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  • stankyryfol 2w

    How did I get to this point
    Suffering, smoking a joint

  • stankyryfol 2w

    There's plenty fish in the sea
    But feels like i done checked the whole sea
    Seems there is nothing for me
    Only sea weed

  • stankyryfol 2w


    It's weird sleeping alone
    In some strangers home.

    It's weird I'm stuck in a dome
    Where don't not belong.

    It's weird the faces I see
    That belong in the sea
    I'm drowning in 3


    1 hand reached for me.

    The other sailors have noticed
    So They put in a notice
    To go save the tortuous
    While others ignore it

    Im fighting the truth
    Like I'm stuck in some plastic bag
    Wild life is a metaphor
    And that's what makes me sad.

    Plastic bag- is the fake people who constantly stay attached to you. No matter how much u shake it off.

    Tortuous- a wise slow minded creature.taking his time with life. Knowing there is more beauty behind the hidden eyes.

    Sailors- people riding life like a wave. like they was on a boat just cruising. Watching for any body who needs guidance.

    Dome- my mind , my head that traps me from making steps . Keeps me in a closed in surrounding.

  • stankyryfol 6w

    They are trying to show me love
    Before they lock me away
    I let my birdy fly free
    Before it's locked in a cage
    I don't wanna blame God
    For making me feel this way
    But I wanna thank God
    For always keeping me safe.

  • stankyryfol 6w

    I don't play mind games
    For my brain is too weak
    I don't go on ships
    In fear the boat will sink
    I don't write poetry
    I write what I think
    And if it happens to rhyme
    Then my brain is in sync

  • stankyryfol 7w

    Ur beauty evens out my flaws.
    Ur beauty's dangerous, scratching me like claws.
    Ur that cactus Sharp and strong.
    But interior is liquid let everything fall, in place.

  • stankyryfol 7w

    The most attractive thing to me is

    Someone who wants to talk to me,
    Someone who Wants to see me
    Someone who wants to make me part of their day

  • stankyryfol 7w

    I wanna give u more than a kiss
    More than a hug
    More then the past have ever done
    I wanna give u more than a kiss
    More then a hug
    show u I'm speacial I'm sent from above.

  • stankyryfol 9w

    me alone

  • stankyryfol 9w

    It's like they don't know how crazy I can be
    Because they are so use to me being nice
    They are so use to walking over me
    Disrespecting me
    But they don't know I held my anger towards them all those years that's why I was so chill