strange to be seen as stranger

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  • su_____ 3w

    Does tears have more density!?

    Y do V feel lighter after putting them down

  • su_____ 4w

    Expectation hurts
    Satisfaction settles

    Never settle,
    Don't even get hurt

  • su_____ 5w

    Not every pain is meant to share
    Not every challenges r meant to dare
    Not every relations r meant to care
    Not every beautiful stuffs r meant to stare
    Not every shining stars r meant to glare
    Not every sinners r meant to spare

  • su_____ 5w

    Better to hide the truth
    Than to hurt the listener

  • su_____ 5w

    Some time
    Tear filled eyes
    Satisfies more than
    Sleep filled eyes

  • su_____ 6w

    Most of my nights r meant to cry

    Repenting as at mornings I didn't try

  • su_____ 6w

    If heart was meant to break
    Then y did you try to even make
    Were you being fake!?

  • su_____ 6w

    Is my heart
    Just meant for you to hurt?

  • su_____ 6w

    For you night
    Me make you feel delight

    But for me there starts mental fight
    Bcoz those memories freight

  • su_____ 7w

    Life isn't always as v want
    But sometimes it's designed to haunt
    N some times to flaunt