dreaming of wonderlands, walking in wastelands!

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  • sooyaa_ 8w

    You'll never know

    But you'll never know unless you walk in my shoеs
    You'll never know, my tangled strings
    'Causе everybody sees what they wanna see
    It's easier to judge me than to believe
    - BLACKPINK ❤️

  • sooyaa_ 9w

    Do you see?

    Do you see the darkness ?
    I do!
    And I see myself getting lost in it
    And I see all the places we ever been to
    Do you see I'm gone
    Well I definitely do
    And I see you, shading tears over my death when you didn't give a fuck about me when I was there

    It's been exactly 24 hours since I looked in the mirror and I saw the rip up I've done to my life
    I was 22 with poison in my left hand and a blade in my right,then I decided right can never be wrong

  • sooyaa_ 9w

    He was like wind , touched me and disappeared forever

  • sooyaa_ 33w

    It's not easy , it'll never be easy cuz I spent hours and days and months thinking about us holding onto each other no matter what
    But you left ,left me to shatter everyday every night
    I don't even mind that, it's just about how you left
    I saw your diary,18 pages about how you're gonna end it all ,2 pages about how you want it all to stop
    You said I was your comfort person but you didn't utter a single word
    You didn't tell me what your voices were saying
    Why'd you let yourself go ,why didn't you hold my hand and say take me away
    I crave hard in these lonely nights ,crave for your touch
    Your voices haunt me ,The way you called my name
    Loving , Livin , fighting was all so precious you always said ,then Why'd you lock yourself and decide to never come back
    I can't help it ,but I hope you're in peace

    But let's just be honest you didn't take me , you didn't leave me.

    #left #love #nights #death

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    You left


  • sooyaa_ 102w

    He's the kind of person I've been craving for a long time
    With whom all I want isn't a wine & dine

    We both catch a glimpse of each other
    my eyes never felt something so phenomenal before
    he touched my hand , it felt so calm
    and I just wanted more & more

    few moments later I'm lying on his chest
    warming my fingers on his neck
    slowly & slyly I realized I don't want him apart , Not even for a sec

    He placed his lips on mine
    his hands up my waist
    the moon-stars-flowers & him together
    how do I tell how much I loved this taste

    he feels so bona fide
    he has a spell bind shine
    he feels so delightful
    Yet he isn't even mine!!

  • sooyaa_ 151w

    You and I.

    You and I.
    Like December and January , A moment away yet a lifetime apart!

  • sooyaa_ 151w

    (credits - my dad)

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    ' I'll prove that :
    My birth was not an Accident '

  • sooyaa_ 151w


    Am I high ?
    no wait , I am in love!

    my eyes search for him out of my dreams
    my smile gets bigger hearing his name

    my notebooks contain his name in between
    my Nights are spent thinking about him

    my ears Crave for his voice
    my heart skips a beat when he acts nice

    my hands waiting to hold him in ways
    my legs ready to move wherever he takes

    but leave all those mys , is he even mine
    wanna make this love bright but is he ready to shine!♥️

  • sooyaa_ 152w


    पथ से विचलित होकर स्त्री बहुत समय से भटक रही ।
    धैर्य मन से ओझल होता रास्ते में है अटक रही।।

    पहले वो है सब को सुनती यदि निज कथा सुनाना चाहे ।
    पहले खुद को अर्पण करती यदि वह कुछ भी पाना चाहे ।।

    अंत में यही कहना होगा निर्भया भी कहां अकेली थी ।
    इस कड़वे सत्य को अहिल्या तक भी झेली थी।।

    हर क्षण इसी दंभ में जा रहा सबका विश्वास है खोता ।
    सिया जी भी कह गई थी यहां स्त्री का आदर नहीं होता ।।

  • sooyaa_ 152w

    Papa! ♥️

    Was never your princess , thanks for not making me one.
    Was always your pride , will remain one.