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  • sowhatnattynuts 2d

    We learn to grow
    The moment
    We learn to let go

  • sowhatnattynuts 1w

    What matters

    You are enough, but they say you're not
    So you try to dig in, just to get yourself fit in
    You keep running behind, begging them to be kind
    Letting you're worth by them define
    Isolating yourself in the statement " I'm good, I'm fine"
    That's not kind
    Even if they say no, the truth can't be changed you worth more
    Even if they ignore, the truth can't be changed how perfect you glow
    Even if they don't add you, the truth can't be changed, that you don't really need them
    As you're strong and independent
    You choose not to pretend
    You choose not to be one of them
    Why you should care, when eventually they're not be there
    When you'll be by you're own
    What matters you
    Do you like you?

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    3 am conversation

    For some that 3am conversation
    Ends with a big fat smile
    And for some that 3am conversation
    Ends with a big fat droplets from eyes
    That's the contrast of life

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    3 am

    It's 3 am again
    Our conversation are not the same
    You said I'm changed
    Little do you know before you blame
    Maybe you're acting a little strange
    In both our hearts it rains, that
    You evoke the sudden silence
    With " sun na.. together we laughed and cried,
    I Never thought, this hello will someday
    Scatter down us"

    "With our hardest goodbye na"
    I said
    It's been an hour we didn't spoke
    But I could sense how badly to you our silence choke
    There are a thousand memories you wanted to recall
    But eventually before you speak a word I cut the call

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    What's more scarier than
    Watching something, somebody this close yet so far
    And the fact ,that it is a fact which cannot be changed

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    Remember those vibrations you got
    When that person place or Thing
    You dream about
    Is next to you, but ten feet apart
    Watching this
    You scattered down again so hard
    Knowing the only fact
    You can't break those barriers in-between
    Yet you can listen to those conversations unseen
    Yet you can listen to
    "Tune jo na kaha Mein wo sunta raha"

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    Remember the phase
    accepting the reality
    Compromising your dream
    You learn to grow up

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    Thousand mile

    Imagin yourself driving by some unknown routes
    Followed by those silent woods
    Right inside, a suv with open roof
    Bide with your favorite Playlist Where the sunlight diffuse
    A plenty of thoughts crashing in your mind
    When you look at those sprinting forest of pine
    Where the sky above you gives a big fat smile
    While the road behind you wishes you goodbye as your eyes fell beside, you pause for a while
    He glance at you saying "hey kya hua" shifting the gear and smile
    You smile back "kuch nahi" and slightly lean towards his side
    He lean down slightly next to your side
    Being not worried about destination
    Or hurried about time
    Thats how you covered in depts of nature a thousand mile

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    Relationship are just like a plant
    You decide to grow
    And it's span depends upon
    The amount of water you let in flow

  • sowhatnattynuts 4w

    In our busy rollercoaster life we come across many jump scars but the scariest one is when the conversion of somebody from known becomes somebody who's unknown you could feel the coldness ,even when there're close ,yet you feel ten feet apart from them maybe they aren't the same, or they think you're changed, you lock plenty of tears instead your heart just because you afraid to be apart, but little do you know you are special which they still not discover and by the time when you're gone they got to realize the essence of your bond

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    Dear somebody

    I smile, to make you feel good
    I cried within, to hide me tears deep inside wood
    I cares for you, but you never understood
    Still i keep doing as much as I could

    I kept quite, so that you can speak
    I ignore you're mistakes, so that you'll not weep
    I was hurted, but i didn't expressed it
    But if I argu with you, you'll not agree it

    Everyone one loves you, because of your fame
    But I love you, even your name
    You keep running behind those fade stars
    Who will invite you someday, as enemies in bars

    Just because of fame
    You choose the wrong lane
    I make you understand
    But you left me as always you do, but a day you will realise and regret to loose me, cause I'm the one who stood by you

    Even with your infinite mistakes
    And all you're apologizes retake

    Soon a day will come
    I'll be gone, gone far away
    And then you'll understand
    My importance in your every single day

  • sowhatnattynuts 10w

    Everybody wants happiness
    Everybody deserve happiness
    But it's not easy to follow the track of happiness
    Without facing darkness
    Even the rainbow that's pleases our eyes
    Is the result of rain we face
    Be kind enough to forgive
    Be stupid enough to make mistakes
    Be sensitive enough to feel the pain
    Be innocent enough to fall in love
    But don't be dumb enough to look back
    Because if you forgot about your story,
    While reading someone else
    You'll be stuck on their pages forever