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  • sonalchhibber 81w

    To all the super women

    Our worth is not in the things we do or say, 

    Our worth lies in our care and how we make our own way, 

    We go beyond societal norms in life, 

    We are a daughter, sister, mother and wife, 

    We are so strong from inside, 

    We can emerge victorious from any tide, 

    We sacrifice for our child's smile, 

    We are there for our family all the while, 

    We all are so compassionate and pure, 

    There's nothing we can't cure, 

    A big salute to us all,

    We should be proud of ourselves and stand tall! 

  • sonalchhibber 83w

    The season here is hot and sunny

    Warm summer sun, shines gloriously here;

    Warm flashy winds, blow softly here;

     The summer's beautiful moonlight,

    Is quite enchanting and fair;

    The breathtaking hour of midnight, 

    Breathes loving thoughts everywhere,

     Its where the Palm trees are proudly standing, 

    Their breezy boughs being so high,

    They are actually bending, 

    To give people shelter from the sky.

     And there there are those giant towers, 

    Green grass and lovely flowers, 

    Who wave gently to all, 

    Their beauty is something we always recall, 

    June's heat is a snare,

    So stop wasting time and beware, 

    Not having dreams in this city is rare;

    As all make it big here with support and care, 

    I love Dubai and it's hot season throughout the year, 

    Though sometimes it's hard to bear, 

    Still the deserts and mountains here welcome one and all, 

    So time to embrace its weather and stand tall, 

    Let's enjoy the sun's heat, 

    And dance to its beat, 

    It's a land of mercy and prayer, 

    I'm proud to say I enjoy living here...!!! 

  • sonalchhibber 83w

    Life is tough, let's get tougher!

    "In life, we all try to be a boss,
    Still we suffer a loss,
    How many times have people misplaced our trust,
    Eventhough keeping our heart safe is a must, The loss of a friend hurts the most,
    Like a burnt toast,
    The loss of loved one is sad,
    But the sight of ignorant people is even more bad,
    We tend to loose our smile,
    even if it is for a while,
    Our happiness is the key to our heart,
    As it signals positive life will surely start,
    Let's all be positive,
    And just help and give,
    Genuine Smile will soon follow,
    And fill our heart which is hollow,
    Let's all look inside,
    Where love can reside,
    Our spirits can be down,
    But let's not frown,
    Look in the mirror and show your style,
    Be confident and smile,
    Then show your authentic self to the world out there,
    So that all start to love and care,
    Life is tough and hard,
    But we can be tougher and play our wild card, Time to forget the chaos and smile at life,
    As it's the only way to end all hatred and strife.

  • sonalchhibber 88w


    If you can believe in yourself when all drive you mad, 

    and make you intentially sad, 

    Then my friend you have won the battle in your mind, 

    as you know how to detach and make your soul unwind.  

    If you can talk with all and keep your virtue, 
    Then your soul remains alive and new, 

    Never give up in your heart, 

    Because that will set you apart. 

    Time to believe in goodness of humanity, 

    So that there are good vibes and sanity, 

    Lets inspire and empower all & stay away from war, 

    Coz that is my friend, the need of the hour!! 


  • sonalchhibber 89w

    Good Friends...

    Good friends always understand,

    And give a helping hand, 

    They love to give and share, 

    Coz they genuinely care, 

    It's hard to find a good soul with heart of gold, 

    To fill our lives with love that our hearts can forever hold,

    It's better to be alone than with a crowd, 

    As ultimately you need people in your lives who honour you and are proud. 

    So celebrate friendship day with your loved ones, 

    Coz they will stand with you no matter what turmoil comes!! 

  • sonalchhibber 89w

    True Friends...

    True friends are hard to find,

    Who are caring and kind, 

    The truth be told, 

    Only few have heart of gold, 

    They might live miles apart, 

    But are still close to our heart,

    They are our partners in crime,

    Who always come to our rescue on time,

    True friends fill our life with joy and grace, 

    And make this world a better and happier place!

  • sonalchhibber 89w

    I'm a fighter... 

    I fail, but I fight back.. 
    I've made many mistakes, but still I'm a winner.
    I've lost, but I'm not a loser.
    I've fallen, but still I'm back on my feet.
    I've been surrounded by a crowd, but still I'm a free in my spirit.
    I have been hurt, but have come out stronger.
    I have made some wrong choices, but still have chosen the right path in the end.
    So, no matter how close I come to giving up, I just rise again and blend. 

    My mantra in life is to Live & let live,

    We all are here to love, share and give. 

    It's high time friends that we understand the true meaning of life, 

    Coz that will end our strife.

    Let's just be happy, positive and polite, 

    And always strive to do what is right. 

    Let's be a fighter in body and spirit, 

    And always fight for what is right!!!