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  • subhaprakshit 4h

    For I know I've time limits.
    And I've loved you so much that It burned my soul
    all the grief now spreading over my body
    my heart being so irregular In pumping bloods.

    Even though I might die for loving you
    and I know every time you'll break me leave me,
    I'll love you each time and every time
    Even knowing the bad omens are waiting for me.

    @miraquill #readwriteunite

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    a little my Love
    wait a little.
    I promise You
    this time I won't be late,
    this time I won't even
    wait for a sunrise
    or for a young day;
    I'll run.
    I'll run to reach you,
    I'll run through the
    streams of heavy traffic
    through the heart of
    dense Jungles
    every mead and dales
    I'll crawl,
    I'll haste
    I'll climb all the mountains
    to reach your last home,
    and to tell you
    my limitless love for you
    has not died Yet.


  • subhaprakshit 4h

    Loss of love
    Is more painful
    loss of a Limb.
    No damn medicine
    not a single whiskey
    can cure
    the pain from It.


  • subhaprakshit 6h

    F r a g i l e
    red hands
    hold the wombs

    R a t c h e t
    of time
    never ever falls

    W h o
    leaves woods
    bleak and blare

    N o r
    even hath
    consigned to fear

    L o o k
    so alone
    they are lonely.

    M e n
    are weak
    they do cry

    G o d s
    they sleep
    heaven In High.


  • subhaprakshit 8h

    At my Land
    where the rustling billows
    kiss Its sea shore sand
    and the topsy-turvy coral peeps
    at the time of tides midst the blue haze,
    where the man catches fish
    and their mistress sells
    at the lined fish market
    where the tired ships anchor their sail.
    At my Land sudden rains
    soothen the warmth of the day
    and the girls do check out boys
    the way boys check out Them.


  • subhaprakshit 1w

    // All her bright golden hackle
    tarnished with rust,
    she was that young and fair
    a dandelion
    or white as snow,
    and hardly she knew
    she was a woman-
    a brave woman without a Knight.//


  • subhaprakshit 2w

    English Translation:

    O' wanderer
    where do you search for home In light of fireflies
    do open you soul see the moonlight at your mind's attire.
    You're bemoaned for the wounds that roaming around your life
    even the sun moon and stars are mean to be get darken at the time of tides.

    You longs for love but preach griefs, they're disguised In your gestures
    when the dark nights come and you find no-one you cry like a devastated mourner.
    O' your faraway gaze happened to amaze now a silence desire
    you plunge Into the memorial of memories to find the reasons of this Curse.

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen @inky_quill_scribblings @fatty_07
    #readwriteunite #bengalipoetry

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    জোনাকির আলোয় ঘর খোঁজো তুমি অধীর দীর্ঘ অপেক্ষায়
    চোখ মেলে দেখো জোৎস্না তোমার মনের মুক্ত আঙিনায়।
    জ্বল্ জীবন্ত প্রতিচ্ছবি সব জীবন ভোলায় ঘুরে বেড়ায়
    চন্দ্র সূর্য গ্রহ তারায় আকুল বারিক্ জোয়ারের অপেক্ষায়।

    চায় সে সুদূর ত্রিনয়নে প্রেম রক্তিমঃ ললাট ইশারায়
    অবকাশে তার আবছা ছায়ায় হৃদয়ে কালো মেঘ সুনসান।
    নীলাকাশে আজ বর্ষন ভীষণ জলসা ধারায় প্রস্তর খোলা জানালা
    অস্থির মন দিগন্ত পার হারায় কোনো এক অজানা না পাওয়ায়।


  • subhaprakshit 3w

    Translating a poetry from Its prime language Is hard for a wordsmith. All the emotions engraved In are near impossible to convey In another language. So here Is the probable English translation of my Bengali poetry.

    Will you be my eve the silver moon over my skin
    an enchanted land so bewitched that forgets Its day,
    a wooden ship on the rusty river waves,
    If you be a kingfisher or cuckoo then take my mind away.

    Will you be my hill a green draped alive locality
    a saffron spring so clear that mirrors the glaucous canopy.
    Will you be my iris, drizzles of the dark clouds
    a fairy princess who rides horse being so damn angry.

    Will you be my first my perfect companion In canvas
    a fiddle of murmuring bees at the horizon of springs.
    Will you be my Astami's morning when you'll come for the prayer
    wearing a saree,
    I think you'll look good In a crimson red-edege yellow one.

    Will you be my last at the heart's altar ease
    even In a stormy dark night when the big trees fell.
    Will you be my Uma the only Queen of Kailasha,
    will you melt my zillion years of grief and Love me the Fullest.

    @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @fatty_07 @inky_quill_scribblings @fromwitchpen
    #readwriteunite #bengalipoetry

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    তুই আমার সন্ধ্যে হবি রাতের রুপোলি চাঁদ
    রজনীর গন্ধে দিন হারানো নক্সিকাথার মাঠ।
    নদীর ঢেউয়ে নৌকো হবি কাঠের পাটাতন
    মাছরাঙা বই চাতক হলে নিয়ে যাস্ মন।।

    তুই আমার পাহাড় হবি সবুজ ঘেরা গা
    ঝর্ণা ধারায় কেশর মাখা নীল গগনের ছাপ।
    তুই আমার রামধনু হবি মেঘের পরে বৃষ্টি হবি
    ঘোড়ার পীঠে চড়ে বেড়ানো রাজকন্যার রাগ।।

    তুই আমার প্রথম হবি আলোক ফ্রেমের সঙ্গী হবি
    শারদ্ শরতের গুণগুনোনো ভ্রমর দলের ঝাঁক।
    তুই আমার অষ্টমীর সকাল হবি শাড়ি পড়ে অঞ্জলি দিবি
    লালপারের হলুদ শাড়িতে বোধহয় মানাবে তোকে বেশ্।।

    তুই আমার শেষ্ হবি মনের মাঝের যতন হবি
    কালবৈশাখীর প্রচন্ডতায় সজীব গুল্ম তড়িৎ গাছ।
    তুই আমার উমা হবি কৈলাসের রাণী হবি
    শীতল তুষার অশ্রু মাঝে কোমল রক্তিম ইস্পাত।।


  • subhaprakshit 3w

    Flown by the Lord through the things unknown
    In a ravine abyss of fairy tale,
    alone by the paths of celestial bodies
    pulled the string till the heaven or hell.
    This can't be real, may be a dream,
    my body was so light and my clothes all damp
    surely I was drunk In my sleep,
    by the crossgates of church or the valleys so dead
    silence of the hearse where strangely fathom disgrage,
    frost so thick and mist milk-white
    fumes from the lake was alluring by the side;

    A wooden bridge till the middle of lake
    a mermaid or two was lurking while rehearsing with crafts,
    hackles so bright and golden In sink
    silver chirps of rise were gleaming like a beam,
    may be her tail was legs or her legs were tail and In glee she asked,
    O' Shepard where are you heading hastily.
    ' The world knows me by the heraldry of shame but I'm only a life In shackle of seas and rain,'
    her lips were partly red, a freckle on top
    sharon of salt was flowing from the head
    and her breast left brown other zealed In hair and,
    ' how come the milky way so tattered In zest, stopped by the midway glowing for no interest,
    the moon is prime here living for the rest,
    do you know like how they glow during the day.'

    I don't, I said.
    But I do know the day must be bright and night darker
    so that we can yearn for the stars-arise and the moon's shine.
    Look the moon Is preaching poesy here over the deck
    shimmering grasses are lunatic bewildered for the Waves to meet
    a star behind Is twinkling and dazzling by the tunes of pines,
    oh dear, crickets are so loud and fireflies have joined the fest.
    Do you know the forest God's wizardry wind!
    In a blink of an eye he can stop all these
    In a swing of his wand he can send me back.
    Lets meet again after a decade's travel
    when my desert will turn into greens and our heart will be old And....

    @miraquill @readwriteunite @fromwitchpen @yamini_poetry @kosachaya @inky_quill_scribblings @fatty_07
    #readwriteunite #travel #wod #lovelost

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    But I do know the day must be bright and night darker
    so that we can yearn for the stars-arise and the moon's Shine.


  • subhaprakshit 4w

    At your retuning some Immortal stars
    dazzled over the mountain In eastern sky,
    waked the sleeping child and craddled her
    sailed to your homeland.
    Where the living lush shakes off her trembling grass
    and the wild rhododendron falls like musky snowflakes,
    where Is no cruel lord
    no woven web of bloody heraldry
    but the little homestays for roving comrades.
    There praise warm dales for Its tired men
    with half open book and many winding walk
    and the rustic lovers there stray at eve In happy simple talk.

    O' the lily of Love, pure and white
    cantitude of your Eyes perfectly lined In black
    why should I lie
    even If I die, at the brink of your charismatic eye I fell.
    The tangle of the forest
    the silence of the woods
    and a red moon drifts across your cranium brow
    and sea washed lips hard to cease, petrify my dauntless Gemini chase,
    how wiltly you drap green sarees to wave Its crimson edge east.
    O' the passionate my heart still lies,
    the melancholia sings me on a moonlight tryst,
    capricious of thy sea let me sink, for I a hiraeth who loves Thee.
    (so tell me,
    where to go for a date
    Paris Mars Jupiter or over the mountain rafts.)

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @miraquill @fromwitchpen @yamini_poetry @inky_quill_scribblings
    #readwriteunite #lovelost #lovepoetry

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    O' the lily of Love, pure and white
    cantitude of your eyes perfectly lined In black
    why should I lie, even If I die,
    at the brink of your charismatic eye I fell.


  • subhaprakshit 4w

    Where hast thou been O' Confidant(e)
    which enchanted land has named thy fame of glory
    the God whom you know so well may quite thine all raven memory,
    the crash of broken fears, the fierce gleam,
    from the shivering helm to fearless battle-cry
    we humans, close-caught In spider-net of fate
    O' from where you do sync the hope even In deaths.

    To fill my poesy with thy praise, so I bow before thy entire race,
    I bow and broken on life's terrible wheel
    when I've lost all hopes and heart to sing
    yet I care not what the ruined times may bring
    If In thy courage temple thou wilt let me kneel.

    Lend me thy velour fill me with hopes
    for I've lost the alives even before they were gone,
    blue white saffron, green
    drap my dead soul In your olive attire or navy seal,
    my ghost Is frozen cold enough than snow
    O' torch up thy aspiring command let me heal.
    O' I've lost the alives and for them I moan
    teach me to love life and those who loves me More.

    @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @fromwitchpen @yamini_poetry @fatty_07 @kosachaya @inky_quill_scribblings
    #readwriteunite #velour

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    O' from where you do sync the hope even In deaths.
    To fill my poesy with thy praise, so I bow before thy entire Race.