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  • sosaiety_dreaming 3w


    An amalgamation of inaudible sounds and smoke rented the air

    Distant caws of crows, the only sound that I could decipher.

    Feeling a bit of consciousness,I turned my head.

    "Susan' I uttered feebly noticing a wheel spin into a river.

    I stood up weakly to observe the wreckage,cold wind brushing over my face.

    Consciousness was the only thing that I lost on the eve of wedding day.

    I curse the day.
    I curse the car.
    I curse the weather.

    Or Perhaps I should just curse myself

  • sosaiety_dreaming 6w


    I thought you'd be the one that i'd always call when it gets hard
    Now you're the one that I can't dare to call when it's hard.
    Doesn't seem hard, of course, from the outside...
    I tend to believe life was meant for the nerds
    Not the "birds"
    The free-living,shall suffer freely.
    But hey,that's life,,keep the grind.
    Fortune,they say, favours the bold.
    Do you See the wind?
    But you know it is there, right?
    I'll allude it to God.
    How about you friend?
    Life is not to be understood...

    Rather,just to be lived.

  • sosaiety_dreaming 91w

    The last cook

    Now Take a look back,
    What do you see?
    Eyes of men don't see the same things,you know.

    So,tell me what do you see,pal
    Let me go first,
    Maybe then you wont hesitate to speak.

    I see a smiling baby,it's happy .
    It has to be.

    I see a merchant,rushing for his errands,
    He must love what he does.
    I know Donkeys don't .

    Beneath the setting rays of dusk,
    A group of boys are playing in the fields 
    They are having a good time,
    they surely love one another.
    What other reason could exist?

    It's a few days to the elections,Hon. Is speaking to members of the locality.
    Wow,He seemingly has alot in store for them.
    I have no reason to doubt .

    Good,predictable moments,those were.
    But times change,
    Don't they?
    Let me turn my head back,it's a different phase under the sun now.

    Smiles no longer reflect happiness,the most cynical smile the most

    The boys play together,
    not because of love,
    speak of convenience.

    The merchant wakes up early,
    not because of passion,
    thieves wake up earlier.

    The politician is making promises,
    Not for he plans to fulfill,
    But To get himself power.

    Hmmm,Lincoln was right on giving  a man power over adversity.
    Lemme not be quick to judge the young ostrich for its predecessors couldn't fly,
    But I'm sure the road to my town won't be repaired.

    Nothing is clear cut,x could mean x and y at the same time.
    Water is no longer colourless.
    It's now a game of chance,wit,as much as luck.
    Claustrophobic we are,but we are trapped in a toxic  cage of our own creation.
    Even,the last cook is not to be  trusted.

  • sosaiety_dreaming 98w


    I have tasted enough 

    Of the fire and the ice ...

    To know why I chose 

    That which I chose...


  • sosaiety_dreaming 100w


    As the depression morphed into a different shade of empty ...

    In a jagged vacance,thick with fear,

    The young soul dared to dream,

    That as time flew by,with it shall the woes

    In its attribution to healing.

    To dream,one thing ,

    To achieve,yet another


    Hope,bright as the autumn star.


  • sosaiety_dreaming 100w


    Watch me waft the sweet scent towards myself,

    I'll watch it disappear into the winds,

    I know very well that it wasn't built to last,

    Nothing is.

    It's foreseeable,

    But at least then ,I'll say I enjoyed it while it lasted,

    A good day once,it was

  • sosaiety_dreaming 100w


    It was a beautiful night under the stars,
    The moon didn't show up that night 
    The girl shone in its place
    Amicably so.

    The girl was pretty 
    A gem to behold 
    And so was the night.
    In our souls,the night,of many 
    Shall live.
    Blissfully so.

    It was a Friday night .
    Noellah was the girl.
    My Angelita ...
    The girl I love.