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  • steady 2d

    The darkness

    The darkness, it calls out to me, I hear
    The emptiness overflows in my soul
    I resist, shy away but give in
    Left to talk to my shadow in the dark

    The darkness, it hails my name, I salute
    I do not budge to the whispers it hides
    Concerte and make me yours
    Let my fears stand before me

    The darkness, it assures me, I'm here
    I form the coat that covers your bone
    Your heart is mine, I live in you
    Even in the light, I hold you close.

  • steady 2w

    What have I done to love that it deserts me
    What have I done to heartbreak that it turns my companion
    What have I done to loyalty to deserve betrayal
    What have I done to the warmth that I lay cold at night
    Am I not human to be loved?
    Why does loneliness cast it shadows on me
    Why do I breath the vile air of bitter emptiness
    Why do the pool gather in my eyes and never run dry
    How far do I go to get close enough?
    How hard do I work to ease the pain?
    How thirsty shall I be to find the wetness
    Or is happiness to good for me?
    What price do I pay to find the glory of true love?
    What curse has life cast upon me to be undone?
    Do I fight the battle till I in turn be the battle?
    Just how far do I go to feel warm again?

  • steady 3w

    Never whisper words of love
    If the feeling is not there
    Never share your feelings
    If you mean to break a heart
    Never look into my eyes
    If all you want to do is lie
    And never say hello
    If what you really mean is goodbye

  • steady 4w

    Find purpose in life when you know your drive
    Your are my motivation

  • steady 5w

    With + Without

    Deep down my heart
    I just want to fill you up with bullets
    Send you to the only place I can't  go after you
    Watch you die the most painful death
    But how would that be possible
    When I am going to miss you the most
    When you are the only one i adore
    More than everything
    More than anything else
    Love is a blessing
    Which turned out to be my course
    Doomed to be with you
    But not to live with you
    What is being with you if not living with you?

  • steady 8w

    My star

    I look at the sky at night with hope
    Hope that in the thickness of the dark, shine will my star
    Star that illuminate the darkest dreams
    Dreams of those drenched peasants
    Peasants that speaks through my words
    Words found in poetry
    Poetry that sings to the heart
    Heart that bleeds for hope
    Hope for a better tomorrow

  • steady 9w

    Oh I love to sing
    To have it sweet melody crown my head like a king
    Oh I love to dance
    To let my feet move me into a trance
    Oh I love to read
    To let the suspense hang around my neck like a bead
    Oh I love to write
    To have my pen take me to a place where everything is right
    When I close my eyes I can see
    The connections between worlds are words

  • steady 9w

    In the city where I hit the jackpot
    My spilled ink marks the emblem of my resistance
    And my empty pen forms the foundation
    On which her values are rooted
    My message conveyed equality

  • steady 9w

    Autobiography of the wind

    An autobiography of the wind
    It blows, softly kissing your skin
    A cool reassurance of nature's empathy
    A sensation felt through generation
    Teleported through time
    Carved in syllables
    Carried on the wings of the wind
    It waves through the thought of many
    Who dares to lift a pen
    A comforting rythmn
    The poetic wind caressing my thought

  • steady 9w


    She spoke with sweet melody
    But her words bears no weight
    Her whispered words fall silently to the ground
    Like seeds but bears no fruit
    The night winds blows and with it, her empty lies fades away
    Her deceitful love she offers
    A scorpion's sting to early grave
    In her absence I lay lonely
    But safe from her betrayal