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  • soundshack 78w

    Wake up call

    Planet earth a wake up call
    In your buildings tall and plenty
    Rich and poor same card life’s dealt ye
    A little bug so microscopic around the world it is the topic
    No one now is out of reach is this the end that gospels preach
    Time for us to slow things down the lord alone can ware his crown
    In a world that food is plenty the rich are full the poor are empty
    Life for us is put on hold how we act new futures told
    So the greedy now have acted across the world the have reacted
    Thinking of there basic needs sowing now the seeds of greed
    Just remember in gods plan help each other as we can
    So today I ask you think humanity wiped out in a blink
    So tomorrow when you wake a different path you must take
    Give to all that has the needs cast away the seeds of greed

    Thomas Lennon 18/03/2020


  • soundshack 97w

    Vivid dream

    Awakened from a vivid dream
    by the sounds of distant screams
    In a world where kids know hunger
    people die now even younger
    Many leave the world by choice
    as it seems we’ve lost our voice
    Greed and rage are common place
    in our so called human race
    Hesitation held me back
    as my mind fell through the cracks
    I’ve held the gun that I had loaded
    and pulled the trigger as it exploded
    Bewitched by luck or just blind fate
    I then woke up and feeling great
    Awakened from a vivid dream
    by the sound of distant screams
    In a world where kids know hunger
    people die now even younger
    Many leave the world by choice
    as it seems we’ve lost our voice
    Greed and rage now fill our days
    in the end it’s us that pays
    What ever happened to human kindness
    death it seems is here to blind us
    In his grasp I pulled away
    and I fight back to light the way
    So if you’re blinded by my light
    join with me and fight this fight

    Thomas Lennon 04/11/19

  • soundshack 130w

    Keep Fighting

    In the depths of my despair I lost the will to even care
    Struggle was a daily strife I contemplated with this life
    The up’s where high the downs where lower life for me it seems was slower
    Battles raged within my head I often wished that I was dead
    Fortunately the devil lost the Price you pay it has a cost
    Mental health is such a struggle between two lives you have to juggle
    People see but do they care they look at you and even stare
    Now the battle that seems like ages inside me still it often rages
    But it seems I’ve come to grips my mind it seems no longer slips
    For all who struggle with their past I beg of you to hold on fast
    The storm will pass just give it time I should know I’m over mine
    If by chance you need a hand just reach out and you’ll be grand
    The system that they have in place it worked for me you won’t lose face
    If the journey your just starting fight for life before departing

    Thomas Lennon 24/03/19

  • soundshack 131w

    My Friends

    Mentally I’m now prepared
    for way to long I’ve been distracted
    so much so I’ve been retracted
    Casting off my winter skin
    time has come for me to win
    No more in the shadows standing
    my brain is coming in for landing
    Back to earth again once more
    time has come to recharge my core
    Summer sun I long to soak
    my winter friends has been a joke
    Depression and anxiety
    had the hardest grip on me
    Feeling good to shed it’s skin
    as my life’s been warring thin
    Troubled times can get you down
    constant on your face a frown
    With you now I share my joy
    the stories of a village boy
    Please be sure to stay in touch
    as in summer I won’t write much
    But know this I hold you dear
    when I was ill you where always here
    Thank you now for your support
    I will be back to report

    Thomas Lennon 14/03/19

  • soundshack 132w


    I lay here in my bed and listen
    the rain outside in downpours pissing
    To listen hard you hear each drop
    it seems it’s never going to stop
    Thinking now of those outside
    I hope they find a place to hide
    Years ago now thinking back
    in the woods I found a shack
    Who ever built it done it well
    I think they lived there for a spell
    In the conner was a fire
    across the top a hanging wire
    Just outside a stack of tins
    they used to hold now beans and things
    Strange the feelings that you get
    to think that people lost respect
    They look at homeless on the street
    fighting hard to even eat
    They look at them as if there trash
    they turn their heads and just walk past
    The trouble with the world today
    for basic needs you have to pay
    So much wasted food is binned
    the truth be told I’ve often sinned
    So tomorrow when you wake
    think of those you now forsake

    Thomas Lennon 10/03/19

  • soundshack 132w

    Love Revaluation

    In my head there is a pain
    upon my life there’s been much strain
    Slowly as my life has changed
    inside my head I’ve been deranged
    Mostly days I sit and mope
    with mental health I cannot cope
    Evaluated then you drop
    wishing that the pain would stop
    Around the globe you know my struggle
    with mental health you also juggle
    Product of an unjust world
    wars are raged and words get hurled
    Revaluation love is needed
    to the planet we must feed it
    Every time I close my eyes
    I think of all the souls that dies
    Lost the battle with the fight
    mental health they kept it quite
    Now it’s time to make a stand
    reaching out to hold your hand
    So with me together share
    let’s show this world that we still care
    A revaluation now of love
    gifted from the gods above
    To show me that you truly care
    my humble words I hope you share

    Thomas Lennon 08/03/19

  • soundshack 132w


    Broken bits inside we mend
    but to the world we try pretend
    that there’s nothing that needs mending
    Slowly now our world is ending
    around us life keeps fading out
    We have a vision of our making
    but life is harder that we’re aging
    In our youth we took on quests
    we proudly walked with outed chests
    Now the game is always changing
    our brittle bones and muscles fading
    The tide has come and washed away
    time has come for you to pay
    Broken bits inside we mend
    slowly now we’ve lost our friends
    We see the visions from our past
    memories from our souls now cast
    In the future light is fading
    it’s seems our doom there’s no evading
    Broken bits inside we mend
    but to the world we try pretend

    Thomas Lennon 08/03/19

  • soundshack 132w

    Sleepless Nights

    Random now my life appears
    trouble sleeping with night fears
    Underneath my blankets tucked
    but inside my mind is fucked
    Many years of drink and drugs
    from my body my brains unplugged
    Now they travel different paths
    further now in darkness cast
    A multitude of twisted visions
    inside my brain it’s like a prism
    Futures tangled with the past
    memories flowing thick and fast
    Random now my life appears
    I have struggled now for years
    As I lay here in my bed
    my body can’t control my head
    Tired and weary I’ve become
    at the seams I’ve come undone
    Many years of pain and pleasure
    it’s to hard to even measure
    Tangled in this twisted web
    with strings attached inside my head
    Pulling them some puppet master
    the visions come now even faster
    Random now my life appears
    I’ve filled my pillows with my tears
    Crying as I cannot sleep
    not a wink no not a peep

    Thomas Lennon 06/03/19

  • soundshack 134w


    Bouncing round inside my head
    all the words that you once said
    It’s a puzzle of my past
    the pictures that my mind holds fast
    Gathering up the tiny pieces
    in the darkness my soul reaches
    Forming pitchers now with sound
    this feeling now is so profound
    The human mind that often struggles
    the information that it juggles
    Far beyond the understanding
    the mind it seems can be outstanding
    We put a man upon the moon
    with plans to visit mars real soon
    Yet it’s power just lays untapped
    inside our skull it seems it’s trapped
    Freedom from its outer coil
    growing now on Irish soil
    Liberty cap as it’s known best
    eat them and receive your quest
    Traveling on a higher plane
    there visions can be quite insane
    I for one have seen
    the vision of the higher beings
    A future now that’s oh so bright
    a place where no one needs to fight
    But don’t take my word for it
    time for you to take a trip
    When September comes around
    they pop up now from the ground
    Liberty is what they bring
    free your mind and let it sing

    Thomas Lennon 25/02/19

  • soundshack 134w

    Finding Rhythm

    Transported now my fragile mind
    disconnected pause rewind
    Searching through my memory banks
    looking for a space left blank
    Random as this task may seem
    it’s where I lost my biggest dream
    In this moment of space time
    there’s a rhythm that’s divine
    Bouncing beats beyond your grasp
    I’m searching in my futures past
    Moments lost we seldom find
    I’ve paused my life and hit rewind
    Transported to my wildest dreams
    to find my rhythm now it seems
    On a higher vision quest
    I won’t return I cannot rest
    The futures looming in my past
    my music I must share it fast
    Time it seems is running out
    the human race has caused me doubts
    Killing seems to never stop
    all your weapons you must drop
    The countdown now it’s progressing
    so the world I’m now addressing
    Listen to this funky beat
    as my rhyme it’s not unique
    Mother Nature now is warning
    in the form of global warming
    If you’re reading press rewind
    your love for nature you can find

    Thomas Lennon 24/02/19