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  • srushtiprajna1996 2w

    New hopes, new fears
    New desires, new obstacles
    New principles, new limitations
    New responsibilities, new pressures
    Another year has arrived with new challenges being wrapped around
    new milestones.

  • srushtiprajna1996 3w

    Sometimes I get tired fulfilling my own demands.

  • srushtiprajna1996 7w

    No more roses !

    Frequently if you got hurt your fingers by thorns of roses, the pain will make you stop holding it & prevent you from appreciating it dearly.Your pain will also trigger you to avoid roses. But can your pain really make rose appear ugly for you ? It can't as it's against law of nature.
    Here the solution is in training your hands to hold roses carefully rather than ignoring the beauty of roses for life time.

  • srushtiprajna1996 9w

    When men become machines, Women are the victims

    It has remained our fundamental mistake to view men as strong & tough only. Being humans, men do have emotions too. Then, is it fair to nurture them only as costant source of strength! Sensitivity is also a component within men & if their sensitivity don't get proper platform to be established; women are definitely going to become victims of masculine dominance.
    Let's take pledge on this Men's day to make our men more human rather than machines.

  • srushtiprajna1996 10w

    We can't choose our responsibilities.
    We should be open enough to take responsibility of whatever life serves to us.

  • srushtiprajna1996 12w

    Often it's found that room-mates become friends.
    But it's more pleasure when friends become room-mates.

  • srushtiprajna1996 13w

    All our words don't have significant meaning.
    Often we use words, when we fear silence.

  • srushtiprajna1996 16w

    Possess, if you can

    Before you possess our bond
    Possess my individuality
    Before you possess me being successful
    Possess me during my growth
    Before you possess my wisdom
    Possess my unawareness
    Before you possess my strengths
    Possess my weaknesses
    Before you possess my speech
    Possess my silence
    Before you possess my words
    Possess my vibes
    Before you possess
    my opportunities as own
    Possess my duties as yours
    The way you possess me when being appreciated for my actions
    Possess me when I am questioned about it
    Before you possess my fitness
    Possess my illness
    Before you possess my body
    Possess my scars
    Before you possess my smiles
    Possess my tears
    Can you possess ?

  • srushtiprajna1996 17w

    "तुम जरुरत कभी नहीं थे
    पर हमेशा ख़ास जरूर हो ",
    Cactus said to rain.

  • srushtiprajna1996 17w

    It's hard to become flexible.