"Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings" by W.H. Auden

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  • sophrosyne_soul 27w

    Slowly it dawned on me that maybe you and I are not real
    That all these feelings were just gimmicks
    And all those memories a show
    And that the stars never aligned for us.
    But we both knew this from the start
    That the echo of our names together never existed
    That our impression of each other was just a joke.
    And our love never had any veracity.
    Maybe, it wasn't us but instead,
    the souvenirs of our past that were unreal.
    Slowly this dawned on me,
    but at least it finally did.

  • sophrosyne_soul 27w

    You loved a narcissist

    I don't know how to love you or how to love you not
    Sure I've your thoughts, but it's not you who they are about.

    When my eyes are misty and my wounds are bare
    That's when I need you and in all my despair.

    My mind is caught up and tangled in your thoughts
    But when put together, its not you who they make the portrait of.

    Your face and your laugh look so clear in mind, from where they don't leave
    Then how is it that when I don't need you, you are just a blurry haze to me?
    That the sound of your voice is an unfamiliar sound, I'm so faintly unaware of the way they echo on this ground.
    And I've twisted the words you said, for me to perceive,
    The words you never said are the ones I believe.

    I don't think I can recall the secrets that you shared,
    I appreciated the flowers only when they were all dead.

    You look at me, smile and talk about a hundred different things
    I try to listen, I smile back but then I lie and give in
    To the wandering thoughts of what I like and what I don't
    Reverting back to my own self beliefs that I condoned.

    But you still stay and tell me how you feel
    I'm sorry darling but I can't deal
    With the things that aren't about me
    And maybe it's time that I should leave
    Because when you sing for me, the world hears your symphony
    I don't and to me, I convey my own sympathy.

    Because this narcissist fell in love with her own reflection and not you, my love
    Apparently, the thoughts surrounding her own self were never enough.

  • sophrosyne_soul 27w


    You say I'm insane, that I'm a lunatic
    That the distance between my mind and reality is drastic.
    Well, call me all you want, if it gives you some solace
    From the dreadful fact that for you, the space between this distance is an unknown place

  • sophrosyne_soul 28w


    All these thoughts that are wandering around in my head
    Some are keeping me alive and some asking why am I not dead.
    People say that thinking of the past doesn't change anything.
    That living in the moment is what changes everything.
    But how can I do so when the present could be my last
    And the air that I breathe are the remnants of my past.
    But here I am trying to change
    Trying to live and trying to engage
    Forgetting my past and not caring about what's ahead
    Trying to live in a world that gives off the stench of dread.
    But how do I explain this to my foolish mind
    That everything it talks of are the stories in which I lied.

  • sophrosyne_soul 28w


    You talk about waiting a lifetime for true love
    Then why do you lose your patience when you are with me?
    Didn't you say that what you feel is love and I'm the one
    Then are you a hypocrite or do you now disagree?
    Tell me the stories that intrigued you as a kid
    Were there monsters or jokers that popped up when you opened the lid
    Do you ever dream or do you sleep soundly?
    Do you keep your thoughts in your head or do you say them out loudly?
    Will you let me listen to the songs that made you believe in love?
    And all of the deeds that you wish were done
    Can we talk about the stars or just peacefully look at them forever
    Or would you rather not talk or be with me altogether?
    It's funny how I can let you go but can't
    It's sad to see that our promise was written on sand
    You don't have to pretend that you can see the stars in my eyes
    Probably cause the stardust you are made of is completely different from mine.
    Isn't it strange that different stars are in close vicinity
    Close in proximity yet far from affinity.

  • sophrosyne_soul 28w

    Far from reality

    My poetry talks about a love I never had
    A person of my dreams who I've never seen
    And they express something that makes me feel glad.

    I don't know how they look, don't know what their fragrance is like
    Don't know how they talk, if we have something alike

    Dangling on the strip of a daisy
    The dew drops onto our cheeks
    Our sweet get away, along a road that seems meek

    I won't recognize their sound cause they've never traveled through my ears
    I won't recall their names since I've been withheld from it for all these years.

    But the time we spent together fills me with ecstasy
    The only problem is that it's too far from the reality.