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  • somi_ak 2w

    I lost

    I lost faith, faith in his words. I lost affection, affection to his voice. I lost gratitude, gratitude for his love. I lost connection, connection to his soul. Maturity and emotional burdens made me loose dreams, that we had together

  • somi_ak 2w

    People do not born good, they choose to be. And I am one of them

  • somi_ak 3w

    I am not working for the money.. I just wanna see myself as my role model

  • somi_ak 5w


    There is a silver lining, I still can't find mine

  • somi_ak 9w

    Before you fall for him, make sure if he is willing to hold you up.

  • somi_ak 10w

    As we were moving towards the hospital with the bad reports in our hands, we knew that he will need immediate admission into emergency ward. I was still and couldn't wrap my head around the situation. Me and my father being doctors had an idea about the situation and it's seriousness. My mother sitting next to me couldn't speak a word. I was holding up hardly but then I just broke. Tears falling down but my mother she was composed, anxious but composed. I have heard my father's instructions carefully but couldn't get a word. I was feeling nothing but cold inside. "You will take the decisions from now." "You will sign the papers, not your
    mother." "If a situation comes where I cannot take the treatment and my body gives up, you need to take me home back, no need to continue the treatment. I would rather die at home than in the hospital." I have linked my accounts and you are my attorney now." My father told and instructed about every possible situation that we would land in.

    I was nodding my head on his instructions, giving all my concentration to his words, expressionless and stone cold but the tears were rolling down. I have lived hell in last few days. Waiting for the silver lining in our darkest times. @atharvasingh @nandita_shaw

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    Consent papers

    You will not sign the consent paper for icu or ventilator. You will end up on the streets and I will be dead. You will take me back home, no matter what doctors tell you to do.

  • somi_ak 13w

    You can either have comfort or success at a time.. it's always your choice

  • somi_ak 14w

    तुम तन्हाई कहोगी, मैं याद समझ लूंगा
    तुम खामोश कहोगी, मैं रात समझ लूंगा
    नज़रे उठा कुछ न भी कहना
    जो तू चुप्पी में लिपटी, मैं बात समझ लूंगा

  • somi_ak 14w

    They say I have equal reach and equal opportunity but "itna dur akele padhogi, bhai sath jata toh theek tha akele nhi bhejenge".
    They say boy or girls we don't think them any less but "2 ladkiyan hai.. ek ladka hojaye islye 3rd time conceive krne ka try kar rhe hai".
    They say we treat them equal but "ladkiyan ghar ki izzat hoti hai hai.. ladke bahar rahe koi dikkat nhi par ache ghar ki ladkiyan night shift m kaam nhi krti"

    Ohhh the never ending hypocrisy of Indian society.

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    मजबूर हूं, फ़क़त इतना सा गम है
    वैसे लड़कों सी आज़ाद हूं
    बस पिंजरे का दायरा थोड़ा कम है

  • somi_ak 15w


    शौक नहीं मेरे पिता को कि वो मेरे शौक न पूरे करें
    "अभी तो नहीं पर कुछ दिन बाद पक्का" कह
    वो मेरी ज़िद्द नहीं अपनी मजबूरी टाल देता है