One among the evils. The greatest risk any of us will take, is to be seen as we are.

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  • someshsoni 71w

    It feels Suicidal,
    When the things on which you were once proud of earlier,now had became reason of your regret.

  • someshsoni 75w

    The lesser you know is the better you know.

  • someshsoni 98w

    Once,people were saying,

    Now,Corona is saying,

  • someshsoni 111w

    Just a thought and message��

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    Well,Nowadays people are blaming and cursing this year 2020 on the social media.
    Many sad things happened this year, like the death of some talented people,Australian bushfire,Corona Virus Pandemic,which is still going on and 5 major accidents in India,which happened yesterday and 4 major accidents of today,including the gas leak cases.I am just going to ask,
    Isn't it our responsibility and mistakes?

    Dying of someone is a natural process and we are responsible for the increase in Corona virus cases.We are responsible for the climate change.The low maintenance and unawareness is responsible for the various gas leak cases.
    Instead of fucking blaming this year,
    Why don't we accept our responsibility as a person,as a citizen and as a human being?

    We have the capacity to change things.
    We have the capacity to bring at least a minor good change in the today's condition.
    And trust me,if you are capable of bringing a minor change in the today's condition,
    then you are capable in helping in the betterment of the world.

    Krishna had said,
    Self realisation is the best thing,which you can do for the world.
    If you can make atleast yourself better,it will be a great service,because the misiries and the sins that were going to happen through you shall get eliminated.
    Inspiring someone and becoming a legend is a far way and a tougher thing to do.
    But,once you change yourself,that thing also becomes easier.
    So,atleast improve yourself a bit.

    Blaming will never improve the situation.
    It's not the time,year or something else,
    It's we,who are internally Fucked up.

    Keep some water in pots in the terrace for birds.
    If possible keep some water for the stray cows and dogs to drink.
    Don't force yourself too much,but atleast do simple things to help in making the situation better.

    I know,
    It's a long message and very few are going to read it.But,I wanted to spill it out and that's why,I penned it.

    Thanks for reading,
    Wish you a nice day and peaceful mind

  • someshsoni 112w

    People say,
    Choose your company wisely.
    but sometimes
    You have no choice.
    And whatever you had earned can be destroyed from it.

    That's why you should be satisfied from within,
    If you have inner satisfaction, no one can destroy you emotionally and spiritually.

    "Person having inner satisfaction,have tasted the success"

  • someshsoni 112w


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    This LockDown,⬇️

  • someshsoni 118w

    Remember those days,
    when we as a children used to think of sacrificing ourselves for our nation.We used to think to serve our nation with every possible means we can.But,as we grew up,the intensity of this feeling kept decreasing.I am not saying that we lost our patriotism.I am saying,that the zeal we had as a child for serving our nation is not present now, may be because of,now our heart is not that much pure as it was that time Or may be because of,as we grew up, we got lost in worldliness.
    But,now we all have the opportunity to serve our nation.We can do that,just by staying at home. Who had thought that we can serve the nation just by taking rest and staying at home?I mean seriously,Who had thought that this will be that much easy.

    The whole world is fighting against a global issue right now.This is a virus named COVID-19,a type of coronavirus.Lots of people have lost their lives and the count is still on.
    The Goverment of various countries have adopted the required measures to protect their citizens.
    So,Please be a responsible citizen.
    Just keep social distancing.
    Stay at home.Maintain proper hygiene and just for some days and weeks,just stay at your houses and don't go out until it is very necessary.
    By doing this,you will serve the world and will provide the great help in saving the lives of many,
    and most important You will save yourself and your family.

  • someshsoni 120w

    Different situations,scenario,moods and emotions,we all experience them.
    Each scenario shapes you.
    Be positive and Belive in Good.

    Happy Holi to all of you guys.
    Wish you cherish in every colour of your life.

  • someshsoni 142w

    It's a blessing to have someone who loves you more than yourself.

  • someshsoni 155w

    When you observe and over think��������
    Kinda Confusing��������

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    Things appear,then disappear,then reappear.
    But,Is really they what,they seem to Appear?