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  • stevenbates 22h

    I’m just sharing food for thought, you do the dishes.

  • stevenbates 2d


    “So, what makes you think you’re better than everyone else” I asked December.
    “What do you mean?” he replied
    “Well you certainly love all the attention” I said
    “I see” he said with a sigh
    “You see, Steven” he continued “I’m a month of ‘behind the scenes’-when seasons change, critters burrow, plants regenerate; it’s really quite a thing. I think that human beings are only using me. To bring joy to themselves by subconsciously making visible all that is unseen”
    I sat there stunned, honestly amazed. For I was just poking fun but December wasn’t fazed. He just sat there, slightly smiling, returning a chilly gaze.

  • stevenbates 3d

    Your open secret is old news
    My soul sings the blues and 90’s grunge
    I have a hunch
    Punch drunk from the haymakers of your love
    I’ve had enough

  • stevenbates 4d

    My first time

    We were in Scotty’s backyard
    Tucked behind the trampoline right before the creek
    I was nervous
    I didn’t understand what the Coke can was for
    Who knew a plant would change my life so much

  • stevenbates 1w

    You’re scared of giving it your all
    You hope everything turns out ok
    You dream of a grander future
    But let’s just focus on today

  • stevenbates 1w

    First you feel the surface
    Every bump, every scratch
    But not too hard
    Next, pull out your needle
    Lubricate before insertion
    Give it about 10 good pumps

    That’s how you inflate a basketball

  • stevenbates 1w

    Drunken nights and family days
    Dogs bark while children play
    I wouldn’t have it any other way
    God bless the little things

  • stevenbates 2w


    I watched as he hit her again
    “Mom” I whimpered
    “Shut your mouth or you’re next!”
    I sat in my closet, quiet, rage boiling inside of me.

  • stevenbates 3w

    “Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence”

  • stevenbates 4w


    I am the lotus
    Eat of my fruit and see what goes unnoticed
    Soft center and a sweet exterior
    Drawing those in the dream state we call reality nearer