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  • soumyaa_ 163w

    I fall in love too much.
    Too easily, just like that.

    With the boy in the library, flipping fingers through a copy of Shakespeare drama,
    Or the one who smiles at me every time I enter my German classes.
    The guy with the chiseled jaw line who talks about theory of stoicism in the gym as I nod along
    Or the tall guy in the canteen who covers for my tea every time I leave my purse at home.
    Or the one who smells of Cigarettes, and coffees, and old books.
    I fall in love with what they might be. Could be.
    The kind who laughs at me crying over a movie or the one who secretly cries in a corner.
    The kind that gives me a nickname or calls me by my last name?

    I fall in love like this. With strangers, with possibilities. With abandon, stupidity. With hope. With the unknown.

    I fall in love too much. Too easily. But may be you do too. May be, we all do.


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  • soumyaa_ 173w

    Today, I witnessed a conversation between a beautiful lady from the South India and my Hindi Professor. 

    She wanted her son to learn Hindi within ten days, so that she can enroll him in a Hindi storytelling competition. 

    Sensing the remote possiblities of this, my professor explained her how simply cramming some random Hindi words can hamper his interest in Hindi, thereby harming his future possibilities of learning the language. 

    Despite this, the lady decided to continue with the decision as she wanted her son to outwin her friend's son. 

    Sitting in the corner, I looked into the innocent, dreamy eyes of the 7-year - old which were observing a beautiful piece of art on the wall, with his fingers tracing every inch of it, as if he wanted to absorb the art within himself.
    Standing close to him, I asked him what he wants to do as a grown up. Chuckling, he replied he wants to be an artist.  

    I wondered why we're all running this race against time. Trying to achieve more than we can, constantly.
    Be it anything- seeking jobs, finding love, forming families. 
    We are in a race. Against our loved ones, against the world, against our abilities, against ourselves.

    If moving is what matters, why are we running? Why can't we walk with our own pace? 

    We are not rockets, we do not need to launch.
    We are humans, we need to evolve.

    " Bye didi ", he said, waving and breaking my reverie. 

    I smiled and waved to the to-be IIT embryo.

    © soumyabansal


    The lines within the astricks were said by my Sociolinguistics Professor today.

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    We are not rockets, we do not need to launch.
    We are humans, we need to evolve.

  • soumyaa_ 174w

    Dear Goat,

    As the men of my country are being accused, there are certain questions I'd like to put forth.

    What were you doing out so late alone in the night?
    You goats have to understand that if you aren't with your owners, you seem AVAILABLE. You goat these days lack basic manners, or more aptly put, SANSKAR.

    Also, WHY ON THIS EARTH would you go around being naked?
    How is the sight of your uncovered genitals, supposed to NOT seduce the poor innocent men?
    And if you were so against it, why did you not refer to any of the men as " Bhaiya's "? They would've stopped right then.

    Clearly, there was rape scenario, and you walked into it.
    It's your fault. You wanted it. You deserved it.

    It's just another false rape case.
    Courthouse are brimming with such cases already.
    Get over it, goats.
    Stop this goatism, and pseudo- goatism.

    A proud Indian

    Ps: you were pregnant, ie, no longer a virgin. So what difference could this possibly make?! ... pfft

    PSS: Accept it, you enjoyed it.

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  • soumyaa_ 187w


    Pic credits: @jo_ji_arts , Instagram.
    This guy is one of the best digital artist I've come across.

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  • soumyaa_ 187w

    To the sky

    I walked past the park the other day.
    At dusk.
    And I saw that tree.
    The one against which I pinned and kissed you for the very first time.
    The forest was empty. And the air was still.
    Yet the leaves of that tree were rustling.

    And I swear, I just knew that in some alternate universe, you were still running with reckless abandon, laughing your belly laugh, with your hair falling down and serving as a cue for the night to fall, with mischief in you jet black eternity like eyes.
    You were shouting my name, daring me to catch you quick or else you might fly to the sky.

    I hesitated for a moment, smiled and then carried on walking.

    Wherever you are, my sparrow, I hope you reach the sky.


  • soumyaa_ 187w

    Binge watch this movie.
    Like now.

    October- Sheer perfection.

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  • soumyaa_ 188w

    Take me back to the day we met

    To nervous eyes,
    To stammered voice
    To stolen glances
    To coy advances.

    Take me back to the evening thereafter

    To nonchalant smiles.
    To rose tinted miles.
    To an affinity bizarre
    To the blanket of stars

    Take me back to the sinful night

    To quickened heartbeats
    To intoxicating whiff
    To blazing desires
    To passion on fire

    Take me back to the day you left

    To broken promises
    To the deafening silence
    To stubborn tears
    To the painful numbness


  • soumyaa_ 190w

    You'll be in our prayers.

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    A Hindu was shamed; A Muslim was blamed
    Killed in a temple; died in a Mosque
    Burqa was retrieved; Saree was found

    Humanity died a slow death