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  • sreyme 14w

    I see the dark clouds hover above me,
    As you slowly sway away from me.
    My knees turn weak, i crumble and weep.
    These raindrops hide the tears that flow, The end of something beautiful, a bit of grace and blissful.

  • sreyme 16w


    As I lay in your arms, my mind fades in your charm,
    This night carves a lie in delight.
    Stars they hide beneath your smile, oh this wait was all worthwhile.
    Pause, Is this a dream in reprise -
    We!, u and i,
    Us, stuck in this fairytale ride


  • sreyme 16w

    #love #troubles in paradise

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    Troubles in Paradise

    Is it the hidden scroll or the washed away soul.
    You find as you sway the streams, i lay here lost in my dreams
    It drizzles, they invade our troubled hearts as we scribble,
    the depth of our stains, of forgotten pain and broken chains.

    You let me go, in distress i wander wretched and slow,
    Engulfed in sorrow i slowly drown, hoping for solace i deeply mourn.
    Anxiety bleeds, i stand here twisted and plead,
    Where images are blur, your voice drifts in this smur.

    As the silence deepens, they feed off my demons,
    Where memories blindfold and my heart turns cold
    These days shall pass,this emptiness may not last.
    Afresh we roll this dice, the pale troubles in paradise.


  • sreyme 16w


    The cold breeze brushes through me, breaking the silence,
    As these timid vibrations tweaks away my shyness.
    I twirl and jiggle in ineffable ecstasy,
    This melody is but my delightful courtesy.

    The chillness deepens, my legs they weaken,
    Cast away its time to depart, let alone life's but an abstract art.
    These dew drops, through my slenderness eavesdrop,
    To the vale of tears i shed, the vicious cycle of existence!

    Did you question my persistence, agin that intimating summer's insistence?
    When these passing clouds adored, the onus i once performed.
    Where did you disappear, when my lush green frame bear,
    This nature's wrath, begust mere human aftermath

    Now the odds are against me, this redness; it’s time to set free.
    I see the blue skies, the birds hovering as i fall,
    Onto this warm earth, as my sentimental grave bawl;
    Embrace autumn, it's time to be forgotten!

  • sreyme 16w

    The Voyage

    Stagnant life, poised between truth and lies
    Ignorant self, abandoned by love and faith
    Itinerant belief, deceived by trust and hopes
    Oh retarded nomad, why thou swindled and scorned.

    The Northern lights bamboozle your thoughts,
    A weary heart redeems for a battle that's never fought.
    Redemption is what you seek,
    Acceptance looks quiet bleak,

    Oh retarded nomad, why thou swindled and scorned.

    The journeys you took,
    scintillating mountains that it shook.
    The poised sea so allay, drowned
    in your emotions that's so wary
    Your present did atone for the past that you led,
    Your future looks so uncertain, like from the onus that you once fled.

    Oh retarded nomad, why thou swindled and scorned.

    Your path is a riddle, an enigma to be true,
    Your eyes never discern, neither do they glow.
    You crave for attention, desire to be cared,
    But neither do you repent, for the actions resounds your ways.

    The travels you have made, the conquests you have gained,
    But it's all just futile, since
    your soul is utterly drained.
    A veil of sadness unravel upon your deeds,

    Oh retarded nomad, this time you can but plead!

  • sreyme 16w


    I wade away, gliding the streams as i pass,
    To hear those murmurs while i hopelessly glance,
    At her gleaming eyes, awaiting for one last chance,
    I realize slowly, it's all but just a light trance.

    I can't find the truth nor can i see her through,
    It's a labyrinth, a puzzle that starts and ends with you.
    Blindfolded i waited to steer the spirit that never changed,
    I felt tangled with emotions, i saw myself contained.

    It's time i set myself free,
    My subconscious mind carves thin layers of reality.
    While i march towards every breath of freedom i realize,
    The deep void you set ablaze in me i despise.

  • sreyme 17w


    To the heart that skipped it's beat,
    To the music that made it sweet.
    Be strong and let not drown in dismay
    Winter's gone and the spring is here to stay.

    Showers of happiness bristle around your ways,
    A drop of tear rides down the kingdom of solace.
    The slow gasp devours the pain while I gaze
    Upon those sturdy hills in search of my true space.

    The cold breeze to the mind that dreams,
    To seize the heart that boils and steams.
    While I stay here longing and exhausted from my past,
    Your haunting image is all that shall ever last.

  • sreyme 17w

    Through the Kaleidoscope

    Dissolving in distant hallow shades,
    The grey imprints of life and it’s ways.
    As I step into the realm of life at it’s pace,
    A kaleidoscope of dreams, the colours and it’s grace.

    When she had held my hand and taught me how to walk,
    Never had I thought that this world would be so dark.
    As my steps fumbled and desires crumbled,
    Uncertain it looked, deceived, I felt myself cooked.

    In the dearth of freedom, I strolled to find my way,
    Into the depth of emptiness I saw myself led astray.
    The fallen empire greeted me with it’s cold and cunning eyes,
    Indoctrinated, I fell prey to it’s fiendish and demonic lies.

    The smile soon started to fade,
    The colours forgot their soulful and fervent shade.
    Mirrors couldn’t express the emotions that they once reflected,
    A glimpse of redemption is what I least expected.

    Is there a way back or am I just going to crack,
    I wish to relive those days of hope but it’s always pitch black.
    As I lay back staring at the countless stars and trace,
    A Kaleidoscope of dreams, the colours and it’s grace.


  • sreyme 19w

    The Interlude

    Your stare, the half smile and messy hair,
    Or is it your brown gleaming eyes, i tune in reprise.
    As i glaze at your lips, my heart flips n trips,
    while your red blushing cheeks, hides the shyness it gently speaks.

    The late night walks, passing blocks and lengthy talks
    Awaiting till our shadows kiss, under this moonlit bliss.
    I will be waiting, chasing the days and pulsating
    To meet you soon, hold you close and swoon,

    The sunsets will not be the same, left alone in this cold dark frame,
    The wait is an agony, the silence resounds in apathy,
    Can there be a way, this starry night makes me sway,
    To the colours that you spread, holding onto my dreams i blend.


  • sreyme 20w

    As strangers we learn to walk past this phase,
    At crossroads we shall meet again and embrace.
    When words fail and the cold silence deepens,
    We still stare at each other, gazing into the corners of our hearts.