Architect by work but writer by heart..

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  • soniprag 5w

    A Break

    She really needs a break,
    Break from all; for her sake,
    To take herself away on that lake,
    To run and catches all the snowflakes..

    So let her be all awake,
    For the relevant decisions to take,
    And make her life a delightful shake,
    Cause life doesn't have any retakes....

  • soniprag 5w


    That's her, full of emotions,
    Sometimes sad, sometimes elation....

    That's her, scratched from inside,
    Still smiling a little bit bright....

    That's her, pierced like a sieve,
    But still trying to believe...

    That's her, bruised and scattered,
    As all the trust and beliefs are murdered....

    That's her, trusting again,
    But sadly it's all in vain....

    That's her, tired of this cage,
    Wants to fly but bind to this stage....

    That's her, trying to break the rules,
    And nits her destiny by her own colourful wools....

  • soniprag 6w

    A dance

    Hey Listen....
    Listen to this ardent music,
    Don't you wanna dance with me,
    I wanna twirl on those beats......

    Those beats are so toxic,
    Can't refrain, it's exotic,
    Just wanna swing in your arms,
    And dance like a fervant storm...

    Be my magnetic pivot pole,
    Lemme move around your soul,
    Grab my waist; my love,
    And lift me up to the sky above...

    Don't let this moment pass away,
    Lights are dim, you are my prey,
    Just wrap your brawny arms around me,
    And dance; like this is our exclusive spree....


  • soniprag 6w


    You and I in this beautiful rain,
    Splashing the water again and again,
    Drizzling on us like a nectar of heaven,
    It's a rainfall my love, full of emotions....

    All wet we are, drench in the downpour,
    These drops are tickling us to the core,
    Making us exuberant, rapt scenic view,
    This rain always allure me when I'm with you..!!

  • soniprag 7w

    Hazel blue eyes

    His eyes are hazel blue,
    I am in love with them, its true,
    They are so pure and winsome,
    Which makes my heart blossom....

    I can't get enough of them ever,
    No matter how many times I look into those colors
    Enchanted I am as I see those eyes,
    Lost in the felicity of those hazel blue eyes,

    His eyes always ensnare me,
    Spellbind me, captivate me,
    Makes me do whatever they want,
    Twinkling sparkle always they flaunt....

    They wink at me, they blink at me,
    I just stare at them and feel free,
    They are my drug which is heavenly,
    His hazel blue eyes are my ecstasy....

  • soniprag 9w


    There are so many types of voices in this world,
    But there is always one voice and its all words,
    Are very heavenly to us, for our ears and mind,
    Hearing it, we can left all the world behind....

    For me, I am addicted to your voice,
    Wanna hear it all day and night,
    Its like a soothing balm for me,
    Which heals all my bruises and retrieve...

    Retrieve from all the pain, suffering and agony,
    It always stiches me back when I am scattered badly,
    When I am lost in the dark and couldn't find the path,
    It shows me the way to get out of that gloom and wrath...

    I can't explain the serenity of your voice,
    But yes I am fascinated and rejoice,
    Rejoice because I have you in my life,
    And this severe craving will never die...!!

  • soniprag 9w


    Her lips are deep pink,
    He is looking at without blink,
    looks like he wants to sink,
    Sink deep in those lovely pink....

    All he can do a sigh for those pink,
    He doesn't want any type of delink,
    Just want his and her lips to enlink,
    Enlink tightly to steal that reddish pink....

    When they meet and have their drink,
    Her alluring lips turn more in deep pink,
    He couldn't resist the attraction and think,
    Think to go deep in those lovely pink ....
    To sink deep in those lovely pink....

  • soniprag 10w


    Kaho toh tumhe wo baat yaad dilaun,
    Kaho toh tumhe har raat yaad dilaaun,
    Kaise taaron ki timtimahat ko dekhte the,
    Kaise hawa ki wo sarsarahat ko sunnte the...

    Kaho toh tumhe wo mausam yaad dilaaun,
    Kaho toh tumhe wo savaan yaad dilaaun,
    Kaise us thand ki raat ko baaton mei nikalte the...
    Kaise us baarish ki boodon mei bheegte the....

    Kaho toh tumhe har mulakaat yaad dilaaun,
    Kaho toh tumhe meri muskurahat yaad dilaaun,
    Kaise apni khushi ko mai tujh mei hi dekhti thi...
    Kaise apna har sapne ko tujh mei hi jeeti thi....

    Kaho toh tumhe kuch Yaad dilaaun..
    Kaho naa .... Kuch yaad dilaaun...???

  • soniprag 10w


    That fragrance woke me up,
    Where it was coming from?
    It filled my room with strange aroma,
    I was not able to understand that enigma....

    Vigorously searching the source,
    leaving my all important chores,
    sleep was vanished from my eyes,
    As i had to find those hidden sighs....

    That aroma was drugging me,
    Flowing in my veins, swiftly,
    Subduing my mind, mastering it,
    I was spellbind and just craving for it....

    Hankering for this captivating scent,
    Whose source, I wanted to invent,
    Got insane, wanted to sniff more,
    All the layers that i wanted to explore ....

    Suddenly someone knocked,
    That scent increased and i was shocked,
    Rushed to the door, to open the lock,
    He was standing there with big gift stock...

    Pulled him inside indiscreetly,
    Aroma was filled now more intensely,
    It was coming from him to make me addict,
    Full of mystery which I wanted to predict....

    True it is, I had been addicted day by day,
    He was the one whom I wanted to stay
    Full of mysteriousness and olfaction,
    Yes! He was my noxious ADDICTION......

  • soniprag 11w


    Once again in life, I am alone,
    No one is there to speak about my home,
    Who cares for me whether I die,
    Who is going to save me by his tries..

    Everyone is thrusting me out from this world,
    Why they don't understand even my single word,
    They think that I am of no use for this earth,
    That is why they place me like a waste hearth...

    I am standing so quietly in the corner,
    Can see the people seems like a burner,
    Hope they would come up with right decision,
    And won't make me garbage of this season...

    Seeing them so furious, my heart stuck,
    Red eyes, angry minds, about to burst,
    Restriction, all over for me, is applied,
    No one wants to share, which I hide....

    My tears roll down and have some story,
    The whole world is on one side and I'm in misery,
    Why I' m so different, that's their big query,
    Even I can't solve this complicated mystery...

    Their decision is about to come very soon,
    But I'm just watching that blissful moon,
    Having this confusion in my mind,
    Why? Why this whole world is purblind?