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  • sparkles09_ 2d

    "Warm smiles like Sun-rays"
    || And honey
    your smiles are like warm sun rays,
    melting the icy hearts
    Like how the sun melts the creamy snow
    in the dusky morning of the winter's end ||

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

    #smile_like_sun-rays #WarmSmiles #writersnetwork #miraquill
    This post is written for my dear @jugjugjiyo didu ☺️���� always keep smiling didu ☺️��


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    Warm smiles like Sun-rays


  • sparkles09_ 2d

    How to fall in love with one's own self

    In mornings,
    when the sun is shimmering with hopes
    Soaking one's self into it's warmth
    And wearing a smile, like dazzling sunlight, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    In noons,
    When the wind blows, slowly
    With closed eyes, feeling it's delicate touches
    And smiling tenderly at one's self, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    In evenings,
    When the sun sets,hiding one's self in puffy clouds
    Watching the scarlet skies with a look of adoration, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    At nights,
    When the moon glows along with dazzling stars. Standing infront of the mirror and embracing one's flaws, honey
    That's how to fall in love with one's own self

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~


  • sparkles09_ 3d

    ~ Inking poetries for one's self~

    || With bleeding metaphors, honey
    I am inking crimson poetries for myself ||

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes

  • sparkles09_ 3d

    Hey's me sparkles ✌️....won't be active much and am turning off the notifications of miraquill . And I won't be able to reply y'all but when I'll see then I'll do ....till then Adiós

  • sparkles09_ 4d

    Sometimes you've to be that shoulder for yourself , on which you could keep your head and cry .....
    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sparkles09_ 4d

    ~The bloodbath of resurrection,
    from an insecure body to a hopeful shimmering soul~

    Bleeding the ink of crimson bloods
    With emotions haywire, drastic like floods
    He took a bloodbath, removing the dirt of his
    insecurities, shimmering with red sparkling hopes

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sparkles09_ 5d

    And honey,
    I'm learning to be the author of my own story
    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sparkles09_ 5d

    "learning to put myself first now"

    A mere boy,
    Born with sparkling hopes.
    Helped everyone, even to those
    Who betrayed, hurted and crushed him
    Like he was nothing.

    He wasn't perfect, no he wasn't.
    He also made mistakes,like everyone else did.
    Hurted people, intentionally or unintentionally
    Said things that, that broke hearts
    But he didn't wanted to do that, no he didn't.

    His intentions were always pure,
    But somehow people never understood him .
    His cousins thought he was a hypocrite
    Who only was being good Infront of others
    So that he could gain their sympathy.

    Family, always mocked him for not doing anything right, for always being clumsy.
    Always hurting him , making fun of him
    And shattering him, little by little
    from the inside, breaking his delicate heart

    While in school, everyone bullied him
    For being different, everyone joked about him
    Even the teachers, that he considered
    as role models. But whenever anyone needed him, he never hesitated to help .

    He cried for hours at night, embracing himself
    In one's own arms , when there wasn't anyone
    To even offer him a warm hug. He was dying
    from all these pent up emotions and feelings
    Of utter hollowness.

    And when he thought that he's worthless
    And he'll stop trying to help others
    Because he feared that he'll mess things up.
    Just then, the almighty showed him his worth,
    the reason for his birth in this world.

    It was his name, it held a hidden meaning
    His name meant "someone who helps".
    And ironically he had been doing that
    Since he was a little toddler.
    But now it will not be the same anymore

    Because now, he's learning to put himself first
    He'll help others, but not by hurting himself
    He'll be good with others, but if
    they try to misuse him, he'll not let it happen
    He won't allow them to crush him anymore

    He wants to love himself now,
    He want to cherish and pamper himself now
    He wants to live for himself, not just for once
    But for forever, because he owes himself that.

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sparkles09_ 1w

    "Creating one's own happy endings"

    A chubby little boy
    with musky scent of innocence, emitting
    the fragrance of purity
    With a white heart, like spotless dusky doves
    Living in a chaotic dark world
    Surrounded by toxic people, with poisonous auras and words of needles
    laced with lethal venom

    With those poisonous needles, they tortured
    The little boy, abusing him and taking advantage of his kindness , while
    handling the pain of betrayals from the ones that he loved was not easy, he was tired..
    Always been treated like a puppet by everyone
    While everyone was writing his story
    He surrounded himself with darkness, choking one's self in utter silence and biting back his words, while losing one's speech...

    But he had enough now, he didn't wanted this
    He didn't wanted his story to be like this
    So creating the quills of metaphors
    He ended his story of agonies and pain
    With the aesthetic ink of crimson blood..
    His endings weren't all glittery and happy
    Like the one's from fairy tales..

    So closing the chapter of his ruined childhood
    He began to write a new story, this time
    Him being the author of his life now,
    Not in anyone's control, creating
    one's own role, with him being the protagonist
    Of his story now , with sparkling hopes
    he is busy inking and decorating his story
    With aesthetic sonnets and soulful haykus,
    Creating one's own happy endings now

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sparkles09_ 1w

    "No one's property
    honey, I am my own possession