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  • soulfultalks 5w

    This Diwali,
    I wish you health, prosperity and love
    I wish you eat sweets, smile more, have peace at your heart
    I wish you to stay a child at heart
    I also wish you to grow as a person.
    This Diwali, I pray for you to smile everyday.
    This Diwali I wish you the best possible blessings in the world.
    Happy Diwali ❤

    - Somya Joshi -

  • soulfultalks 18w

    Hey there!

    What we have or had is so precious. Let's keep that fresh. I offer my hand this day to continue this friendship. If it has faded away let's clear it out.

    Happy Friendship day to you ❤
    Please let me know how have things been lately, I am all ears.

    Kyuki teri haar meri haar teri jeet meri jeet aisa apna pyar

    Somya Joshi

  • soulfultalks 39w

    By unknown writer

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    Happy Women's Day

    पिता की उलझनों को देखने से लेकर
    भाई से लड़ने के बाद भी पीठ पीछे उसे बचाना
    पति की थकान से लेकर उसके बोझ में सांझी बनना
    माँ के दुःख से लेकर उसकी मुस्कान का ध्यान रखना
    दुनिया से हक़ के लिए लड़ते लड़ते रो देना
    फिर सुबह मुस्कुरा उठना और घर की रौनक बन जाना
    तुम इतनी काबिल कैसे हो,
    तुम नारी कैसे हो

    इस महिला दिवस आप सबकी काबिलियत को सलाम
    आपकी मेहनत, जज़्बे और हर त्याग को सलाम। ❤

    - Somya Joshi -

  • soulfultalks 40w

    थोड़ी दूर निकल जाओ तुम भी अब,
    थोड़ी दूर निकल आयी हूँ मैं।
    अलग अलग ही सही बारिश में भीग लेते हैं,
    धूप में खड़े खड़े काफि चीज़ें जल सी गयी हैं।


  • soulfultalks 49w

    Lost a job or got a new one?
    Lost the love of your life or got the right one?
    The passed things stay in the past, let them not haunt you.
    Make new and more savage mistakes this year. Go where your heart takes.
    Do not waste counting years by resolutions, live them.
    Happy 2021

    With love

  • soulfultalks 56w

    To all those who are away from home,
    I know how empty it feels from inside
    When you're making everything look perfect
    You're being so cheerful and happy
    But all you want at this moment is
    The dishes mom made this Diwali,
    The new showpieces Papa bought,
    Those homely people living with you,
    The warmth of their hugs,
    The coziness in those eyes,
    The verandah awaiting the colors of Rangoli.


  • soulfultalks 69w

    लू भी चलती थी तो बादे-शबा कहते थे,
    पांव फैलाये अंधेरो को दिया कहते थे,
    उनका अंजाम तुझे याद नही है शायद,
    और भी लोग थे जो खुद को खुदा कहते थे।

    - राहत इंदौरी

  • soulfultalks 83w

    Would you be like the scorching sun of June,
    Or like the fading moon of monsoon,
    The cherry on top of a cake,
    Or the strong morning caffeine mom makes,
    The sweet memory of heart,
    Or the bitter truth that guards,
    The smile that shies away,
    Or the laughter that will forever stay,
    Would you be the one you are,
    Or the one that life wants you to be ?


  • soulfultalks 91w

    ये दुनिया है जनाब,
    तुम्हे गिराकर पूछेगी कि
    सब खैरियत तो है ना


  • soulfultalks 91w

    Holi is a festival of colours
    Let's decide to make our lives
    As colourful as this day
    Leave back the evils
    Take all the positivity
    Wishing you and your family
    On this auspicious occasion