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  • soulsearching123 13w

    The truths hidden beneath stones. Like treasures in the sands, hollowed out for no one to own.
    The hallowed grounds we tread, filled with secrets, in borrowed lies we trade instead.
    Comforts of not knowing, the darkness that lays ahead.

  • soulsearching123 19w

    Some days we place our thoughts in baskets for all to see.
    Some days we bury our thoughts in tears.
    And some other days, we roll our eyes to sleep, as we bury our thoughts in grief.
    Yet still, the world goes round and round, and all we can do, is hope our dreams aren't merely waves, drowned in the deep blue sea.

  • soulsearching123 24w


    Did you see me as you walked through the shadows of your own memories?
    I was there hiding in the deep crevices of your heart.
    You once held me close in the dusty attic of your mind.
    If you search ever so tenderly, you might get a glimpse of me, in your tears.
    Im there, in the fog of your dreams, sitting quietly.

  • soulsearching123 38w

    Are you alright? I'm Just wondering.
    Was walking by, and thought I would ask.
    I know you're invisible. You dont feel right.
    Im invisible too. I see you. Are you alright?
    I know you think no one notices as they walk by. I see you.I try. Are you alright?
    I know you get lonely nights.
    The days feel like you cant escape. I know theres so much inside. You feel naked while fully draped.
    I know.
    Im hoping, youre alright.

  • soulsearching123 43w

    There is no cure for lonely hearts, while Love heals brittle bones.
    Finding it, is like treasure buried beneath the ruins of an old abandoned city.
    The stars play flickering tricks, while the moon struggles behind the clouds.
    Bleak nights give way to dawn's light.

  • soulsearching123 49w

    Rusty tin can

    Neon lights echo brazenly. Flickering and shiny,breaking through the thickest storms.
    The people bow to fallacies while truth arises like black smoke, disappearing in a misty breeze.
    Placing it, replacing it but not actually caring for it, yet aiming to change its form
    Kicking it squeezing it kneading it, holding it all, forcing it to conform.
    Truth that nasty thing, unyielding and stubborn. A Rusty tin can, tired and worn.
    These days, truth be told, hard to come by, surely not the norm.

  • soulsearching123 49w

    Sign of the times

    Silence becomes a protest when words fail.
    Shouting mocks the darkness, whilst solace yearns, to no avail.
    The weak follow, while heroes prevail.
    The fool falls under the yoke. His face burns in anger, whilst his resolve, blends into a veil.
    Hiding under a cot, the mouse grows weary. His prize cheese, stale.

  • soulsearching123 49w

    Shadows in the rain

    There are masks we wear to hide from fear.
    Then there are masks we wear to hide the pain.
    But only the most honest moments, are shadows in the rain.

  • soulsearching123 51w

    Illogical Fear

    If 6 feet works, then why the mask? If masks work, why the 6 feet?
    It's ok if you're clustered together if your family, but you must maintain "social distancing" when you're with strangers or in public? Why?
    Because Coron@ understands the difference between family and strangers.
    We live in a world of fiction based on illogical nonsense.
    Someone actually wanted me to wear a mask whilst in a pool.
    Why? Because apparently COVEY learned to swim and is now immune to chlorine.
    Where is the bottom on this utter stupidity?

  • soulsearching123 73w

    And the moon shined its softness on the torrents, like a maestro leading the chorus.
    And we slept knowing, that there was a light that shined.
    Shined through, even in a deep,thick, forest.
    We smiled at the calmness, for it was surely, glorious.