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  • sorcerer797 2w

    Simmering in the wind is my
    And am afraid of it,
    So much so that
    I protect the candle in it,
    Thinking more of
    The melting wax
    Than the glowing light.


  • sorcerer797 2w


    The core of all downward spirals
    Is that one old craving,
    You developed over time
    Then lived in it for the pleasure
    Of watching,
    how it destroys your life.
    It's like the
    Sleep that comes
    After having battled and lost at
    All attempts of sleeping.
    The only stimulant left
    When nothing else can Stimulate you,
    Self destruction?

    A drunk man tries to tell his truth,
    People dont believe, cos he is drunk,
    Eventually he ends up lieing,
    People dont believe that either.
    After multiple imitations of yourself
    In society,
    You try once in a while to break that
    For your instinct its liberation,
    For reason, that's destruction.
    The field of mud left by you,
    From these instincts just grow and grow
    And you swivel in it deeper,
    You may ignore it, deny it,
    Even accept the venom you are,
    But, your body has memorized it,
    Wanting it to unlearn is like
    Making a particular political party
    Learn secularism.
    But is there an escape?
    Maybe, somewhere like a myth.
    You sure do can dream about yourself
    Without destruction,
    Like the millions, who still dream about
    'Ache din'.


  • sorcerer797 4w

    You emit from my laps,
    Watching the sun set on
    A forlorn shore,
    Strand of a hair from your neck,
    And I peck a salt there,
    My hold strengthens or
    Your soul softens?

    Reaching a point from where chaos
    Is subtle but adamant,
    I think and think
    You feel and feel,
    We need this moment or
    Or the moment, our bodies hope?

    I adjust myself and
    You become self aware,
    Needing and avoiding
    Them naked affirmations.
    We look at the drowned sun,
    Somewhere I feel,
    Love running in my veins,
    Somewhere, the same happened
    To to your preface.
    I'm searching this 'somewhere',
    Almost everywhere.


  • sorcerer797 7w


  • sorcerer797 10w

    He is in denial, he has died,
    He had no human contact and
    Hence was so comfortable in the afterlife

  • sorcerer797 11w


    The onus of growing up in a globalized 2000s
    Was to take an identity of modern man,
    One who had the moral compass of west,
    A feminist, leftist, agnostic,
    Intellectual, spiritual, liberal;
    And It's not like the place I grew up in
    Did not have any personalites to offer;
    Local masculinity, being judgemental,
    Misogyny, narrow mindedness ,caste,
    Relegion and many more.
    Then there were neutral ones too:
    Of Love, sex, marriage, family,
    Introvert, extrovert, ambivert,
    Bollywood and live in the moment.
    In short, I had so many personalities,
    I was overqualified for schizophrenia.

    The trap of living your entirity
    For an idea is that you are going against
    The natural order of existence,
    Because existence is not based on any
    Fucking idea,
    It just exists.
    In the end, when the idea and identity
    Loses it's high,
    You end up wounded and toxic.
    The question is why we need it?
    Why we survive of it?
    It helps us, connect-
    Fulfilling our prophecy of
    Being a social animal,
    Forming herds and groups,
    Friends and partners,
    Forming a society.
    Society which in itself is...


  • sorcerer797 11w

    The haste of the wanting to heal is my impatience,
    But healing always takes time and now is the beginning.
    I ache to empower me
    I ache to be my best and dominate the world
    Cos I was the one who was suppressed all his life.
    My judgement of me is the worse curse.
    My ache has to be uprooted in a desire,
    And my insecurities and the strong beleif that I cant be or can't do things is limiting me.
    My lack of trust is My need to protect myself,
    But guess what I dont need a protection anymore.
    I don't need to protect me because
    I m totally safe.

  • sorcerer797 11w

    I feel disgusted by the fact that I have to pick that call,
    Hear to hearsay and indulge on an attack.
    I want to control and dominate her,
    Am not happy that she is growing,
    As if the miserable her is my feeling of winning,
    My illusion of control over her,
    Am incredibly lost in love which turned to apathy.
    I m insecure and perverted on my stand abs status as a man
    There is a deficit of trust which she cant fill in,
    There is a deficit of trust cos my heart is broken,
    There is a position of passion and negetive elation,
    A feeling of gleam and disgust and unhealthy vibes,
    I blame her for my moronic disabilities,
    My inferiority complex,
    My grasp of reality.
    Well on fact, it's my wound and I have to heal.

  • sorcerer797 11w

    Inhibitions come alive in me,
    My tensions rise,
    My inabilities as a person show me
    The rotting hell on my social life,
    My inadequacies, my focus,
    My gibberish banter with me,
    My inquisitive aloofness
    My scare of being tongue tied
    And humiliated infront of all,
    It's all there,
    Also there is my light weight fight
    But when I fight hardcore,
    My fight is obscure.
    For an eventuality that's never
    As I desired,
    For the social game,
    I never played,
    Either I have to accept
    I have to be political with everyone .

  • sorcerer797 11w

    She is a hot lava, a baby a beautiful fairy
    Also my love, my destiny
    I can't run away
    My thoughts need her,
    An organ that never goes
    But my fight here is not against her
    But against her impotent faith
    I despise her guilt and anxiety
    Also pity that a lot,
    She is my woman
    She is also hot,
    I wish I could cast off her physicality
    And look it deep down,
    Cast off her physicality
    And see her child
    The child is in lot of pain
    She needs to heal.
    I got victimized by second guessing
    By being an umpire.
    I m resigning from the job,
    I m also not a satire,
    I m the deep fire,
    I m just that.