studying CA It is my hobby to write I write for happiness of mine

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  • sonihardasani 4d

    It is never
    "तुम बीन जीया जाए कैसे।"

    It is always
    "खुद बीन जीया जाए कैसे !!!"

    Because you lose yourself...

  • sonihardasani 1w

    Songs are gone from my life with the person who made me feel every single word of it..

  • sonihardasani 1w

    At one stage..
    You don't know whether to get angry or cry over things;
    You don't know what to blame, whom to blame;
    You don't know the consequences of this chaos around;
    But at one point, your injuries screame God exists..

    At this point, you need to stop bleeding and start believing that you deserve to be happy and its gonna be fine, only you can do it for yourself and you gonna make it work.

  • sonihardasani 3w

    For you

    Sometimes you find great changes in you because of people around you,
    And you find these changes beautiful, considerable, appreciable!!

    And that is the time you have to realize you are supposed to surround yourself with these kind of people;
    You are supposed to appreciate their presence in your life;
    You are supposed to retain them, for your happiness, for your growth..just for you.

  • sonihardasani 4w

    Your words have got value, respect them.
    They are too valuable to get asked to be valued...

  • sonihardasani 6w

    irony is

    People judging everyone out there also expect others to mind their own business

  • sonihardasani 6w

    The best ever mantra people should follow is

    Mind their own business..

  • sonihardasani 9w


    You can cry over things which you have accepted... that's ok....

  • sonihardasani 14w


    My eyes are waiting for your glance..
    But You are thinking too much to enhance.!!

    My heart is afraid of brutal collapse..
    But You are thinking too much to enhance.!!

    That thought of you being here makes me dance..
    But you are thinking too much to enhance.!!

    Isn't it beautiful enough for your entrance..
    But you are thinking too much to enhance.!!

  • sonihardasani 16w

    Sometimes your earphone looks tangled ..
    But when you take it in your hands, you find it untangle, easy going...... !!

    That's the same with life.....