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  • standbyme 1d

    There's a lot of bad people in this world,
    so bad to an extend when they smoke
    a cigarette,the cigarette gets cancer!

  • standbyme 4d

    Would you like me to light
    up your celebrations
    or be the gift that
    you are given?

  • standbyme 5d

    Granny to kids,showing her old pic

    "I took 2 days off school
    once,now it's called

  • standbyme 1w

    If a child below 18 years of
    age commits suicide,it's
    not suicide,it's murder!

  • standbyme 1w

    Take time? Wait until they have kids? Are you saying that they should separate after their understanding turns into misunderstanding, get into fights after kids, argue who should have the kids. Hate each other at court, spoil their kids lives along with theirs? That will be good time to separate?

    Isn't it better to be happily separate right now when they still have some understanding? They want to give their life a second chance. Let them find their soulmates!

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    Why divorce?

    Because of freedom of locomotion!

  • standbyme 1w

    As per the old saying, Alcohol is the official beverage of kerala. The Government that came to power one after the other, kept changing & correcting the liquor policy as per their whims & fancies & kept shutting down bars & reopening them.

    From the day kerala was formed on Nov 1st, 1956, until today, on every flag that was hosted by the politicians here, on every graffiti that they created, in every meeting, protest & strike held by them, what flows is the money that came out of liquor baron's sweat & blood.

    Let's all try to understand that no society exists without booze & religion, so that the politicians find new ways to bullshit us, for we are the people who are smart enough to pay taxes & dumb enough to vote!
    @mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeapp #mirakeeworld #ceesreposts #challenge #pod

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  • standbyme 2w

    Why do politicians treat
    everyone else like

    Probably because they
    have voted for us
    in the first

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    To rule for 5 years,the tender has been called for;
    The run has begun,the land is all quaking;
    The biggies are shaken,the foxes are bewildered;
    Milk & honey will flow,
    Let's bluff,bluff & bluff!

  • standbyme 2w

    Burari Death Case,july 1,2018
    Number of people died was 11. The common grill onto which each of them hanged had 11 holes to which connected 11 pipes in such a way they opens outwards. It was built 3 months before the suicide, says neighbors. The eldest son was Lalit Bhatia. His father Bhopal Das died on 2007. The gap between both the demise, 11 years. Diary of Lalit, the main evidence says they committed suicide on the night of 30/6/2018.

    9/11 attack,September 11,2001
    It took 11 years to complete the world trade centre. The crashing happened on Sep 11. The airplane that crashed onto the building was American airlines flight 11 with exactly 11 crew members inside. The world trade centre itself is infact a big 11 in the world!

    Burari Case is a clear cut example of satan worshipping turned into macabre.

    Controversy about 9/11 attack is the very first controversy that made us believe in controversies!

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    The devil is in the

  • standbyme 3w

    The water is not too cold
    & you are not too old!

  • standbyme 3w

    We are at war against women.We say
    they have no foresight.There's nothing
    about them that is stable,there's nothing
    to trust & that they are dangerous.But
    what we don't know is there is nothing
    common among women except