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  • soulmuser 1w

    P H O E N I X

    You are a phoenix,
    fly high
    no matter what
    burns you down.
    Rising from the ashes,
    day by day.


  • soulmuser 38w


    If only the sky were green and
    Open fields grew thick with blue
    Clouds passed by in orange and yellow
    People stood skin clothed colored in rainbows
    Would we still see in black and white
    Always moving toward our favourite color
    Would we still compromise with
    shades in between
    Try and paint pictures we've never seen

  • soulmuser 46w


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    ज़िंदगी के इम्तहान में, और भी शिकवे है गुजरने को
    ज़ाया करते हो ना वक़्त यूं ही, कब तक?

  • soulmuser 46w

    You are like a song

    Play your music

    Through me

    Living sounds

    Through every note

    From violent rhythms

    That roll like thunder

    And lightening speed

    That lights up the world

    To quiet gentle melodies

    Like drops of rain

    Dripping off autumn leaves

    Your sound is flawless perfection

    I find You in the song

    You find me in the breath I sing.

  • soulmuser 46w


    I shall fly
    To my destined journey
    When the morning sun rises
    Free from the claws of darkness

  • soulmuser 46w

    Make sure your strength
    doesn't make others feel weak.

  • soulmuser 47w

    E P I P H A N Y

    The wasp has many "stings".
    The bee has one.
    The wasp can afford to be careless.
    The bee knows what to give it's life for.

  • soulmuser 47w

    In this forced stillness,
    We can plant gardens within.
    We can ask ourselves questions
    We can fight our demons
    and that is perhaps the sound
    we all hear in the atmosphere.

    We are a broken world
    We have screwed each other over
    We have killed our earth,
    and we've all been sent to our rooms
    to think about it.

    When we have done our time
    and we can finally come out,
    I hope we can, at very least, say 'I'm sorry'
    and be given the chance to start again.

  • soulmuser 47w

    R E S T E D
    W A R R I O R

    Still your head warrior
    Lay down to rest
    Quietly sit
    Take in deep breaths
    Of tranquil trees
    Set your gaze
    Upon evergreen leaves
    Let them soothe
    Your weary soul
    As waves of peace
    Roll over you
    Crystal calm
    With gentle healing touch
    Grow strong
    For the day will come
    When you will rise
    To fight once more.

  • soulmuser 47w

    Puts wings
    To my flight
    Renewing hope to run