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  • sonihardasani 5w

    I don't feel bad when you can't spare time for me..
    I feel bad when you don't even have  a thought of sparing it..

    There is difference darling...

  • sonihardasani 5w

    રહી ગયા

    હૃદયમાં તમારી યાદ ના પડછાયા રહી ગયા..
    ફુલ તો ખરી ગયા પણ કાંટા રહી ગયા.
    વરસાદ તો વઇ ગઈ પણ અમે જોતા જ રહી ગયા....
    ચંદ્રમા તો આવ્યા પણ અમાસ ને અકબંધ કરી ગયા..
    આંખોમા આંસુઓ ના મયખાના ભર્યા જ રાહી ગયા
    રેતી ના પગલા સમુદ્ર કિનારે સુકા ના સુકા જ રહી ગયા..
    આંખો ખુલી અને તમારા હોવાના માત્ર સપના જ રહી ગયા..

  • sonihardasani 5w

    Everyone changes..
    But I was too late....

  • sonihardasani 6w

    When you truly love...

    You don't allow yourself to find perfection in someone else..

    And that is why Love is Blind...

  • sonihardasani 7w

    " RIP "
    Your this msg in whatsapp groups is not gonna reduce person's pain even by 0.0000000000000000001 %....

  • sonihardasani 7w


    Sometimes what we see isn't the reality..

    People do have masks..
    They try to be great in society..
    But their reality is shockingly different when they personally deal with individual...

    I am not against different faces...
    We all have many faces for different places and we are supposed to have them for being appropriate..
    But our basic characteristics don't change with those faces...

    And when they change with faces........

  • sonihardasani 11w

    I miss your chin on my shoulder while riding a vehicle...

  • sonihardasani 11w

    लोग कहते हैं इन्सान जूठ बोलता है आंखे नहीं...
    ना ना
    हमसे तो उनकी आंखों ने भी झूठ ही बोला है...

  • sonihardasani 15w


    You never know how in this unknown city someone becomes your second home

    Your second home where you laugh, you cry, you live, you just go crazy...
    Your second home " jaha sirf sukoon sukoon hai"...

    And you never know when you become best friends....
    And one day when they leave the place you are left homeless..

  • sonihardasani 15w

    You are not supposed to maintain those relations which make you vulnerable