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  • somanynames 145w

    Like the Tapestry

    Seemingly Beautiful
    Like the tapestry woven,
    to display,to please,to warm
    With colors correlating with one but,
    Silence was her mouth
    Turmoil was her mind
    She was told to compressed
    The warp of threads mingling,
    The smoke of combustion
    She inhaled it as her breakthrough
    and found an identity that was hers.


  • somanynames 159w

    The Truth

    And when he left, he took all of hers but a part of him wanted her to keep "Strong".

  • somanynames 160w

    #count time begins for a new year and here I am wanting for more of 2018

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    Because I Couldn't Grasp Hold of the 365 Days

    Because I couldn't grasp hold of the 365 days
    The nature continues.
    Trying to cling on it firmly
    But hey!!Little did I know I was holding on to something that is immutable.
    My heart flickers as I look back
    Nostalgic feeling and sad tears
    The struggles ,the rejections,
    The unwelcoming pains
    I question,"Why do I even care ?"
    But wait !!I find myself thanking each day
    For it made me to be recklessly beautiful.
    I lay down not wanting to end and welcome the new.

  • somanynames 163w

    You and I

    Three years we grew and still on
    I remember, all heads straight ahead
    But your blue shirt stood still.
    My lips without my consent
    Drew a U shape
    Had I told you?
    Less than lovers ,more than friends
    You and I,we build
    Our little room .
    Anxiety ,insomnia
    We share,we listen,we learn
    Strings that became
    Our reason,our reliever.

  • somanynames 166w

    Sitting in circles warming their cold chapped hands
    Apparition of old folks with their folded wrinkles,
    Far away the wind echoes, as if singing in chorus welcoming the dark .
    Little did they know ,
    Little did they understand,
    How their fathom thoughts could bring their denouement.
    Nearer the sound of carols, their lips parts and
    Like the 'Last Leaf' gradually losing it's leaves their teeth takes hold of the shaky gum.
    The torch of lights illuminates their heart,
    The sound of the wailing child brings joy,
    Deep down they pray
    For the night to last.

  • somanynames 166w

    Jar filled with questions, her mind was.
    Unspoken words, she circle herself with.
    Two steps forward, two steps back
    She sat too long on her thoughts,
    Thinking she would...
    Reality and appearance was all her quest.

  • somanynames 167w

    Howling Moon, Crawling Night
    In a room filled with silence
    Cool breeze intervening the hot air,
    He asked, "Why so much paradoxical lines?"
    She slowly whispered, "I write entirely for u."
    He smiled and swallowed that big lump of uncertainty .
    The first snowfall ever felt.

  • somanynames 168w

    Society and I

    Society then,society now
    They call me a whore
    Am I suppose to accept it ?
    Born from nothing but mud and dirt
    I do to survive .
    Yes ,Society!! Unmask your mask
    You have peeled me through skin,
    But I
    Undress to dress.

  • somanynames 168w

    A wall built so high that no ladder could reach
    Yet, I still peel off the layers you call a cage.
    A bond so deep penetrating through skin and bone ,I could feel.
    In a room filled with smoke and ashes, she dreams
    Smoke rings and music, she calls her lullaby
    Star lights and moon beams,she talks with
    Until the beating of the drum is low.
    Slowly,the light unravels the dark
    A white dove she sees;
    Beginning of a new dawn .

  • somanynames 168w

    My Dove

    His skin as glittering as stars that shines in summer skies;
    His eyes as gem that glows and brightens the gloomy dark room;
    His smile as though it could wake any dead soul to life ;
    His heart as though it has enough room for every being
    I called him, Mine.