Shadows never die !!

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  • stonedmonkey 62w

    It was so good wasn't it, those days.
    I couldn't sleep tonight, I don't know why
    i just see your faces popping on my eyes.
    I don't remember the last time I cried so bad,
    But i remember we sat there in those last benches
    Laughing so hard at eachother.
    I remember we got so drunk we cried with stupidest
    Stories we shared.
    I remember the late night walk we had after getting high.
    I remember the canteen we sat and ate together.
    I remember the movies we went to.
    I remember the pubs we danced with strangers.
    I remember you guys sometimes and now I feel so lonely
    I remember those promises we made not to forget
    eachother, I hope you remember.

    I feel time was paused, because that was the best part of my life!!

  • stonedmonkey 78w

    I don't know what made
    you avert your eyes from me.
    Is it my mistake or
    You met someone new...

  • stonedmonkey 78w

    Let's meet this midnight on the
    Empty roads of my dreams,
    We'll set a fire , make a wish and
    we'll stare those shining stars
    In those darkest skies sleeping
    on the tress.

  • stonedmonkey 78w


    So many ways and so many definitions .

    Love is not about wanting your loved
    One's to be with you, it's about making
    them part of your soul so physical existence
    Doesn't worry you anymore.

    Love is not about spending the whole day, it's about
    10mins of your quality time.

    Love is not about telling someone how much
    You love them, it's about enjoying each and
    Every bit of it.

    Love is not about gifts and surprises, it's all about
    the beautiful memories which stays behind.

    Love is not just a feeling, it's devine, pure and Natural.


  • stonedmonkey 83w

    It's not love, is it?
    The time when your voice
    Skipped my heart beats,
    Those eyes were the reason
    for my adrenaline rush,
    It's not love, is it?
    Even now when your absence
    Makes my heart go crazy on Streets.
    Thriving for your touch When my
    Soul waited, was it love or Just
    Another one of my dreams :/

  • stonedmonkey 86w

    Every time I knock
    the door of memories,
    It's you who opens the door...

  • stonedmonkey 86w

    I have heard people saying
    "You get what you give".
    But why am I an exception?
    Why don't I get the love
    Which I give so vividly !!

  • stonedmonkey 86w

    Old pictures-checked,
    Old chats-checked,
    Voice notes-checked,
    A perfect valentine for him,
    The person who loved her
    for the rest of his life...

  • stonedmonkey 87w

    Listens to all my boring moods,
    Playlist with all my fav songs,
    Stolen smile, Skipped beats,
    Rendered thoughts, Blended with
    Whiskey and scotch.
    Broken glass it is, why need to fix?
    when the pieces are beautiful more
    than the whole stupid things...

  • stonedmonkey 88w

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    Love makes the Soul fulfilled