full of complicated feelings which I release into writing

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  • sproutedbeauty 1w

    Last Cup of Tea

    I'm having my last sip of my tea
    Thank you for adding sugar in it.

  • sproutedbeauty 1w

    Beautiful Mirror

    Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing vast hips,
    flabby belly and imperfections,
    let's envision a life,
    envision a worth,
    envision an intrinsic beauty - no matter the size or the scars

  • sproutedbeauty 3w

    A Letter to Myself I should've Written When I Was Moving On...

    Sorry self.

    Sorry for the ball of tears runnin' down your cheeks everytime you remember my foolish acts of love
    Sorry for letting you stay in a relationship even though it's toxic because I was hoping for a change
    Sorry that you're hurting others feelings just because I was believing a relationship
    Sorry for the disrupted sleep and sleepless nights that questioned your worth at 2AM
    Sorry for staring at the mirror with self-pity while wearing a frown
    Sorry for going to bed brokenhearted and waking up still brokenhearted
    Sorry that you have to cry all the hurt because I was stupid
    Sorry for the prolonged sadness that shattered you to pieces because I wanted to make sure you won't encounter debris along the way
    Sorry that you have to go through the hard way of letting go and moving on process
    Sorry for bearing too much pain


  • sproutedbeauty 4w

    My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones.
    I wish you comfort, courage and strength at this time of sorrow.

  • sproutedbeauty 4w

    Yet to Know

    Curtains slowly pulling away and coming in
    Cars passing and cricket sound
    I couldn't let you see the real me
    No, not yet
    For it is just beginning
    That I need to secure if it's worth lasting
    This could either be the beginning or the ending
    I am yet to get to know you
    As you are to me
    We still yet to know
    We still yet to know


  • sproutedbeauty 4w


    His heart belonged to someone

    So before I fall inlove with this guy

    I need to cut the strings
    I need to guard my heart
    I need to feel numb
    I need to let go of little things that could develop into something


  • sproutedbeauty 4w

    My heart was burnt out
    I was crippled
    I had no one to run to


    I had this one person I know I could partly trust
    With the courage blown by the pain
    I daringly met with him
    To get away with the situation
    And to chill for a little while


    Finally, I'm with him
    I like him, really liked him
    His eyes are blazing and I love 'em gazing into mine
    He's got long thick black eyelashes that's pulling me
    His lips are thin, red, kissable and lip-biting
    I'm melting noticing his beard on his cheeks

    He's gentleman.
    I liked him even more.


  • sproutedbeauty 4w

    They say a woman can grow to love a man
    But a man can't
    He either loves you from the start or doesn't

    So if you feel like you aren't wanted from the beginning
    Then make yourself a favour
    To move your ass out of the scenario
    Before creating a bond that won't last

    Guard your heart before it's too late.
    Prevention is better than recuperation.


  • sproutedbeauty 5w

    There is hope in the midst of hopelessness!
    #WhenItRainsItPours #HoldTight #HopeForTheHopeless #hope

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    A decade passed
    When life was runnin' free
    Innocent and young

    But years have come and gone

    Doctrines flew away
    The path is risky now
    Noxious, rebellious and inflicting

    Yet there's always a rainbow I know


  • sproutedbeauty 5w

    Life's a Race

    How far can you go?
    How far you have come?
    Remember the trials you have overcome.
    You've got so far to lose it all.