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  • strange_life 166w

    A long back on this day
    An enchantress born @deepwounds
    And problems started happening��������

    Happy Birthday, my Hipopotamo ��������
    And yeah I took out sometime from my busy schedule and wrote something for you��

    "… You rose in wounds
    You became the fire
    In that stormy snow

    You're a sanctuary
    From life’s endless jeopardy
    Like a serene, calm spring,
    You are a joy without an end

    You’re an esplanade of ray
    When everything’s dark
    You're an esplanade of ray
    Shinier than the moonshine 

    You are divergent, especial you
    For there is no other like you
    I hope you see what I see in you
    For it means nothing if you cannot see it too

    You're a beautiful star,
    Like Sirius on a starry night.
    You’re a beautiful person,
    Who evolved wounds into flowers

    I word you to save you like a gem
    So faraway yet so near,
    I wish you a happy birthday dear ...'


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    Your amity is like
    A fresh flower of spring,
    Which fasten two hearts
    With an invisible thread
    Joining your shine to it,
    You made it briskly flow


  • strange_life 166w

    It alighted on the leggy pine tree by the lake
    The sky above rained snow crystal
    Lake was mirroring the blue sky
    And zephyr around could cushion it
    Into a world so high
    Even the enticing splendour of the country line,
    Couldn't lure it to fall, get it down of the pine
    Throughout the end, it dangled wilted
    In the knees of the pine

    Notwithstanding the enticing and crimson tone,
    The leaf manifested forever could be true


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    Withered And Low

  • strange_life 168w

    I’m manifestly not refusing that I’ve changed. I won’t act that I’m the same person I was 1 year ago or even 1 day ago. People have this custom of telling you that you’ve change like it’s a disease. People oftentimes serve change as a disease, but change isn’t a disease.

    The truth is, I’m at all times going to be me and you’re at all times going to be you and we can't change anything about it. We are living in an ever changing world. We’re always going to be habituating, changing and maturing.

    I’m understanding that it’s okay to dig into the past and ascertain how different things are now, how different we’ve all become. How people entered our lives, the ones who left and the ones who stayed. How we were one way, and now we are another. It’s okay if people come in and out of your life.

    Change doesn’t just happen overnight. Actually, you’re changing every time you woke up, but you can’t sense it. The truth is, you’ve changed. I’ve changed too and we all are changing.

    Some times you look back and you miss the person that you were before, but life is all about growing up and changing all the time. When you change, it only means you’re moving forward and wishing better things for yourself. You’re permitting your world to augment, to become more manifold, to be full of never-ending aspiration.

    I am slowly but surely learning, change is an invincible beast. It snatches away everything you thought you knew. It switch your priorities. It gives you an alternate perspective on others and on yourself. It can slay everything your fragile hands have made — but it can also help you remake.

    Maybe the me that some persons liked isn’t in me anymore but personally I’m a much bigger fan of the me I saw in the mirror this morning


    PS- I've edited this!

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    Lifetime Disease

  • strange_life 170w

    Out of the dark that enfolds me,
    As much as you can imagine,
    I gratitude gods, I thank them
    For my never-say-die soul.
    In the demolish clench of circs
    I have not grimace nor cried distinctly.
    Under the battering of prospect,
    Body full of scars, but undefeated.
    Afar this place of dudgeon and outrage,
    Emerges but the darkness of the shadow,
    And yet the jeopardy of the times
    Finds and shall find me mettlesome.
    Because I believe and I know
    I am the author of my destiny,
    And I am the master of my soul.


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  • strange_life 171w

    Everyone says the best years of my life are just getting started but I feel like I’ve already lived the best years of my life. I’ve had days where I’ve had it all. Now it’s just routine and I hate routine.

    The first thing I’m comprehending as I am growing up is that there’s just more uncertainty than before.
    We’re not the selfsame people we were growing up and candidly, we’re perhaps never going to be that way again. We’re not doing the things we used to and it’s kind of heart-rending to realize that.

    Now when you’re older. You aren’t just responsible for yourself, you don’t have the assurance of endless time. The inference of your choices have more value now and you realize you aren’t as a free bird as you wondered you would be.

    You also never know when you become a matured adult. But then I am reminded of the truth and all of the uncertainty that is my life right now. I wonder if what I’m doing is right. If it’s growing up or if it’s giving in? I can’t tell or predict which way is the righteous one; I can’t even say what the ways are really.

    Am I really going somewhere or just circling the invulnerable way? Growing up is difficult. There’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of questions, but it’s also hard to realize that I’m never going to live any of those times again.

    I’m told ceaseless to fake it till I make it as if it’s ubiquitous advice for adulthood and it’s such a lie for everything I wondered growing up would be. When do you make it? And where are you making to anyway? Do you ever wake up and just know? Know what you are doing is right, who you love is right, who you are or becoming to be is right? Because each time I think I am approaching the right choice, I just see more questions. What I am doing right now is just being.

    The only truth is that the future isn’t promising, it’s just unknown and uncertain. I guess I’m just waiting for the time in my life when I can look around me and say to myself “this is what everyone meant when they told me it would get better.”


    Well, I was kinda confused what should I write next
    So, thanks @deepwounds for suggesting me to write on this✌

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    Growing up

    When I was juvenile,
    all I wanted was to be older.
    Older was a simile for maturity, liberty
    and above all, certainty.
    A type of certainty that came
    equipped with an innate answer
    for all of life’s questions.
    I used to think elders just knew
    and I wanted to have their conviction,
    but my apprehension of
    adulthood was youthful naivety.


  • strange_life 172w

    Insomnia nights
    Unceasing fights
    With the souvenirs
    That unnerve me
    With the voices
    That yawp
    Inside my head
    The endeavors to
    Reinvigorate to my
    Mind, now defunct.
    But I can't surrender,
    As I've vows to keep,
    Words to omit,
    Hours to reckon
    As I lounge awake,
    Smiles to fake,
    Flaws to efface,
    Hurdles to overcome
    And a path to
    The path which
    I'm pursuing for,
    Show me the way
    O Lord Jesus,
    Aid me reach
    Quietude, as I'm
    Evanescing and
    I'm lost in the
    Chaos of my mind


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    Chaos of my mind

    O Lord Jesus,
    Aid me reach
    Quietude, as I'm
    Evanescing and
    I'm lost in the
    Chaos of my mind


  • strange_life 172w

    And there is an untold story why every demon became one

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    Born In The Dark

    May be the angel
    Kept on losing his life
    And dying for too long
    In the dark, all alone
    And thus the devil rise


  • strange_life 173w

    Losing a loved one reminds you how so little time we have in this world. It leaves you with guilt, that if you only knew it would happen sooner, you would have treasured every moment you had with that person; nothing hurts most than knowing that you will not be able to see them again, touch them, feel them or to hear them.

    Subsequently the death of someone you were close to, you usually have some kind of new perspective on life. Suddenly, you feel tired & numb, everything matters a bit less, and you lose yourself. When you are drowned in grief, it doesn’t appears like you could ever possible move on and learn to live without that person, but the truth is, it never really gets simple, but instead, you just start to comprehend to rejig to this new life.

    You begin to perceive, that nothing really matters in life; nothing except the people you love; not your phone, your status, your fame, your Instagram followers – none of it.

    This perspective and inspection of life has taught that death makes you want to value your life and the people around you even more, and to appreciate every little thing around you. We’re the only species on earth who’s aware of their own mortality and yet we live as though we have all the time in the world. As though we have time for the silent treatment, for resentment, for mind games.

    I wish we hashed things out instantly rather than prolonging our negative feelings, allowing them to ferment and become more potent with time.

    Calmly and leisurely you start to collect up the pieces of your shattered world and put them together in a way that starts to hand you some impetus and significance again. One day, you find yourself crying less than the day before. Another day, you even find yourself laughing, smiling and finding genuine joy and happiness in daily life. One day, the pain has abated more than you ever could have imagine

    We have all been there, we’ve mourned too hard and too long. But sadness and despair aren’t the only things you get out of death, no – there’s actually a silver lining.

    Life goes on. And yours needs to too.


    Thanks @__seh__ for the topic
    I wrote just because of you ✌

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    Life doesn’t grant you a choice when the people you love are going to get drawn from you. You don’t get to select who leaves you, when leaves you and how leaves you. Your entire world gets upside down and leave you as naked.
    How'll you keep moving on?


  • strange_life 174w

    ~|| We all fall down ||~
    ~|| We all live somehow ||~

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    Like a flower, she wilted,
    And then she blossomed
    She falls, and she flourishes again
    She's both,
    The autumn and the spring


  • strange_life 175w

    @__seh__ it's(is��) lame��

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    Touch Her Soul?

    He teased few petals
    On that peachy rose
    Smiled wee chiefly to
    Deliquesce her eyesight
    Plucked her grandeur
    Possessed her aroma
    But couldn't abut her soul