You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.

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  • stewpid_ 106w

    मन उदास एक बार फिर से है
    मगर नहीं है लिखने को आज कुछ

    निकला है इस पूर्णिमा पे भी चाँद
    मगर चमक में कमी तो उसकी भी है आज कुछ

    पंछियो ने आज फिर डाला है बसेरा आंगन में
    मगर मायूसी तो उनकी चेचाहट में भी है आज कुछ

    गलत तो ठहरा दिया दुनिया ने तुम्हे
    मगर मजबूरियां तो रही होंगी न तुम्हारी भी कुछ

  • stewpid_ 106w

    आज फिर बना है तमाशा किसी की मौत का बाजार में
    खुद खुशी नहीं कतल था वो खबर उठी है अवाम में
    अरे ये तो चार दिन की चांदनी है जनाब
    कल फिर लगेगी फिल्म किसी कातिल की
    और तुम भी लगे दिखोगे टिकट की कतार में

  • stewpid_ 107w

    Another brilliant and talented actor is gone. 2020 is a big loss.
    An actor who did films like Chichore and MS Dhoni, taught us to fight for life is now gone....
    Suicide is not a solution. I request you all to speak up if you feel low 'cause it's okay to be not okay sometimes.
    RIP Sushant Singh Rajput
    You are still alive in our hearts

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    Millions of fans
    Still, he was all alone
    We all now wonder
    What bothered him
    Now that he's gone

    Taught us to fight
    And left us speechless
    At his shocking demise
    Made everyone laugh
    Inside he cried

    Now, All I have got to say
    Is Why?
    Was death the only solution
    I can't even say
    I hate that guy

  • stewpid_ 107w

    Somewhere when sunsets
    Dusky Eves shyly conquer my thoughts
    And Lights up my dreams

    Sometimes when I become anxious
    And Cry without a cause
    Someone Touches my soul
    But I can’t see her

    Times when two hearts are unable to unite
    But then someone finds their soulmates
    Dilemma grows bigger
    When your own heart becomes your enemy
    Being your own when it bears other’s pain

    It knows all my deep dark secrets
    In this lonely soul
    The only thing I own
    Is this anti heart of mine
    Whose shadows can’t ever be separated from me

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    Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaye
    By Mukesh

    Lyric Translation
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  • stewpid_ 109w

    Dream Big, they say
    High expectation they keep
    Success is what everyone seeks
    Failures they hate
    Decisions they make
    When life gives them a lemon
    They don’t know how to make lemonade
    Happiness is what they ignore
    Defeat they Abhor
    Rank is all they care for
    Going up is not success
    Falling down is what always pays
    For success everyone prepares
    But for failures they forget
    Fear of judgement
    Is what takes them down
    In our society,
    Failure are referred as clowns

  • stewpid_ 110w

    If You are a girl
    You have to be everything
    Sexy but sweet
    Naughty but decent
    Confident but polite
    But what they don't ask you to be is actually what you really are
    A human being, who can't be everything to everyone

  • stewpid_ 111w

    It's a bit long one but please bear with me 🙌

    It Started with our childhood
    And It’s all about what I’ve seen

    Time For Celebrations
    My parents had twins
    One was my brotha
    And another one was me

    Yeah! We were so similar
    But Separated by toys
    And my parent’s belief

    They bought him a football
    And a dollhouse for me

    Yeah! We were so similar
    But separated by teachings
    And my parent’s belief

    They taught him to be loud
    While politeness to me

    Now that we grew up
    Fast forward to eighteen

    Yeah! We were so similar
    But separated by work
    And my parent’s belief

    He went out with my father
    And left house-chores for me

    Yeah! We were so similar
    But separated by deadlines
    And my parent’s belief

    He enjoyed the night-outs
    While 8 was last for me

    Now, We are adults
    In our twenties

    Yeah! We were so similar
    But separated by marriage
    And my parent’s belief

    Love marriage for my brotha
    But an arranged one for me

    Now that we got married
    He stayed at home
    While I had to leave

    Again, Time for celebrations
    My brotha had twins
    One was my nephew
    And another one was my niece

    Yeah! They were so similar
    But separated by toys
    And my brotha’s belief

    Brotha bought him a football
    And a dollhouse for my niece

    No, he can’t be blamed now
    As it started with his childhood
    And that’s all what he has seen

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    Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong…It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideals
    -Emma Watson

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  • stewpid_ 112w

    Happy Mother's Day 🤗🤗
    *hugs* To All the Mothers Out there
    Love You Mumma

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    From her delighted Hugs
    To her mesmerizing Smile
    She grows older
    But never lose her shine

    Warmth of her lap
    And love in her eyes
    In every bad situation
    She held me tight

    From her life lessons
    To her scoldings
    She stood firm
    And kept me molding

    Silently screamed
    With all her pain
    Carried me in Her Womb
    And never complaint

    She’s Fighter
    So she stays strong
    Being a Mother
    Isn’t just a joke

  • stewpid_ 112w

    You are like my Chocolate Latte
    All Sweet and Stuff
    I have been bottling up my feelings
    But now I’ve had enough

    Now this is the time to remind you
    That you are my star
    Now You should let go of all insecurities
    Those were bothering you so far

    I know
    I may not be the perfect one
    But as soon as I see you
    I’m sure, for me, you are the one
    Days passed
    And Time changed
    But it was our love
    Which never lost its Grace

    Every time I’m Stuck
    I count on you
    There may have been a lot of problems
    But regrets were very few

    A weirdo like me
    Never had a clue
    That even I can be loved
    By someone like you

    There are times
    When you feel I’m gonna leave you
    But Do you even know?
    That this is so stupid of you

    Whether It’s day or Night
    You are always on my mind
    No matter how many mood swings I got
    You have always been so kind

    Now You may find it Cringe
    But I love you
    From all my heart and soul
    What we have without efforts
    For others are relationship goals

    Now let go of those stupid thoughts
    As soon as you can
    Just keep one thing in mind
    Do tell bitches
    That you are my man

  • stewpid_ 114w

    Hath mein Diya Liye
    Hamdard ki talash mein nikle the

    Diye se hi hath jalakar
    Hum Dard lekar vapis Laute