I can't help falling in love with me ����❤

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  • sowhatnattynuts 2d

    Any GOT fans out there
    You guys know very well
    What to say when death arrives
    "NOT TODAY "

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    Dear readers

    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    Stay in home
    And avoid the death's call
    I hope its not to much to ask for?

  • sowhatnattynuts 2d

    No dobut humans are emotional creatures
    Every individual is a disguise teacher
    Through every biological phase
    We laugh, we cry, slow down, and go high
    Those droplets of immaturity taught us
    How the bucket of maturity looks like
    When we get into this brand new life
    Entering in this new city,
    as we hit the puberty
    Now what we found
    Isn't worth for what we loose
    Life puts you in a phase
    Between a fake smile and smile
    To choose
    Even though in both the case you have loose,
    The only thing you can do,
    Is to minimize the complexity you're into
    To pay for what it's worth, because there's
    A silver lining after this hurt

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    Fake a smile
    And be hard on yourself
    Create your smile
    And love yourself

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    Gone is gone

    Things that matter
    Dosen't Matter anymore
    Those pecies that scatter
    Can't be gather anymore
    What's gone is gone
    Now, it's not your concern anymore


  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    Live it

    The beauty of each ,
    and every happening moment
    Is to live it
    Before the time pass by

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    Ever since a kid was born a soul full of creativity, boldness, enthusiasm ,dreams and a basket full of wishes,
    He started the schooling, simultaneously weaving his job of dreams, but that little soul never know, the more he try to prove for the less he have to show,
    And that he have to carry this heavy load of alpha ,beta, gama as he grow, just for the sake of society he never show,
    It's not their fault that they see quantity not quality because, humans are robotic machine don't you know!..
    He wasn't even came out from his cocoon
    That society start feeding him iit table spoon
    Because humans are robotic machine don't you know!
    Restrictions upon restrictions
    That manipulate him to choose the wrong decision
    Thanks to society for this depression
    Which will haunt him till the conclusion
    That's why
    Humans are robotic machine don't you know!
    Even though article 10 allows freedom of expression
    But still he lives in suppression
    You know the reason why
    Because human are robotic machine don't you know!

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    Don't you know

    Humans, are no longer humans
    But ,robots making machines

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    We all are intensely extraordinary philosophers in disguise, but some mostly never bother to express in normal days except when you come across a choking heartbreak , and it's interesting about the fact how contrasting thoughts we share that even the one who actually did the wrong feel that I'm the real victim.

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    Dear love

    It's so amusing the way definition of love
    Varies from one heart break to another
    And it's funny how eventually when earth swallow the sun
    You sit along with you're building philosophy
    That even Shakespeare would have
    Replace gratiano with you
    But what's true is by the end it's you

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    So they started this book of happily forever after
    Without your permission,
    And left in between, again
    Without your permission,
    You little happy soul
    Surrender the only heart to them, completely as whole
    Now looking for a meaing to this story untold
    Left with suspense, half empty and cold
    Listen you little happy soul this is your story
    You owe
    It's your responsibility to complete it and show
    Let this baby plant grow
    And let the world know
    The value of this gem
    Which they will discover

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    A gem

    You don't get to know
    How precious a gem is
    Until unless you discover it's worth

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    So you see

    Today may look like a handful of sand
    But think of the upcoming
    Tomorrow's castle

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    Little do u hold

    Little things you endeavor to hold on
    More than the pull of gravity
    Still slip away
    Is an indication
    To empty the cage

  • sowhatnattynuts 2w

    Know your worth

    The real worth of a painting
    Can be only known to the one who made it
    And so do
    How worthy, and precious you are
    Yes you
    Can be only known by the one who had created you, gently sculpted you with love and compassion
    And trust me if he created you
    Means your special
    You're original which cannot be replaced