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  • spyzent_crine 2d

    Aren't we all tryna make money ?
    Doesn't this background colour remind you money ?

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    Crypto currency

    A cryptic post couldn't EXPLAIN.
    How things grew out of nothing.

    Ignorant ones left in DISDAIN.
    Everytime their regret keeps bugging.

    There isn't one way to make some currency
    There are thousand choices infront currently.

    Make them in black or white or crypto
    The respect remains the same , ditto.

  • spyzent_crine 5d

    Can you feel your self passing your childhood ?

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    Seventeen is not that worse.
    Eighteen couldn't comfort me either.
    Eleventy responsibilities added as the
    Cherry blossoms pass by every year
    Cherry promises forgotten in the journey.

  • spyzent_crine 1w

    Yes I know nothing is gonna last long
    But I've decided to last long until what you can call an eternity.

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    Heart feels like it is you that it belongs.
    That it feels strange else where, all along!

    Who is comfortable feeling strange?
    Not me ! So don't you become a stranger.

    But how do I feel agitated already.
    When you are beside me sound and steady.

  • spyzent_crine 2w

    Do you know how hard it is to act as if it was your own ?
    Sometimes I don't know if it'd be better if I didn't have it , and sometimes I wished it was mine for real.
    Whatever you think 'IT' is

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    When you have it , you know.
    When you don't have it , you know.
    When you have it but it's not yours ? Do you know ?

  • spyzent_crine 2w

    I don't expect you to win nor fail , because I know how hateful these words have turned out.
    There were tearful nights with fearful mind.
    I'll always be here waiting for sun rays.
    This isn't a stop but small comma.

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    Not a stop but a comma

    The Aschenputtel has the knight.
    Waiting for the stars to shine bright.
    Trauma lasted years as war went by ,
    But the warmth of the bright sun cooled down the sweat.
    What's more content than a bright ray shine?
    Because WIN is not after darkness , it's all along the journey.

  • spyzent_crine 2w

    I am scared that I might adapt to be satisfied with a little smile from you.

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    STAY, until I find someone to replace.
    STAY , until my memories displace.

    STAY, atleast till my tears subside.
    STAY, until I let you go from my side.

    STAY, until I feel the least warmth from you.
    STAY , till I master the act of being okay without you.

  • spyzent_crine 2w

    When you want to be as good to people as youbwere but you started building a wall.

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    Anticipations submerge,
    Opening up to the ideals turge.

    Loaded with immense dissonance
    Obliged to potential vigilance ,

    Uprooting the solitary ardour,
    Before the hard knock on the door.

  • spyzent_crine 3w

    Aimless Grail

    Survived through familiarity.
    Where the world is still too new.

    Dwelling amongst their spontaneity.
    Wondering if they already knew.

    Admiring ancestral perserverence and capability.
    With nothing they could pull through.

    Staggering through the unfamiliarity.
    The world , nature and its view.


  • spyzent_crine 4w

    Idk if I have calmed people through this or scared a lot more of them ¯_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯ Wish it's the former.
    I love all the pretty hearts around the world and hope the best for evryone ♥♥♡

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    Somehow a part of us is judgemental
    It keeps judging.
    So don't be scared that people will judge.
    Because people WILL and you yourself would too.

  • spyzent_crine 6w

    What good would that do ? If others knew ?

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    Words enough to fill up papers,
    Worth enough to tear them apart.

    My agony written open ended
    Left to my soul , unknown to others.

    What good would that do ,if others knew ?

    Complexity makes a poem.
    Emptiness makes a schism.