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  • spicywords 3w

    A lot has happened

    It's another December to remember.
    We ain't united in nigeria but in UN we are a member

    Shows cost alot of zeros.
    October 20 we cant forget our hero's.

    Lost a lot of talents in the ikoyi building
    Kidnapping is real or do you think m kidding .

    Going from tiwas sex tape.
    To abakiyari crimes escape.

    The arrest of hushpupi .
    the settlement of zlatans beef with djcuppy.

    Alot has happened during this timeline.
    Words ain't excepted to be sweet limeline..(zeh)


  • spicywords 6w

    IDK(I don't know)

    Soul on a ciprigold
    My mind is getting old.
    Thinking buds are getting bored.
    Loving you is something odd.

    I must be on a spell (spell) falling in love with my diction teacher.
    It should be the girl that whispers and I can't ditch her.


  • spicywords 9w


    I believe a clap can't occur without the friction of the palms.
    A hug can't co-exist without the harmony of the arms.

    My actions are solicited by the activities of my mind.
    Causing chaos and my gentleness left to stay in remand.

    Bringing forth pains and unbearable outcome.
    Really looking pale and an empty heart is the last one.


  • spicywords 18w

    Love gone wrong

    Change of mind, the truth from behind.
    I was once a lover. Now love network buffers.
    The one I called my own. Is for everyone.
    The one I wish for , didn't come through.

    Sentences with maximum commas
    Differences with no patterns.
    Love is not insightful .
    How can d future be reliable.

    The one I want is on a hunt.
    Always on a chase for every cunt.
    All female profile is on his pro file.
    Both international and the local.

    My heart got beaten again
    Memories like this I don't want to regain
    A market of love with losses and no gain.
    Am a very serious lover but to him it's all game.


  • spicywords 36w

    The family with no army.

    Sobbing voices with no subtitle.
    How can I hear your pain.
    Loving boys with no title.
    How can I know their name.

    Only foot prints on the crash site.
    Whose rings is on my right hand?
    Lifeless souls , who killed them?
    Only God knows.

    The grief of their fathers.
    We can't even retrieve back their mothers.
    Such agony should have been an irony.
    Felt so hard to digest to me , even when is just an eye only.

    I saw visuals of the unusual.
    Their happiness was just a residual
    Tears non stop with no support.
    While your brothers live large up north.

    #Pray for Palestine

  • spicywords 47w

    Walked on coals

    Leaving old things behind.
    Giving OT to remind.


    That disasters don't define your scars.
    Being rich is not defined by cars.

    The looks of an hungry smile.
    Is rebuked by a close pal

    The world is a platform.
    Where we have different accounts.

    I face problems too.
    But I dont get drown in it.

    I wait for the green light.
    To replace my chlorophyll.

    Here the sunshine comes.
    I grow again but this time.

    I stand twice as tall

    I become a stimulant.
    Inspire young generations.

    The present get rid of the past.
    Poverty , inadequacy my ass.

    The confidence is not confidential.
    My destiny has no destination.

    I will break out of the cage.
    I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

    No need to transfer liquids traditionally
    Success has brought me a funnel

    Short before as described .
    But success that of Lionel.


  • spicywords 49w


    You wish I am the one.

    That brings tides to your ocean
    Smoothness by your lotion.
    Speed to your motion
    Always want to support your notion.

    You wish I am the one.

    That Compliment your elegant beauty.
    Get rid of anything called filty.
    Always willing to do my duty.
    Plain hearted without feeling guilty


  • spicywords 49w


    Intoxicating body
    Duplicating smile

    Looping beauty
    Does that mean am high?

    High on you.
    Lie on you.

    Replicate babies.
    Segregate ladies.

    You remain ,
    as my exceptional maiden.

    Enticing thighs.
    Jaw dropping eyes

    They say hips don't lie.
    Your body so fly.

    I can see it in the sky
    I can hear it in my mind.

    Voices that sounds like notes.
    Clearly written in my heart.

    Your brain out of the world.
    The space is more than the space.

    All these for one person?
    Because you are an exception.


  • spicywords 55w


    I waited to say my silent words
    Am scared that feelings ain't even but odds.

    To go close is scary even when my confidence is overdose.
    I believe my love for you is over those.

    That speak with the pitch at its peak.
    And preach about them being rich.

    But the richness is the content of my heart
    A story to tell but don't even know where to start

    I look through your space and God already sat a light
    You look good on your face and with amazing height

    With the world about to crumble , adunni is still humble.
    If am to get a girl that is cool. Pls tell me who else will be my boo.

  • spicywords 62w

    Boyfriend 2.0

    The first version of men are bad omen.
    They can't even pray and you answer amen.
    The receipt of their deceit is on repeat.
    Printed as hinted but their kind are limitless.

    They urge to see tears drop on a make up face.
    They love to see girls adjourned on a break up case.

    These guys disguise as the real guys.
    These guys gat an archive for the real lies

    Am a version where the truth is benchmarked.
    I beacon honesty and become the best commodity
    For you I will buy the purest state a heart can be.