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  • sripad 82w


    Dear, you created a wound
    That would never heal
    You know well...
    By keeping it touching
    It would never heal

  • sripad 82w

    Long wait

    When something arrives after a long wait
    We heave a sigh of relief
    The awaited time turns brief
    Finally we are freed from grief

  • sripad 83w

    I will tell

    When we meet, I will tell you
    I am not one among the few
    Who wait for you in a queue
    I am one with you
    There is no second to tell
    There exists a second I or you
    I am you, you are me

  • sripad 83w

    My phone

    My phone is like
    My dear ones beautiful face
    Can't remain a second without looking at

  • sripad 87w

    Life's gift

    The gift of life often is
    Shrouded in mystery
    Hence becomes history
    It waits at the door for you
    To pick it and know the contents
    Alas! It's always returned to the sender

  • sripad 87w


    Life can be made intersting by
    Looking around things nearby
    Having a gaze at the blue sky
    Not asking questions why
    For everything that happens enjoy
    Every moment as it is dear guy
    Let your imagination soar high
    Be a free bird to fly high

  • sripad 87w

    Closeness to close

    Never be too close to anyone
    Closeness may close your eyes
    And a small mistake may rupture everything to close relationship for ever.

  • sripad 97w

    When love knocks

    When love knocks on your door
    It never allows you to count one two three four...
    Overpowers you like a lightning from the sky
    You should be ready with your spirits high
    Never let it go and feel dry
    Once caught you are not you
    Not all are lucky but only a few
    Can make the best of the hour
    The left wander here and far

  • sripad 98w


    I firmly decided to come over my temptation
    I need no redemption
    Being tempted is a news of sensation
    For many it's jubiliation
    Leading a life of devotion
    Makes your everyday day a coronation

  • sripad 99w

    No love

    Where no love is left
    There you have everything swept
    All things around seems slept
    Night dawns during the day
    Chaos shows its sway
    Bliss seems to have gone away
    You are left dumb nothing to say