��Be the star that shines in daylight��

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  • stories_by_mohit 8w

    //I DO NOT CRY//

    "So it all started that day,
    The day us became me and her.
    Actually it was way before that.
    It comes in bits and pieces.
    It's like ocean waves , you see
    You just have to stand still and
    Bad memories they just wash up to your feet,
    And then they leave."

    "I was numb,
    Probably after shock or something,
    I went on with my life as usual
    It was normal , upto until that one day
    Some 7 days after she was gone.
    It hit me,
    She is not coming back not this time.
    I went to my room and I was like
    You never cry, idiot.
    No you don't "

    "It was late , too late
    The tears, they were already flowing.
    That day I cried like an infant.
    I thought they will stop after 5 minutes
    I'll just wipe my eyes and ready for another day."

    "There are days when everything go on smooth.
    And then there are those days when
    Everything that's not supposed to happen
    Mumma never saw me crying
    Not like this.
    She just sat next to me,
    Held me in her arms."

    "I the lifeblood of my family,
    I am pretty sure my parents live
    by just looking at me.
    And there I was staining her
    yellow saree which papa brought
    as a gift, with my never ending tears.
    She didn't ask me anything .
    Which was strange.
    She just held me
    It was comforting
    And also making
    me cry more."

    "Its okay, beta
    You had your run.
    Its okay if she is no more in your life.
    She was , that is important
    The happiness she gave you,
    That is important "

    " my tears stopped.
    I never really thought I will
    Hear this from my mumma.
    I was beyond shocked
    My tears well they are gone.
    I don't sob.
    I don't cry either.
    But then I did anyway"

    "You see that was the last time
    and the first time
    I cried for her.
    And that's it.
    I am not smiling now,
    To be honest
    I haven't smiled in a long time.
    But I lived
    And I am still living
    That is important,
    I guess that's what I think"

    "Aren't you the shrink?
    Aren't you supposed to give me some
    Real deep insight?"

    " only one.
    Are you feeling good now, mohit ?
    After saying all of that"

    " yeah,
    I feel good."

    " next Friday ,
    Same time"

    "I still think you charge too much though"

    " I live by everyone's trauma at the same time.
    It takes a good amount of mental energy
    To do what I do"

    "Fair enough"

    I laughed.
    I finally laughed.



    #poetry #pod #writersnetwork #story #storiesbymohit

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  • stories_by_mohit 8w

    //I DO MISS YOU//

    I do miss you.
    Not all the time.
    But it comes like rain in winter.
    It comes with full swing.
    And it gives me the shiver.

    I do feel for you.
    Even after there is no you.
    You were a part of me.
    Now merely a past.
    There is hole
    In place, where once my
    heart was.

    I do smile,
    Not because of you.
    But for you.
    There must a reason
    To keep going.
    For both of us.

    I do love you,
    I never stopped.
    I can't stop.
    It's like time,
    It just keeps clicking.
    Going nowhere,
    Like an anomaly.
    Just existing
    No reason to stay,
    And none to let go whatsoever.

    It's empty,
    But it's not the end.
    You have to move on.
    You have to end this loop.
    Once and for all.


    #stories #poetries #writer #love #pod #writersnetwork

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    I M I S S Y O U

    I do feel for you.
    Even after there is no you.
    You were a part of me.
    Now merely a past.
    There is hole
    In place, where once my
    heart was.


  • stories_by_mohit 10w


    I am in love with a ghost
    Something that died in me a long time ago
    only kept alive in my thoughts as an idea.

    No I don't have memories of you.
    You faded in every picture of us.
    I try to remember you,
    Only to see a stranger all over again.

    I try to find you,
    In every tear that left my eyes.
    I try to touch you,
    In every breath we shared together.

    I remember those nights,
    When you were so close.
    I lived your heartbeats.
    Now I am living our heartbreak.

    You are nowhere now,
    Like you never existed.
    Still I wake up everyday,
    Like you never left.

    I try I try I try
    So hard to remember your essence,
    But I was in love with a ghost.
    Something I never touched,
    Nor felt.

    I never lost you,
    You lost me
    I never had you,
    You had all of me.


    #ghosts #love #truth #quoteoftheday #writer #heartbroken

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  • stories_by_mohit 10w


    Ever been heartbroken so much
    That the first thing that comes in your mind
    Is to write funny things.

    You see,
    Mind is a weird place.
    The emotions it display sometimes
    Are far from generic,
    You do impulsive things
    Take rash decisions
    For what???

    Because you are sad, heartbroken , angry
    And can't help yourself but to feel depressed
    And lonely.

    It's a desperate attempt to smile again,
    To feel alive.
    To laugh , to run , to live again.
    And to love again.

    It's really funny how things
    Start turning out
    Once you realize you have to change
    Or else you'll implode from all this misery.
    People see you differently,
    Tell you it's okay mohit.
    You'll be alright again.

    Am I sick?
    Do I look sick.
    Maybe I do.

    I don't need assurances
    That sun will shine again
    Mist will end
    And life will thrive again.

    Make me laugh.
    Talk to me.
    I don't want to forget.
    I want to forgive.
    I want to stay and I want to leave.

    I want to end it,
    And I want to begin again.
    I want to start all over
    And I want to fail again.

    And most importantly
    I want to be dramatic
    And I want to wake up again.

    - mohit


    #love #quotes #pod #story #loveart #heartbroken

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  • stories_by_mohit 14w

    T R U T H

    The truth is
    we end up destroying ourselves
    for something we never really wanted
    for ourselves


  • stories_by_mohit 27w

    How many people we meet in a lifetime?
    How many names do we remember?
    And how many are there we actually think of.

    There are so many names , faces , faces without names in my head, that sometimes I wonder , did I met them in this life or my interaction with them was of different timeline.

    My first grade friend named julie,
    I remember playing with her on seesaw.
    I remember laughing, running around the class , sharing my lunch with her. I still have her photo in my school yearbook. That little innocent chubby face engraved in a photograph of the girl I will never meet again.

    My neighbor aditya when I was in fourth grade and her annoying little sister,
    I remember writing stories with them, playing football.
    I remember breaking the sculpture of Nataraj at their home, for which their mum gave us a mouthful.
    I remember us trying to draw pokemon with that god awful sketching skills we both have.
    I remember so much , that it hurts sometimes.
    Do they think of me too ?
    Or am I forgotten, lost.

    I wonder where you all are,
    I wonder how much you have grown all these years.
    Are you still cute and chubby as I remember you julie?
    Or you have become something entirely different from what I imagined.
    Do you still write stories Aditya?
    Or you have lost this trait like a long lost hobby.

    Am I the only one,
    Or do you regret too
    Of all the stories that lost,
    Without a proper goodbye.


    #pod #moments #memories #friendship #lost #forgotten #stories #goodbye

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    G O O D B Y E

    Am I the only one,
    Or do they regret too.
    Of all the stories that lost
    Without a proper goodbye.


  • stories_by_mohit 30w

    M O M E N T

    Don't promise a forever
    which doesn't exist,
    promise me a moment
    which we can both live with forever.


  • stories_by_mohit 33w

    There comes a time in everyone's life when we meet someone we want to stay with forever. We decide to give our heart without even knowing how complicated the journey is going to be. At that moment all we want is to have that forever.��
    We unknowingly bound ourselves to them. Then comes a phase where we have to face the challenges the worlds puts in our way. Sometimes we fight and sometimes we give up. ��
    It's okay to give up, it's okay to stop pretending it's all gonna be fine. Not every situation is Going to be in our favour, not every pain is worth feeling.⚘
    It's not our fault, it's the stars that align in the different way, if you have done everything to make something happen and it still somehow remain incomplete, don't be sad just smile that you tried, you fought and most importantly you loved, you loved hard.����

    Imagine if life is all about happy endings,
    I would have met you earlier,
    Instead of regretting why I met you.����

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @orotund


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  • stories_by_mohit 40w


    After every greif
    comes a silver lining,
    As after every rainfall
    comes a rainbow.