collecting my thoughts helps my day to be alittle brighter.

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  • soundsofsaddness41 1h

    Heat it up

    Summer sun is here,
    Time to spend some time in it.
    Live life without fear.

  • soundsofsaddness41 2d


    Waves break but waters fall...
    Becomes the

  • soundsofsaddness41 3d

    Canvas sky

    The morning sun rises,
    Dragging colors upon it's wake,
    Dipping clouds in paint.

  • soundsofsaddness41 3d

    Looking up

    Kick forward,
    Pull back,
    When I was young I imagined I could fly,
    On a swing set looking at the sky.
    Kick forward,
    Pull back,
    Now Jump.

  • soundsofsaddness41 5d

    Dearest Pets,
    I went outside then I saw the warm sun beaming down on me from the sky, felt the shade cooling trees, and walked on real dirt under my feet. Don't worry I'll clean your cage when I get home.
    Thinking of you,

  • soundsofsaddness41 5d

    Organizing time?

    1. Wipe away the Hawaiian blues from a lethargic gecko.
    2. Transform a canopy into a colorful luxury suite.
    3. Covert a cold box, into organized stocks.
    4. Wash .... Wash.. and then wash.
    5. Trim down the very green loose and tangled locks.
    That doesn't seem like much.

  • soundsofsaddness41 1w

    Memory in Movements

    Remember me as a time when brains out weighed instinct. When learning something new, was all you needed to see you through. A time when what was in front of your face, was taken as fact, not superstitious heresy. Pushing movements and uncovering hidden tendency's of the body you own. Taking responsibility for your world, not drowning in it, emotionally. Holding your own hand, heart, and head. The most beautiful thing in this world was always with you without you even knowing it. No matter how many times life fades in and out new pictures this one thing doesn't change for me.

  • soundsofsaddness41 1w

    Rise of a Civil Rights Leader

    A letter from Birmingham jail the Gettysburg address.

    Sometimes in our darkest days,
    When all is lost, you can't be saved.
    Take out a pen and paper, etching out words, believe that one day it can change.

    North and south were fighting during the civil war and words held consequences.
    Sometimes even prison terms, at that time, a letter traveled past the fences.

    A man we all know well you see him once a year on your wall, on the calendar.
    Wrote part of the Gettysburg address, right inside his prison, Martin Luther King Jr.

    Those words moved many people even the president Abraham Lincoln.
    He helped us win the war and gave slaves back their freedom.

    So next time you see a letter as something that can cause the heart to be swayed.
    Remember the one that was written that helped our world to change.

  • soundsofsaddness41 1w

    Childhood Book Sequels

    The successful samplings of Sam I am,
    Of the plate with green eggs and ham.
    In book two, he sold a few then changed to blue,
    They found out it was only food coloring nothing new.

  • soundsofsaddness41 1w

    Childhood Book Sequels

    Poor Minneapolis Simpkins,
    Opts for a mouse to comfort her kitten.
    Convinced no monsters this time for me,
    The book ends up a discovery channel disaster story.