collecting my thoughts helps my day to be alittle brighter.

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  • soundsofsaddness41 1w

    Myself and I

    Today I brushed your hair.
    I picked out most your clothes.
    Even though your words, ran on and on,
    I took the time to hear and know.
    I realized you are funny,
    And I laughed until I cried.
    You have a lot of my favorite things,
    Between us, you and I.
    I don't like the way your foolhardy,
    Then tell people that your smart.
    No matter what presents itself,
    It never sways your broken heart.
    I still love you though, because I am you,
    A mosaic work of art.

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w


    E m p o w e r

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    My heart sighs, my eyes cry, but there's never a moment, when time subsides.

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    Dark Ages

    Baitoushan volcano bursts,
    Mahmud of ghazni in India?
    Vikings arrive in North America.
    Duncan I of Scotland slayed.
    The battle of hasting starts,
    The Byzantine empire falls apart.
    The Ghana empire breaks up,
    Compilation, of a doomsday, book.
    El Cid conquers Valencia,
    First crusade captures Jarusalem.
    Era of violent turbulence.

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    Miss scissor

    You tuck me away,
    I am too sharp for you.
    We never seem to run together,
    You only use me when something's new.
    Of course I am there to help you.
    You can't always cut everything out.
    Keep it together.
    Smooth edges all about.
    I feel exhausted.

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    Let the fun begin

    I am standing by a creek bed,
    On a rocky cliff, about midday.
    I watch other people swim, having fun,
    I am ready to get in but pause.
    What if the water is too cold?
    What if there's rocks when jumping in?
    Pushing the thoughts aside I jump inside.

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    Sun's grounded rainbow

    Catch the sun's rays.
    With pollen locked inside,
    To make more flowers, in the ground's

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    To ere

    Love is knowing when
    And if your

  • soundsofsaddness41 2w

    Put it in the oven for baby and I

    Devil's food cake iced
    Your laughter fills the kitchen,
    You clean, I don't mind.

  • soundsofsaddness41 3w

    Our World

    I see a clock and every hour,
    A timer is set.
    Every time you eat is marked,
    All meals the same beget.
    I see pods like dark voids for sleep,
    Blackening your eyelids,
    Hybernation tanks for resting.
    No dreams, time just skips.
    I see timers for bathing and clothes,
    Everyone's are the same,
    Same soaps and no colors.
    Everyone shares the same name.
    When timers aren't sounding,
    Everyone's stares at the clock.
    No talking, reading, or learning,
    Just mundane tasks by tick tock.