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  • srividya_giri 1d

    For you

    You sit in front of me smiling
    And the days we’ve knows seem like years.

    It all seems simple,
    The vibrations in the air
    The randomness of fate
    The unspoken pulse of desire.

    Smile at me and all hurt vanishes
    Like a soothing salve.
    It seeps, body and soul,
    Healing from within.

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 4w


    Sometimes I feel
    My mind is like a tapestry.
    The pretty picture is held together
    By just one thread.
    Pull it and the entire picture
    Will come unravelling.
    And there goes any semblance
    Of sanity.

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 4w

    The garden

    I used to watch this garden from afar
    When I traveled to my mundane job.
    It used to beckon me seductively..
    The roses called, “Look at us. Come smell us.”

    The lilies and lilacs and the gladioli,
    The begonias and pansies and peonies,
    The resplendent fervour of colours
    Used to warm my insipid heart, tempting it to beat faster.

    At last I crossed the threshold yesterday,
    The perfume of fresh lilacs wafting,
    I opened the great black gates adorned with curlicues,
    And -
    stepped into the midst of nothingness.

    Brambles and dried bushes,
    Peat moss dragging over them,
    Miasma from a hundred rotten memories,
    And the carcass of a black mariposa, as an afterthought.

    - Srividya

  • srividya_giri 5w


    I could be wrong, babe
    Your eyes may not be lying
    Love, however, is.

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 20w


    Sometimes when a light
    Appears in the darkness,
    You get so blinded by the light
    That you forget that darkness exists.

    Eventually you get used to
    The light and you realise
    The darkness around you is still there.

    This is Life.

    How effectively you live depends
    On how you react to that realisation.

    - Srividya

  • srividya_giri 30w

    No hablo español

    Muted voices are the loudest
    They say,
    If it is, then why don’t you
    Heed me?

    When las palabras don’t come out
    For las preguntas that I ask myself,
    What would I say?
    No hablo español?

    Chaos sometimes strains
    The relationship I have with myself.

    Between the battle of wills
    Within myself,
    Once I a while more chaos ensues;
    Mostly all fire dies down
    And dark embers remain.

    And the voices are muted once again.

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 30w

    Castle walls

    The path to my heart
    That was once a gateway to you
    Is blocked by stones now.

    The glass doors that you once opened
    Now make the walls bleed.

    The archway with its majestic angels
    Look like gargoyles.

    Far within the atrium
    Where the sound of drivel never reaches..

    I lurk.
    Your wishes lurk.
    My dreams lurk.

    Life forgets its way
    And gets stuck in the maze
    In the quagmire of stones
    The walls, wide once,
    Now Broken, fallen, beaten.

    Ruins of the castle alone remain.

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 30w

    What you do to my broken pieces..

    Sometimes I break
    And my parts seem strewn
    All over the floor.

    The smoke may rise
    To the sky,
    And water shall flow
    Deep within the feelings I muster.

    But then you gather
    Those pieces that make me;
    And you, you alone
    Can make and break me.

    You shall shape me
    Into the marble statue I sometimes am,
    Or you shall haphazardly
    Arrange the pieces
    Into the monster
    That I sometimes am.

    They say God created his son
    In his image.
    You try to create me
    In your image,
    And I lose myself in your hands.

    You mould me and it’s fuzzy.

    All the mess is just messy.

    I lose myself
    But then,
    Did I gain you? Really?

    I never know.

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 46w

    New flowers

    It’s time to grow new flowers,
    In my garden, weeds are all that’s left,
    Rescuing them is beyond my powers
    Should I resort to nothing but theft?

    Heavily had it rained earlier
    And the blooms were just everywhere
    Now the sun has come to linger
    There’s a sting in the atmosphere.

    Hurriedly I tried to save the flowers,
    But they left, they dried, they withered.
    I couldn’t protect my shady bowers;
    Where there sang bees, now snakes slithered.

    Don’t say I gave up too soon:
    I asked my flowers to give a reason in tune.
    They said, “Oh my merry moon,
    We never belonged in your cocoon.”

    - Srividya Giri

  • srividya_giri 52w

    When you’re single, you’re not missing out. In fact, you’re gaining more experience living your own life, understanding yourself more, rather than constrict yourself to one person’s wishes and whims.

    Being single is a choice, not a fate.
    Being single is being strong enough to accept others without losing oneself.

    - Srividya