to life...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 5w

    The night still waits for
    Another glass of wine...
    Dawn arrives too soon,
    In that unfinished dream of mine!


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 5w

    I am scared one day you'll forget me,
    I am afraid one day you won't need me close!
    Your bright days and lonely nights,
    Won't anchor on me anymore..

    As the days pass by--
    The sand keeps escaping through the hourglass;
    Hitting and piling up at the bottom slowly...
    And there's nothing that can turn it upside down...again...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 8w

    You disappear.. slowly fading at a distance,
    Like a mirage,like a blurred imagery of possibilities;

    The flowers on the table,speak a lot through their withering grace,
    The bed sheets smell of chocolate and wine..
    The lamps on the porch have a dim glow and a sarcastic grin,
    Through the curtains,the meagre sunlight enters to warm up
    Some cold and long-bottled up thoughts;
    And I unravel them one by one...
    Turning pages of memories;

    Life in reality has been a drop-box of feelings,
    Too entangled for someone to interpret in one visit
    And perhaps too small for holding onto pain...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 12w

    The monsoons...

    The monsoon heals like a balm on
    Some silent suffering souls;
    The greens soothe the weary eyes in pain..
    Those wet pavements have memories
    Of some footprints that fade over time..

    Some stories unheard,
    Some walks that led nowhere
    But to treasured places
    In the hearts...

    The trees sway as the wind blows;
    The leaves tremble,the old ones and the new,
    Speaking of people and moments...
    Eerily some tiny unnamed flowers
    blossom amongst the weed;
    Bearing a proof of love and hope..
    Racing against time...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 23w

    The sea swells, on a dark clueless night;
    The lightening flashes with a roar echoing in the horizon,
    The quicksand slips beneath her feet...
    And the froth covers her already weary limbs;
    It has been a long journey, with more questions and less answers;
    With more judgements and less reasons.

    The light house sparkles and elopes like an illusion;
    Beneath,the quicksand keeps swallowing her might...
    But her heart dares as it has always done;
    To embrace and embark on a path that is a perilious one,

    For there's no cure yet known for the curious soul,
    Than to explore,explore and explore...


  • sudeshnamukherjee_ 26w

    On a meadow far away
    where wildflowers bloom,
    And the sun sets with a crimson hue;
    A brook runs through the
    tall grasses and rocks,
    Creating a nascent music of its own...

    A lonely cowboy taps his hat,
    sitting on a dusky corner;
    The wind smuggles its way
    through his loose shirt,
    And the dust layers up on
    his wheatish face...

    As the long day ends...
    The cowboy broods over the meandering brook..
    Thinking how Nature plays along its roles in the earth,
    And we as spectators just behold the stage;
    Realizing what we finally procure and leave behind
    Belongs to these meadows in every way...