Mr.ADJAGBO called Steph studied English Lit. at UL(Togo),Philosophy,Poetry, Art&MentalHealth at US TakomaParkCollege.Artist,Poet,Mentor,Lyricist.

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  • steph_poetry 1d

    My downfalls, Signs of next Success

    When people expect you to fall, it's the funniest thing cause you just keep moving.They ain't call to check how you're succeeding or how you're doing. They called to check thinking you've fallen.


  • steph_poetry 5d

    There's always competition to succeed at life. But it is and should be only against yourself not anyone else. Always compete against yourself. While people thinking you're competing against them, only you know you're actually fighting against yourself. Do better, be better, be greater than who you were yesterday, and again and again and again....


  • steph_poetry 22w

    La Vie C'est un Choix

    Si tu es celibataire, tu peux faire n'importe ce que tu veux. Ça te regarde. Mais si tu es marié (e), la vie de foyer est differente, tu es contraint(e) de primer l'humilité et le respect au détriment de soit disant "c'est comme ça moi on m'a éduqué." Sinon tu es libre de choisir entre celibataire ou marié(e) ♥
    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo

  • steph_poetry 22w

    May we be better today than yesterday

    There is a big difference between Advice and Criticism. You shouldn't be that human who takes advice as a reproach. We all went to school for a bit, to make a better difference. But even if you can't quite pinpoint that difference, it's not that big of a deal, put yourself down and try to learn. You never stop learning in life. If you are afraid of giving yourself a new life to correct your flaws, then you will be stagnant and remain the same person from yesterday. A corn seed was rotten in the ground yesterday, but overnight it ripens and becomes corn that anyone can use. Nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible. Everything comes from thought. How you think determines how you will act. It is good to think well before acting, but without forgetting that it is the heart that makes the discernment. The proof you know when you lie. Others may not know for sure, but your heart knows without revenge. The change starts today and it must be for good and forever.
    @steph_poetry @adjagbo

  • steph_poetry 22w

    Qu'on soit mieux aujourdhui qu'hier

    Il ya une grande difference entre conseils et reproches. Faut pas être cet humain qui prend les conseils comme des reproches. On a tous été à l'école un peu, pour mieux faire la difference. Mais même si tu n'arrives pas à cerner cette difference, ce n'est pas aussi grave, rabaisses toi et essaies d'apprendre. On n'a jamais fini d'apprendre dans la vie. Si tu as peur de se doter d'une nouvelle vie pour corriger tes défauts, alors tu seras stagnante et restera la même personne d'hier. Une graine de maïs était hier pourri dans le sol, mais du jour le jour ça murit et devient du maïs dont tout le monde peut s' en servir. Rien n'est facile, mais rien n'est impossible. Tout vient de la pensée. Comment tu penses détermine comment tu vas agir. C'est bien de penser bien avant d'agir, mais sans toutefois oublier que c'est le coeur qui fait le discernement. La preuve tu sais bien quand tu ments. Les autres peuvent ne pas savoir avec certitude mais ton coeur sait sans revanche. Le changement commence dès aujourdhui et cela doit être pour de bon et pour toujours.
    @adjagbo @steph_poetry

  • steph_poetry 26w

    Le plus beau en tout temps

    "Il n'ya rien de si beau que d'aimer. Aimer sans revanche..."

    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo

  • steph_poetry 31w

    "Loin de juger ton homme, essaies de le connaître d'abord, ses perspectives, ce qu'il aime et comprendre ses projects..."
    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo

  • steph_poetry 37w


    Some think success is like a brand-new shoe none wore before that once they buy it, then no other person can afford it; and they start celebrating, shouting with pride their small success by diminishing others. You are killing your blessings instead.

    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo
    #Stay focused and keep it calmly


  • steph_poetry 40w


    If you want to take all for you to handle alone while you're incapable to do so, then you trap yourself into stress and shame. Don't die for people you want to help while you can't help yourself out. Think!
    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo

  • steph_poetry 52w

    You Are Your Best Counselor

    "Not every advice you take into account. The one you should take into account the most is listening to yourself. You can't lie to yourself, isn't it? For sure you know when you're lying. The world will never understand your uniqueness, but will always come for criticism, judgment, and so-called advices. Some may be good, worthy, some may not. Listen to them, carry them behind, not front 'cause they will block your route. And walk without FEAR."
    ©steph_poetry @adjagbo