I'm Calm! I'm Chaos! I have it all sorted, Or I don't have it at all! -Shaan Naqati

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  • sorted_scribbles 12w


    Why did I stop asking questions to myself?
    Why did I start doubting my self?
    Why am I doing the things I'm doing?
    Why did I learn to unlearn myself?

  • sorted_scribbles 20w

    To self!

    Of love I couldn't admit
    Of love I couldn't admire
    Of love I couldn't adore
    Of love I couldn't ignore
    I admit, I admire, I adore
    The love of myself!

  • sorted_scribbles 21w


    Sometimes you wish to write your heart out
    Sometimes you just want to sit and stare at a wall
    Doing nothing
    Absolutely nothing
    Not even thinking about the wall you're looking at!

  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    Log kya kehenge

    Log dekhege, Log sunnege
    Yeh Log kya kehenge
    Na dil ki sunn, Na mann ki kar
    Yeh Log kya kehenge
    Dus logu ki hai dus zubane
    Tu hai pagli tu kya jaane

    Dekh lene do, keh lene do
    Kar lene do, jo b ho
    Ab na rukne wali, na thamne wali
    Yeh pagli duniya jeet jaige
    Log dekhte reh jainge
    Log kehte reh jainge

  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    Success cannot be measured in any universal units
    Your success is measured by
    Your happiness !
    Be happy
    Be content
    Be awesome!

    Badnami--- slander
    #perspective #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Left her career, lives in fear!
    Sat at home, what's to glom?
    Ah! she couldn't do any better
    Maybe her husband didn't let her?
    Leaving career was her choice
    Didn't you listen in her own voice?
    She loves to put her family first
    Why would you think that she's cursed?

    For success is just a perspective
    Isn't calling failures pure invective?
    It's OK to be stay at home mommy
    Why does it bring so much badnami?


  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    #poetry #father @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Based on a true incident of a poor man with his child at a doctor's clinic.

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    All about money!

    He was anxious
    With eyes of despair
    No not factious
    But worth a stare!

    He loved his child
    And held him tight
    Was it the way he styled
    Something was not right!

    As he went to get in there
    Oh so fast and so runny
    How much will I have to pay here
    Was it all about the money!

    All could see
    But not help here
    For his pain and agony
    That's how father's persevere!

  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    Being right is not difficult
    You choose to be who you are.
    You select who you are with. You change what does not suit you.
    You being you can never go wrong!
    #anaphora #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Not difficult!

    It's not difficult to be right
    It's not that denial can't be polite!
    It's not difficult to love yourself
    It's not that self-care puts others on shelf!
    It's not difficult to not be a spook
    It's not that women can't rebuke!

  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    Life lesson from a mom..
    "When life gives you shit, just wipe it away!"
    #activity #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Changing diapers!

    Baby, It's time to change your diaper
    No don't run away just come to me

    Roarrr! Comes the monster who eats all the candy
    You can't hide there just come to me

    Giggles, smiles and a game of peekaboo
    For a shower of kisses just come to me

    Mama is tired her back aches now
    Let's change the diaper if you may allow

    Diaper changing is quite a task
    But for so much love, you don't even ask

    I've learned to wipe all the poop away
    Even if it come thrice a day!


  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    Just a rock!

    In the womb of my mother
    I grew from dust and dirt
    Life was rough and we stood tough
    Through hot and cold, ups and downs

    For millions of years she groomed me for the best
    Till I got my shape and everlasting glint
    As old as I am, as many tales I know of
    The human who found me, happy he was
    Wrinkled skin, poor man with tough hands and weary face
    Happy for pennies he got for me

    Lesser did I know what world is like
    Biased, prejudiced, bigoted land
    Oh! How I missed the darkness and captive
    Ah! So much better than this unjust free air

    Through many hands I was passed along
    The smuggler, the warrior, the carrier of good things
    Once I was touched by familiar hands
    Those tough hands that gave me a new look
    I was transformed to fine jewelry

    I was placed on a throne for people to see
    Till a man came and bought me
    For a lot more than poor man's fortune
    He gifted me to his beloved
    As token of love for her to hold
    Loved, cherished and flaunted I was
    For bigger the better she was told

    Who knows what fate holds for me
    I can be someone's something or nothing at all
    For I'm just a rock that was nourished right
    By a mother who didn't give away to tough night
    She made me who I am today
    Diamond you dream of everyday!

  • sorted_scribbles 22w

    #city #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Lathi -- baton
    Hartal -- closure of shops and offices as a protest
    Harisa -- dish prepared in winter
    Jhelum -- name of a river

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    City of hope

    What do I remember when I hear the word city
    I remember the mountains
    The clouds, the sky and clear snow
    I remember the buildings of downtown
    The air, the vibe and jhelum's flow
    I remember the drive around boulevard
    The lake, the shrine and night time glow
    I remember the elaborate celebrations
    The singing, the food and dancers in a row
    I remember cozy winters
    The holidays, the snowman and harisa overflow

    Just as it happens in the city I love
    Good vibes don't last long though

    I remember the gloomy mornings and evenings
    The death, the crying and the fight on street
    I remember the curfews and hartals
    The pellets, the tear gas and lathi's beat
    I remember how my city dies daily
    The closure, the loss and political deceit

    I know there will be a day, I hope not far
    When my city is free and there's no war