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  • spicywords 79w

    Boyfriend 2.0

    The first version of men are bad omen.
    They can't even pray and you answer amen.
    The receipt of their deceit is on repeat.
    Printed as hinted but their kind are limitless.

    They urge to see tears drop on a make up face.
    They love to see girls adjourned on a break up case.

    These guys disguise as the real guys.
    These guys gat an archive for the real lies

    Am a version where the truth is benchmarked.
    I beacon honesty and become the best commodity
    For you I will buy the purest state a heart can be.


  • spicywords 82w

    Sacred Mind

    The proportionality of hardwork to success is null
    People get jobs now with just a phone call
    The heart is filled with scars
    Is ripped apart and my ventricles are dispersed
    Real love is scare.
    Any envagelism I discard

    I wish beyond my contentment.
    I look forth to the spotlight coming
    After the interview, cant wait for the appointment
    In my ears , all I can hear is the success humming .
    The eagerness , regardless still wont settle for less.
    The new job came through, sony brand like I guessed.

    My worth wont halt just because I want to please the boss.
    Mr CEO haven't you ripped enough.
    The taxes , food meant for the masses , making them Hungry to their asses.
    People now complain, you are still angry because they come plain
    About their problem, you became solemn .
    You couldn't sorosoke now we are following your wicked acts like karaoke.


  • spicywords 143w

    Love prey

    Dark magic they say,
    when love is too excessive.
    In this state I find myself.
    Being showed the other face she possessed​.
    Deceit was the receipt I was paid for all the affection, attention I showed.
    I gave her the Care that was rare.
    Love her with all my heart.
    To an extent I couldn't remember how we started.
    How can i be your prey.
    When all I pray.
    For, was a lady who will love me .
    Instead you stole my emotions
    And left me without my soul.
    Cause me more harm than good.
    You Became parasitic.
    You Drew out stories and show me how much you are artistic.
    In my memories I still can't forget those pink lips and those hips so thick.
    How can I overcome this hurdles
    Endless thoughts of mine in bundles.
    Is it the dinner night decorated with candles.
    Or how we spice up our social media handles.
    I couldn't take my mind of you.
    Because it chooses you more than myself
    Am stucked and it sucks loving you
    Am a prey to you
    And I wish I have a pre-dator(predator)
    That will take us back to the beautiful times that's enriched with good memories.

    Copyright Spicywords

  • spicywords 146w

    Love dont know boundaries

    I see your smile that serve many miles.
    Portion of your love left in my heart.
    I think with my mind, before the use of my brain.
    Go extreme , almost to the limit of my strain.

    I cook up words, just for you to eat joy.
    Make you blush, extend the sensitivity​ of my touch.
    Keep your beauty so heavenly.
    Any intruder , he sees me devilish.

    When I keep distance, you became magnetic.
    I look into your eyes. I Suddenly became energetic.
    But only Willing to work more for your attention.
    Capture memories for continuous remenbrance.

    These actions of mine can't be explained
    Check me internally, I cant be x-rayed
    I can only picture the pixels of ur image.
    Drafting out your beauty makes its interpretation meaningless.

    Copyright spicywords

  • spicywords 148w

    Who is she ????

    She is a life that is worth living.
    A birth that is uncommon
    If she is giving birth to.
    The world shall feel her impact.

    Now her impact dwells in the heart of human.
    Spreading love to its depth.
    A name which is eaten in everyone's mouth.
    Strangers even know what she's all about.

    Her love can be felt from distance.
    Sexy Body that hacks resistance.(resistance)
    Seeing her, takes my mind home (ohm).
    Changing the status of what am thinking currently.(current)

    A reason to fall in love.
    A season of love that is not enough.


  • spicywords 150w


    I hear echoes Of my pains.
    Loud and clear.
    And far from its surpression.
    What can I call this "oppression".
    Blanket was absent ,when I was shivering.
    You are the cure , that was what I believed in.
    But you were so good, warmed by your guy .
    His palms enjoys every bit of touching.
    Which stimulates him , in every verse of smootching.
    And he had a knockout on you every rounds of sex.
    I search for questions beyond my reach .
    I think, I became obsessed.
    But answers are still yet to be found.
    Only what I heard was sounds.
    Of your moaning , asking for more.
    Buh It seems he satisfied the unsatisfied.
    But left problems beyond rectified.
    The only path I showed you was the way to love.
    But it seems the road, now is rough.
    It's filled with port holes, so d game you played was golf.
    I became the enemy of myself.
    Could only see horror in my mirror.
    Tears fell like rain drops.
    That lasted for centuries.
    I was different just like the mercury.
    Devastated in every journey of life.
    Thinking why did I make you my wife.


  • spicywords 152w


    Every time the sky changes color .
    Blessings are yet to be born.
    Here comes slowly the rain.
    Sprinkles on me .
    Felt a positive change.
    From a long range.
    Good times are as closed as my wrist.
    The only watch that fit.
    Equals the price of Gucci on your feet.
    Problem arise but I stay alive.
    To see the greatness that complains.
    Why the lateness!
    You have kept me waiting for long.
    Boy, this is where you belong.
    I smile and said it's traffic.
    To get to you is hard , ain't by magic.
    Life has once thought me lesson.
    Problems rose but now is lessen.
    I once drove through a rough road.
    Avoid the traffic signs.
    Look the police in the eye.
    Think the guns are designs.
    I Me Myself can only decide.
    What am i gonna be ?
    Great or overrated.
    Graced or lucky.
    Poetry is so cocky.
    Music is so funky.
    My word is spicy.

    Copyright Spicywords

  • spicywords 158w


    How can I tell you what's going on within me.
    Who shall I share it with.
    The time of the blind.
    Only me occupied you.
    Now you have occupied me.
    You are no where to be found.

    I searched but you were out of reach
    I sounded but now am out of pitch.
    I waited for you day and night.
    And used your image as my sight.

    Happiness and it's distribution was your identity.
    And you showed love with full sincerity.

    Your heart is a place where I can live eternally.
    A place I will stay internally.
    A place I wish have been for long.
    I wish I shouldn't have gotten it all wrong.


  • spicywords 160w


    I thought school is meant to teach you.
    How to discover yourself.
    But the pressure of getting good grades kills even faster than aids.
    The uniqueness of oneself is left aside just to satisfy the school whereas leaving your own satisfaction.
    We all wanna have A's like the card of ace, B's like the group of bees,C's for less people see, .Then when we have E's then you blame yourself that I couldn't do the exam with ease.
    The institution never care about your uniqueness, capability ,talent and gift. All they want is the grade irregardless if it was acquired through aid. Then after graduation, they all think abstract and empty. They never discovered what they are capable of, skills and how promising it is to the society right now. The working principle of a snake is different from the lizard even though there are both reptiles.
    Lets all learn to know the magic behind us. All you need is a spark, before you know the mechanism is formed.

    From spicywords

  • spicywords 161w

    Happy birthday Adejoke

    As the bell rings and the angel sings
    Your name was all over their voices,
    Seeing your face that shines like the sunshine. Brighten my mentality and here by changing my focus. You are so blessed that with you I escaped the foe curse. I have changed but for only you so I turned chameleon but for you to pick your favorite colors. If I will pray, I will choose to see you do good and excellent in every thing you do and give you long life to celebrate each day as it counts. The count starts now.

    Happy birthday Daramola Adejoke