...a doctor by profession and a writer by passion..Published Author-“Taana-Baana”-a collection of poems and short stories in simple hindi

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  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 7w

    When we met..

    He was a bundle of nerves
    I was fumbling with words
    The ice kept melting in our drinks

    The hands on the clock stopped!

    Our hearts warmed up to each other
    The calmness took over softly
    And the words just tumbled by.


  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 8w

    The weddings in India are getting fatter by the day.
    Witnessing them reminds me of the days when Haldi was a simple ceremony at home and the bride was asked to wear an old suit because it would get spoiled.
    Ladies sangeet was in the “aangan” or on the terrace with all “chachis,mamis” and neighbourhood aunties singing songs and playing “dholki” and later may be followed by music and dance using the home stereo.
    Cocktails was a few men and boys of the house discretely standing in a corner or a car holding glasses duly covered with paper napkins though everyone knew whats in there but pretending ignorance🤣
    Photoshoot was just with a photographer and a light assistant who would ask to give a few weird poses.
    Wedding was in the colony park or community hall mostly and the stay arrangements for guests were done in neighbours’ houses.All would voluntarily spare rooms in their houses and take care of the guests too.
    Warmth and camaraderie superceded pomp and show!
    The amount that was spent on entire weddings at that time is now just spent on the wedding lehnga!

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 8w

    मोहब्बत लफ़्ज़ों की मोहताज नहीं
    कुछ पन्ने दिल के
    यादों की स्याही
    और ख़्वाबों की कलम
    काफी है
    तहरीर-एे-इश्क़ लिखने को

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 8w


    Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    But old friends make the sun glow

    When a desolate man wrapped in silence
    Looking for light in sea of darkness

    Meets his old friends at school reunion
    The life again seems to be full of fun

    Their croaky voices heard after years
    The noise is music to his ears

    Laughing,jumping dancing like clowns
    No cares,no tears,no fears,no frowns

    There is a strange sanity in the
    Like a laugh in the sea of sadness!

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 9w

    उठ रहा है धुआँ कहीं
    बू आ रही है जलने की
    बड़ा सुकून मिला दिल को
    कि राह ए तरक़्क़ी क़ायम है!

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 9w


    एक ज़िंदगी और चाहती हूँ
    खुद के लिए .

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 9w

    Daily routine

    Wake up to the haze
    Spend the whole day in a daze
    Crave for some sunshine
    Smoggy everywhere, crib and whine
    Work from home,just eat and sleep
    Cough and sneeze,cry and weep
    But no solution for pollution,no respite
    And thus ends the day for a Delhiite!

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 9w

    A big shout out to to all the supportive, compassionate and caring men. A heartfelt thanks to you all for being there,for sharing our loads (sometimes more than us)for giving a shoulder when needed,for being doting fathers,loving brothers,caring husbands, respectful affectionate sons,compassionate friends,supportive colleagues and even at times helpful strangers.
    ...and yes!you can look up to us women with the same expectations that we have from you whenever needed in your low moments...after all “ mard ko bhi dard hota hai “
    Happy International Men’s day!

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 9w

    अधूरी अंजानी

    ज़िंदगी की किताब
    वक़्त के पन्ने
    बदलते किरदार
    कोई नए
    कोई पुराने
    कब कहाँ
    अंजाना सा
    मोड़ आ जाए
    कौन जाने
    अच्छा क्या है
    बुरा क्या
    कौन पहचाने
    वो जो कल था
    आज हो ना हो
    ये जो आज है
    क्या पता कल
    फिर हो ना हो
    अजब सी कहानी
    अधूरी अनजानी!

  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 9w


    As I walk in the lanes of solitude
    your memories caress me
    like falling leaves on a windy day.