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  • srinka_ghosh 11w

    Two roads diverged into a yellow wood
    Where obsolete tales of stars got furbished,
    When the quills of hope, masked the skies in sapphire hues.
    To overhaul the euphoria raised by the unheard rhythmic beats.

    And sorry i could not travel both,
    For i was not brave enough to walk ,
    On those aimless streets, spend restless nights and and chase gaiety all alone.

    So just like a traveller, long i stood,
    Filtering the mosaics of stained poetries,
    To embellish the rainbows on my sky- less soul which once entwined in millions of stars ,
    Wrapping my ache and agony under the leaf of ecstatic ambience.

    I looked down one, as far as i could,
    Dressed in galactic robes, exploring the constellations in your swollen eyes.
    Standing on the barren garden of my heart,
    where once grew sunflowers of love,
    which i used to water daily.

    Obsolete - old-fashioned
    Overhaul - repair
    #wod #wood

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  • srinka_ghosh 11w

    Who is a Queen without her king?
    Is she a lost hope amidst the zephyrs of Spring?

    Well, its better if you don't ask me,
    Lets ask it from Cleopatra and see.

    Please don't forget to text Victoria and Elizabeth,
    They will answer your questions with a greater stealth.

    All of them had a heart of wild so keen,
    Yes they were my kingless queens.

    Turned their kingdoms into great empires,
    Painted dull skies with quills of sapphire.

    Unlike Cinderella or Snow White,
    They awaited for no Prince to fight.

    Yes they did it alone,
    Built whole armies and conquered the thrones.

    Dear girls trust the way you dreamt to fly,
    You really don't need any men to twinkle like stars in the night sky.


    #wod #twinkle

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    Kings or Queens


  • srinka_ghosh 14w

    I am ,
    A vagabond, dying every night , to get up again of the ashes of my dream.

    I am ,
    A broken star, lost in the galaxies of despair, in search of the constellations of hope.

    I am,
    A delicate dew drop, once was fresh on the anvils of grass, now trampled by the footsteps of past.

    I am
    A metaphor, breathing betwxit poetries , but no one had ever learnt to define me.

    I am
    A mere soul, may not be alive tomorrow,
    But still dreams of eternity.

    #introduction #wod

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    I Am


  • srinka_ghosh 15w

    I am an abandoned network of bars with only an old soul residing in me. Sometimes happiness enters through the front door to witness my vintage heart while the other times grief crawls on the edge of my bars to weave a shelter for themselves. With every break of day a beam of hope peeks into my empire just to stare at how the Withered soul in me dines on gloom and befriends rivalries with solitude. I present those flickers with a scoop of slime and dust, as my constellations no more binds the stars of affection and i bid them with heartiest good bye when the twilight masks the sky,

    I am an dormant domicile, often referred to be frail by unwanted visitors , who tries to decipher my inner exuberance by my outer appearance. They call me dim, dark and dull but ignores the residues of faith i harvested since years. Once my bars smelt like home that preserved hope on sombre days but now they breathe within abandoned poetries, inhaling metaphors and exhaling allegories.

    My heart still beats within the Caroline's i sing with Selene and my mind still blends a thousand memories that may bring back your grin.

    Selene - Goddess of moon
    Grin - smile
    #wod #cage #writersnetwork

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  • srinka_ghosh 15w

    Dear Childhood,
    I heard you last, eight years back, when the pastels of Acacias painted my days and my nights were shaded in milky flare.
    Yes am well and have preserved all our Saccharide memories in the attic of my heart. The days still flash in the Meadows of my thoughts when we spent our nights in the lapse of dreams, strolling through the vallies of our fantasy, dressed in charm and solitude.

    The piece of puzzle that was lost is still missing and i wont search for it untill you come back. Cotton stuffed isabelle lies paralized on the rocking chair with dying hope in her mind. I found the building blocks yesterday with which we built the castle of bliss and the broken crayons which once painted Happiness on dull walls still resides in the cracked silver jar.

    I regret the day when i was forced to bid you good bye standing on the dockyard of adolescence, waiting for the waves to take me the land of teenage that just appeared to be beautiful but in reality was nothing more than a fools paradise

    Yours lovingly,
    #childhood #wod #writersnetwork

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    Letter to childhood!!


  • srinka_ghosh 16w

    I carved your name on a Saccharide cloud,
    To keep you alive on the verses of Floresent skies.
    Beneath which deceased lover craved of shelter,
    For not all Spring brings hope to our life.

    I wished my emotions to be blessed,
    By the saffron shades of the sun.
    Yet soon the metaphors of trust started to melt,
    Since not all summer showers with joy and fun.

    I stitched our story on a scarlet leaf,
    to feel it dangling from the grief coated strings of my heart's edge.
    But it withered with a golden memory,
    Just because All autumns aren't orange.

    I looked for love in the puddles of your memories,
    To store them down in my heart's attic.
    Before the dirty drops of despair could wash them well,
    As not all monsoons are romantic.

    I wanted my faith to breathe betwixt the glaciers of your thoughts,
    So that my soul gets the warmth to dwell.
    But your frost coated lies pushed me behind the bars of numb ,
    And not all winters greeted me with jingle bells.

    #combination #wod #writersnetwork

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    @miraquill ��
    Set A- lover
    Set B - All autumns aren't orange

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    Seasonal despair!!!


  • srinka_ghosh 16w

    I was healing the broken stars on the outskirts of the Milky Way, with the hope of landing on Earth and witness the beings who were blessed by the shades of the sun. A perfect blend of blue and green sculpted on the sketch book of space, i heard it was the only planet that mananged to tackle the human race.

    I stitched a couple of stories to present the mortals with and collected a few trampled meteorites , stardust sprinkled on it. A bag full of martian soil to help them grow their crops and a slice of saturn ring to preserve the bliss of dew drops.

    The wait was over, i landed on earth but what i saw was different from that i thought. The blue of the sky was imprisoned behind the clouds of smog. The virginity of water was disrupted, its now a dump house of slime and dirt. Plastics covered its skin pushing the freshness apart.

    Robots disguised as livings were dreaming to rule the universe. Rage and envy coated their eyeballs , humanity which i heard existed was now buried under curse. Love and care were alien objects floating on the verses of greed, they excused themselves from standing together even at the times on their need.

    I left the place, falsely called paradise
    The turn of events may be was the cause of my desmise.


    Heart wrenching view of an alien who considered the place to be a paradise

    Martian soil: soil found in mars, considered to be the richest of all planets
    #visit #wod #writersnetwork

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    A Paradise ( no more!!)


  • srinka_ghosh 17w

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawer haven't tasted air for years now, but the chunks of memories you left me with are still treasured in my bleaking heart. Your voice still echoes in the withered woods of my mind, which then fades with the autumn breeze.

    I follow them as i stroll by the shores staring at the waves of my despair, but once that echoed , now seems to have descended with the melting sun. I wander on silver clouds to get hold of the scavengers that dined on the delicate threads of our relationship, but my way gets obstructed by a heap of broken stars Cocooning the worms of your lies.

    The fire flies of emotions which once enlighted my gloom still resides in the prison of my heart, at times they shout tearing my heartstrings apart. I squeezed myself to get rid of your thoughts
    But what i filtered out was only metaphors of love .

    Your absence pushed me behind the bars of
    Silence, i questioned the walls ~" Why you left" And what trampled me the most, that there was no reason for our incomplete tale.

    #wod #choose #writersnetwork #prose


    Thank you so much Wn for the kind report��
    Thanks @/miraquill on EC ��

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    Faded emotions!!


  • srinka_ghosh 17w

    She was blessed to be a wildflower,
    Strong enough to rise again.
    The brightest witch of all times,
    Was born in the world of muggles.

    Honey - hued curls flocked her head,
    To envelope the glaciers of thoughts.
    Millions of galaxies must have metled into her eyes,
    A multiple verse of herself, she begot.

    Her tale was embroidered
    On the aesthetic walls of Hogwarts,
    Amid the mist of charms and spells,
    Merged in magical dyes of witchcraft.

    She locked wisdom in her heartbeat,
    When knowledge cherised her soul.
    Vine wooded wand that she possessed,
    Blended potions of allegories in mystical bowl.

    Her trampled smiled was warm enough,
    To burn the wrinkled sorrow of her face,
    The princess in her died long back,
    And a warrior rose from her ashes.


    Its all about the brightest witch, Hermione Granger who was a fighter disguised in angelic body. She had been a great inspiration for girl since years.. ��
    #character #wod #writersnetwork

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    Fighter in disguise!!!


  • srinka_ghosh 17w

    I preserved the bunch of letters,
    That was once a junction of two hearts.
    I sheltered the withered petals of roses,
    Lying on my floor to fabricate an incomplete art.

    I stored the dust coated sheets of emotions,
    Scribbled by immature mystical hands.
    And a jar of broken crayons,
    Which used to colour castles of sand.

    I swallowed the secrets which were dark and deep,
    To cocoon the image of my family.
    Old, torn photographs lie scattered,
    With the hope, one day someone will come to see.

    Rust enveloped my vacantness,
    Promising me realms of friendship.
    Far away from the mundane world,
    I sleep on the attic rejoicing my grief.

    There lives a doll with broken arms,
    Under the shade of my grimly roof.
    Blocks and marbles which was once a piece of heart,
    Now stares at the greasy sky aloof.

    My body is still a network of nostagias,
    Arranging the mysterious of years untold.
    But now people named me a meagre box,
    Little they knew about the memories i hold.

    Thoughts of a box that lies unnoticed in the dark of an attic for years

    #attic #wod #writersnetwork

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    Thoughts of a box!!