Amita Satpathy 8 August �� 18yr My thoughts have a deep meaning.

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  • soul_writer847 103w

    First, they become your Friend,
    Then your Enemy.
    First, they become your Supporter,
    Then your Competitor.
    First, they will Motivate u,
    Then try to Destroy u.
    First, they will become your Lover,
    Then your biggest Hater.
    First, they will have Fun with u,
    Then will make Fun of u.

    So, every person have two faces/ two different personalities.... different for different people....
    Like good for some, bad for many. It's very difficult to understand...But one day, we will surely find them, as the TIME goes on....
    #time #people #faces #change

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    People change with Time

  • soul_writer847 113w

    Colours And People����

    As there are different colours , their are different varieties of people too. As there are some dark colours , their are some people with dark minds too. And as there are some bright and soft colours , their are also some people who are really humble and vibrant. There some annoying colours that hurts our eyes , similarly there are some people, when we saw them, they really hurts us. As colours can change their shapes and sizes according to their needs, people in this world similarly change there faces according to their situations. And lastly I would say simply say that "Different people represents different Colours , But it's our choice, which one we Choose."

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  • soul_writer847 118w

    As soon as there is a provocation or a mistake made, or a troubling situation that comes up, we very quickly forgot all the good that others have or the good that others have done for us.
    Gratitude is firstly about a sharp memory.
    (Memory of all the kindness, services & good that we have received).It is then about action, reciprocation showing our goodness.
    By letting go of the one-off blunder that may happen & to positively continue our relationship with others.
    So, let us not wipe off the good that others have done for us, just because of some small mistakes, situations or incidents.

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    And always Remember The Good

  • soul_writer847 120w

    One fail can change your Result
    One move can change your Path
    One decision can change your destiny
    One help can change your Personality
    One experience can change your Behaviour
    One challenge can change your Performance
    One imagination can change your Ambition
    One truth can change your Believe
    One dream can change your Luck
    One person can change your Life

  • soul_writer847 121w

    Nothing is Difficult to achieve
    Only, we should have some easy Ways to achieve it.

  • soul_writer847 125w

    If u can't work Hard,
    Then,help others to work Hard.
    If u can't concentrate on your Work,
    Then, help others to concentrate on their Work.
    If u can't achieve your Dreams,
    Then, help others to achieve their Dreams.
    If u can't get Success,
    Then, be the reason of someone's Success.

  • soul_writer847 131w

    Love the person whom u can't Hate.
    Help the person whom u can't Ignore.
    Confuse the person whom u can't Explain.
    Irritate the person whom u can't defeat.
    And, Leave the person whom u can't Handle.

  • soul_writer847 135w

    A common person will do anything to prove him Right.
    But one day, An extraordinary person will prove him Wrong in a Right way.

  • soul_writer847 138w

    By unknown writer

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    Magic happens when u don't give up
    Even though u want to...

  • soul_writer847 139w

    Reality of Life

    The person who have it... Wish 4 more,
    & The person who don't have it & get it...
    Wish 4 not losing it...