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  • stelly 10w

    I walked these broken road

    I walked these broken road
    With a weighty load,
    The past hums a song of regret
    And there are things I wish I never met.

    Some emotion seems to block my air tunnel
    They left my heart burning and swell,
    It ain't easy
    To walk like a blind man who can't see.

    Some voices they are mocking me
    Sometimes I wish tobe seen by nobody,
    Why everything taste so bitter
    Am I different from the other?.

    But there's a hope that bloom somewhere in my bosom
    And I almost taste the freedom.

  • stelly 10w


    On smooth mirror we inked each other's name
    But things didn't always stay in frame,
    With every season there's a change
    Am I the only one who felt a bit strange?

    Tainted smiles in those lips
    Portrait an unpleasant view as if it beckoned me to weep,
    And why with the twist?
    But you just disappeared in the mist.

    Those soothing voice you owned
    Now it pierced like spines in a wound,
    Words sometimes turned rusted
    It makes one's feeling deserted.

    Ignorance you behaved so cold?
    Why? was it because I'm nothing gold?
    Truth is, I too I could leave you easily
    If you do not fancy to be near me.

  • stelly 12w

    I'll sail to where
    the aurora dances
    flaunting her smiles.

  • stelly 12w

    I walked these blinded street
    Where silence roamed barefeet,
    My soul lament
    Waiting for a good omen.

    With broken dreams
    While sweat on me it streams,
    Couldn't even breathe properly
    When will this chained will break free?.

    The sky weep
    But the ground drank the pain underneath,
    And I plucked hope from the stars
    Longing for a peaceful end as a traveller.


  • stelly 12w


    The day we found each other
    We are no longer stranger,
    Like a rainbow in several colour
    You appear to beautify my world,
    Didn't I tell you, you are precious
    You do knows how tobe generous,
    You are my comfort
    When recklessly I got hurt,
    I see hopes in your eyes
    When things in me started to dies,
    You guided me when I'm wrong
    You make me feel strong,
    Your affection it wrapped me like a blanket
    You gives me warmth nowhere I can get,
    And when days and ages are longer
    Let not out friendship drift farther.

  • stelly 12w

    I'm in love but it started to shrink
    Cause I fall in your heart of ice rink,
    But you see to fill voids, I designed art with ink.

  • stelly 12w

    Unpleasant words tongue tried to spill
    are like viruses in a pill
    it can makes some feeling ill.

  • stelly 12w

    When my little fingers are still weak
    And can't even hold things meetly
    You have been there to guided me
    You taught me basic of a,b,c and 1,2,3
    You gave all you have to let me shines
    You play a major role in shaping my mind
    You truly are a legend in my time.

  • stelly 13w

    Stay calm
    like those little paddy
    in the paddy field
    let not even the angry wind
    can break your bones.

  • stelly 13w

    You were there when I was born
    You turned tobe the one that I adorn,
    You flaunt your bravery
    You aren't afraid of nobody,
    How great are you?
    That even darkness couldn't beat you,
    You twinkle with a smiles
    And winks for me for thousand miles,
    You aren't just a heavenly body
    But also a dearest friend to me,
    Cause I found a friend in starry night
    There's nothing to loose or be fright.