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  • sounakpatra 10w


    So beautiful and so bright!

    So deep, yet so light!

    So hard, yet so soft!

    Red is not just a color, it's an emotion.

    It's the color of love, it's the color of danger!

    It's the color of confidence!

    It's the color of flames, showing strength and power!

    It's the color that bleeds when we are hurt!

    It's the color of the roses, the most beautiful flower!

    It's the color that changes the personality of a person once worn..

    It's the color of the wild flowers, and of the cherries..

    It's the color of the face filled with anger and the courage to win!

    It's the color of the lava, flowing down the volcanoes, turning everything into ashes that it touches!

    It's the color of the lips, the gun shooting words! It can make or break just anything..

    It's the color of the dress of the girl, who'll someday be the queen of her world! Going against all odds..

    It's the color of the eyes of the beast, so dangerous, yet so magnificent!

    It’s the color of the heart, where we keep all our secrets and wishes, forbidden and unheard!

    It's the color of life, a color which everyone loves..

    So simple yet having a million hidden feelings!

    It's the color that can change the world.



  • sounakpatra 11w


    Fallen into the trap!
    Your name flowing inside my veins..
    Trying to free myself from the iron cage!
    Breaking away from the shackles and chains.
    Starting life on a brand new page.
    Running away from the past!
    Bursting out into golden flames.

  • sounakpatra 12w


    On a dark night by the moonlight,
    She'd always find her way out, she'd always strive,
    She'd always win her fight!
    Once, twice, thrice!
    She'd keep acing, she'd rise to the highest of the heights!
    With the bravery of that of a tiger!
    She'd never give up, she's a known fighter!
    Face so red with anger and eyes full of power!
    Like a thunderbolt, her spirits are never diminished!
    She has no limits!
    Her story will always be unfinished.

  • sounakpatra 12w

    Blue Eyes

    So many emotions they can hold, so many stories they can tell!
    I can see the whole universe inside them.
    Those wrinkles by them when you smile, hiding the tears that fell!
    And the way you play with them, you'd always win your game.
    Sparkling and mysterious, those eyes can kill anyone!
    So fierce yet so innocent!
    The feelings shot by them, like bullets from a gun!
    Like a piece of art, made so beautifully,
    Blue and so magnificent!
    Does it sound impossible?
    If I say I can stare at them forever, happily!

  • sounakpatra 12w

    The Diary!

    It was a brand new diary,
    Waiting to be filled with pictures and stories.
    So many incidents, sweet and scary!
    Lines full of mysteries.
    A story full of dreams and wishes, so unrevealed and unheard!
    Moments so surprising, some happy some sad.
    Penning down the journey in this world.
    Just one chance, let's make it nothing but the best someone ever had.


  • sounakpatra 12w


    I cry remembering the way we used to laugh together.
    On a rainy day, staring through the window, I dream about you.
    I'll remember you for a lifetime, for a forever!


  • sounakpatra 12w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Crystal

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    Tear drop crystal

  • sounakpatra 12w


    Beautiful flowers blossoming, colourful butterflies dancing around.
    Trees dancing in tune with the cool breeze and the cuckoo singing.
    Nature has so many gifts, so many surprises to be found.
    It was Spring, and life was at it's best, so wonderfully blooming.

  • sounakpatra 12w

    Be yourself!

    They'll laugh, but you aren't weak!
    You're beautiful, you're strong.
    They may call you names,
    But remember, you're different.
    You aren't wrong!
    Show your strength, be fierce..
    Have the spark in your eyes,
    Shine bright like the burning flames.
    Don't think that your life's a mess,
    Happiness comes and goes..
    So does sadness..
    Someday you'll have wings,
    You're gonna fly high...
    Your loved ones will always be there..
    Your enemies looking at you bloom..
    dear, they gonna cry ...
    So don't be scared to fall down,
    Be powerful, face all your fears..
    Things change, life's a gift and everyday is a surprise...

  • sounakpatra 12w

    Heart's Threshold

    I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss you.
    Since the first day I met you, I had a million dreams..
    But chances of them being true were very few..
    You may not see me the way I see you,
    But now, after so many days..
    I know you, better than anyone else.
    I'm not hoping for anything new.
    I gave my heart to you, and you broke it into a million pieces,
    So close to you, yet I feel so far,
    I wish for nothing but to hug you tight, and hold you near..
    You made my life so colourful, but now that you left, it's all so grey...
    I wish I could tell you everything, but now I don't understand, don't know what to say