a journey from people cheering your victory to forgetting your visible existence.

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  • squared 3h

    Words, backbone of my voice;
    raising poetry with good days
    and defeat beside echoes of ache.


  • squared 1d


    striving so much to write.
    I hope to get back here soon, ugh really!!!

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    she needs a lot more care
    than the nights have ever done
    to her disturbing poetry.


  • squared 1w

    “I found a way to live
    by gazing stars and meeting poetry
    an art that I could never touch but feel
    You were still a being; something alive”.

    I have some stones to block
    the world, which says
    love is just another sector of lie
    in which we live
    and a black magic along with it.

    But before doing it I feel
    illegal to commit my own words
    because never did I feel
    the emotion of love I just came across
    with a mistake unintentional.

    I thought I would find myself
    and erase the lyrics that I sang
    with agony and my self isolated heart
    but instead found you and lost everything
    of me that I collected via my own verse.

    I offered you my hair and my
    sensual skin, priceless. Time, love and
    the loop of forever was everything I sheltered with your hands but when did I loose my own
    name, worth and your loyalty, I didn’t know.

    I became much of thorns for you
    and scratched evil eyes to save your smile
    but when did I become this scary that you found a nightingale of your own and I was just
    another curse you gave on to your enemies.

    I guess I was too much of concern
    and less of care that made you doubt about
    my innocence. You know, you were my first and
    and I didn’t know how to love. I’ll neither beg nor die to hear your voice again, I promise.

    Cause with you I have scattered my
    own smirk and my wholesome laughters, you see. I miss myself along with you and I’ll keep
    doing it with a fact that I have misplaced these two. And now believe, I didn’t change i just built myself.

    Time keeps on running even if
    we hold them with some people who
    feel more like a part of our closest breathe and
    these breathe makes me suffocated sometimes but, I survive.

    I hope we find a reason to meet again
    either the fall of good rain or clash of our paper plane, but not again with a collision by mistake.

    With every end, there’s hope buying your tomorrow with someone of your deservance. I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.


    Hi, to many mellow beings here!��️
    An attempt towards writing again.
    Thank-you for reading.

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    You were the quill
    I kept within my hair
    and so gently
    you fell upon others poetry.


  • squared 13w

    I am
    writing few words
    which were supposed
    to fit within your cold tears.

    Only when
    you'll remember
    this old version of art,
    who knew to cry with her
    words and laugh with her fears.

    Know that
    I was some she
    with odd calamities
    mourning for the freedom
    of my voice from caged melancholy.

    I remember
    every fall of war
    making my feeble soul
    smoke limitless heat of fatality,
    knowing I am the beast of my own night.

    I ain't burning,
    I am fevered with fraud
    flame of lies they flowered
    against me with eulogies, you know
    how dramatic it is to weep and smile?

    Atleast you,
    you would have not excused
    the crackling voice of my glassed
    emotions? I know i was decorated
    with scars when my poetry asked for beauty.

    Those days
    when my smile twinkled
    few dews of belief for the darkness
    I defined myself as a, fancied omen of hope.

    But now
    with every period of partial fate,
    I wish to die and send my soul towards
    the sky to let my essence breathe immortality.

    I am complete with
    darkness, let me obey
    the purpose of light by leaving
    my verse within every spark of midnight.


    Ps: “You”, represents the star here.


    Damn, gracias for the EC.
    Thankyou so much @miraquill team for featuring my words, obliged.

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    somedays, I wish
    to surrender my poetries to the stars
    so if i die tomorrow, my words shall stay immortal forever.


  • squared 13w

    Image credit: ___withljay on Instagram


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  • squared 13w



    This moment occured on 32th February, Sunday 9AM, when squared dropped a zoom meeting link in the unofficial group of "Miraquilleans", which said," Hola Folks, follow the given link and start joining the meeting as soon as you can, it is sunday hehe, you cannot blabber clever reasons, hit up soon."
    *meanwhile miraquilleans in the group*

    aditii_ : what? a meeting on sunday? No! this isn't happening.
    shrey2310 : exactly man, i fed my whole night on computer science so as to complete it, i am sleeping man. Squared, you would have told us earlier, we would have arranged our times accordingly.
    *makes red tomato face*

    squared: there is a very important annoucement full of fun.
    shrey2310: fun? omg, i told sunday that i will be spending time with her, don't destroy our relation by this meeting.
    * cries cries cries*

    the_speccy_outsider: guys, we should take a look, what if there is something important? let's join.
    inked_selenophile: right brother, it won't be a whole day meeting we can spend few hours on the meeting.

    *BTS Army joined*
    *swifties joined*
    *selenators joined*
    *otakus joined*
    *rest miraquilleas joined*

    Just when everyone joined, overly 250 people, the background was vibing with "COLD WATER by Major Lazer".
    What else can we do when we're feeling low?
    So take a deep breath and let it go
    You shouldn't be drowning on your own>

    After dancing over song, shrey2310 was caught in pyjamas and queen_butterfly with sumiinked were found gossiping with each other over phone call, hence three of them were caught red handed.
    *mission accomplished hehe*

    squared: a very happy morning beautiful hoomans, so how did you feel?
    fromwitchpen: omg, squared this was so unexpected, having almost every member of miraquill here made my morning full of yayay!
    daffodilpearlzz: exactly, fromwitchpen.It feels good to take off time and spend time with each other, my fingers abuses me for typing so much on miraquill hehe, now we can stay here and have some fun.
    squared: daffodilpearlzz, we are not here to have fun.
    anush18: what? squared, is everything okay? why do you look upset? is anything wrong?
    heartsease: guys, look at the title of our meeting it says, " DHOOM AT ZOOM".
    * aditii_ maaking weird faces after looking over title huh?*

    thesunshineloves: did something happen on miraquill? do we have some uncertain things going on?
    fairytales_: thesunshineloves, i don't really think anything is wrong on miraquill, but i am confused now.
    squared: yes, something happened and we have forgot many things since the day we joined mirakee(quill).
    someone you know : what is that squared, i mean we write and we talk, what is missing? please let us know, we make sure to work upon it.
    someone alive: exactly, let's hear what squared has to say.
    *someone_alive aka Anjali you just meet me i will see you later*

    *making my hand read to punch her face when she comes back on miraquill*

    squared: those were the days...
    days when lockdown was the only boon for us, those days when pubg and call of duty lowered the addiction after mirakee(quill), those days when spamming became our favourite hobby during quarantine, those days when running towards each other post was our only beloved race, those days when our friends POD used to bring tears in us, fo real, those days...........
    *everyone bidded silence, when heartbeats were beating memories in our stomach*

    squared: i wanted to come up this way, out of blue, to remind us all our happenings, which are forever memories for us now. i know it was lockdown and now we have been dancing with our work, online classes, backlogs and home chores and what not, but, loooking over our schedule we can tend to stay on mirakee(quill) for a while, we should grab coffees together on sundays, atleast.
    asmita_chakraborty: I agree right! too much of studies burns my mind, it's good to hear such words from you squared.
    timeblossom: yes, I agree with asmita_chakraborty. But what about the title, DHOOM AT ZOOM?
    *everyone laughs*

    squared: well...
    *gets a call and squared attends that call*

    Just a second folks, this call is urgent give me a minute, meanwhile folks continue talking to each other about the title.
    squared: i am back
    *aditii_ be like no you are squared*
    *makes lame face*

    okay so what do you guys things, why am i here?
    anshika_winks: omg squared, don't do this, tell us asap.
    *squared gets a call again*

    sayuriii_: no squared, you are not picking up the call, you called us on zoom, do you know , i have stared at zoom more than i have done this to my own poems.
    * laugh and cries *

    puranidiary : huh? poems now a days i feel zoom either likes me or i like him, we spent almost of the quantity time.
    *makes sed faces*
    *students scratching their hairs*

    squared had just picked her call and unfortunately she forgot to mute herself.

    squared on call- Hey Perman, yes yes i brought everyone on meeting and now i will be revealing.......

    _ashna_: who is this perman now? and whom was she talking to? do we have a new member on miraquill?
    shrey2310: no, *shrey2310 being super smart as always guessed correct, but before he could guess squared muted him*
    squared: i am so sorry the call was urgent.
    *gets a call again and now
    even squared was red*

    without muting her mic,
    "krish, what duh, come join the meeting i said join on time, huh? link i havegiven that link in the group itself, come join, yes krish we will reveal the juries today, now join fast.
    O M G, what just happened, squared couldn't control herself
    MORAL: always have patience in your life or it will lead you to disguise XD.

    *say_me_krish joins in with hurray face*
    _creatingworldthatdoesntexist_: i see, krish was here and when i asked krish for outing today he refused to do so.
    *meet me in the corner krish my punches are eagerly waiting to embrace you*

    say_me_krish: ayy! everyone is here, omg aditii_ how could you manage to wake up so early XD
    aditii_ : shuuuuu -_-
    soulfulstirrings: beta why are we here, squared said something about revealing? what is that?
    say_me_krish: yes maa, she was right.

    "what does that mean krish"
    "you didn't share with me"
    "krish tell me, i will bribe you butterscotch icecreams.

    say_me_krish : well, I being the host conducted the challenge and again i would like to send my gratitude towards each and every person for taking out their time and indulging themselves. Without you all, it would have been a fail attempt towards bringing zeal back to miraquill. Thankyou so much.

    *the crowd appreciated krish for such a magnificent challenge, hoping to see again next year.

    sereiin: krish, are we here to reveal judges? yaya! finally
    prachii_: rightly said sereiin, even i feel krish will be revealing the judges today yuhu!! finally the day is here.
    say_me_krish: well well well, miss prachii_ and sereiin di you both beauties are right, i am here to reveal the juries today finally!
    but but but, there is a twist.
    ak_anjali_daydreamzz: what twist krish?
    say_me_krish: the juries will be revealed by the co-host of "A VERSE AND A PEN CHALLENGE".
    moon_bunny: wait what? we have a co-host we never knew tho?
    taekook_maknae: exactly moon_bunny, we are getting packets of sunday surprises krish thankyou hehe.

    moon_pearl: but who is the co-host?
    shreyah: omg, i am so eager to know who the co-host is. krish reveal it.
    say_me_krish: so the co-host for "A VERSE AND A PEN CHALLENGE" is.....
    la la la la

    la la la la

    sighsandskies: krish fast, we cannot wait
    kin_jo: yes krish do it

    say_me_krish: hehe, so the co-host of "A VERSE AND A PEN CHALLENGE" is SQUARED.
    *tan tana tana tana*

    here, we faced some technical issues due to wifi and the videos were paused
    aditii_ : the videos arent paused, everyone is shocked !
    shaiz_fs: omg squared, i never thought this.
    tamanna3: actually, none of us thought. Everything is just so shocking and even its so good to know.

    * everyone was whirling with zeal knowing about co-host*

    starrdust: krish do we have more co co co co host ? hehe kiddin but still do we?
    say_me_krish: no, revealing co-host ceremony is completed hurray.
    laus_deo: no hurray krish, we still have our juries left and that’s the backbone of todays meeting.
    say_me_krish: yes yes lets get started squared.
    squared: so here we are to finally reveal the juries for "A VERSE AND A PEN CHALLENGE"
    *jury1,2,3,4 joined*

    zikra_ and adeeba__: oh wow, we have 4 juries quite excited to know that.

    squared: yes, so the first jury is...

    JURY1: my_cup_of_poetry

    over years
    she has baked spree
    folding woes
    into peace
    nonethless she is my_cup_of_poetry.

    *crowd patting their own shoulders as many of them, wait, not many 99% people guessed it right yuhu congratulation*

    JURY2: jeelpatel

    she nestled
    a diction of homosapien
    with certain traits
    of humans feel
    nonethless she is jeel.

    JURY3: love_whisperrer

    she makes serial ribs
    against broken cartilage
    with metaphors color
    nonetheless she is love_whisperrer

    raika_: where is our 4th JURY squared?
    squared: can anyone guess?
    daphnae: squared, we just cannot guess anymore, we have our most guessed people here as juries already you know right?

    * meanwhile kairos_ anna laughing aloud, as he was the most guessed person but wasn't any of it XD *

    squared: so our 4th JURY is someone unexpected again, buckle up your seats native people, here is our final fourth jury

    JURY 4 : pranat03

    of his haikus and tales
    sails beside every field of
    storm to nestle breeze as
    per promised to sky.

    squared: And here, i have revealed all the four juries.

    *applause and whistles in the bg*

    Continued in the comments…

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  • squared 13w

    Image credit: ___withljay on Instagram

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  • squared 13w

    Image credit : ___withljay on Instagram

    @writersnetwork unexpected!
    THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR MUCH TIME, been long hehe.🍃❤️
    Omg, Editor’s Choice, obliged team!

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  • squared 14w

    Image credit: ___withljay on Instagram.

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  • squared 14w

    Image credit: ___withljay on Instagram.
    I left, because the reason died long back.

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